50+ Trending Small Business Ideas for 2022 – Low investment – High Profits

Many young aspirants wish to establish their own business, but unfortunately, drop their idea due to lack of capital. In today’s economy, it has become so cumbersome to raise the capital. This article gives you more than 50 Small Business Ideas to start in 2022 that require low investment, but still give you high profits.

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What is a Small Business?

A small business is one that is marked by the limited number of employees and a limited flow of finances and material. In other words, a small business is operated by low investment.


What we refer as trending Small Business Ideas in this article?

In this changing environment, it is not necessary that the conventional business ideas work as before. We need to broaden our minds. We need to come up with such novel and innovative business ideas that are currently in trends and will give good profits in the future. Some of the ideas are repetitive from our earlier articles.

50+ Trending Small Business Ideas in 2022 – low investment – High Profits

Now let us jump into these business ideas.

1) Diet food cafe – People are more concerned about health these days. You can provide a place to hang out with friends and family that serve only dietary and healthy food. It is a good option for those who are looking for reducing weight and still want to go out. It requires low investment and can fetch good profits if managed properly.

2) Opening restaurant – Some of the cities like in Hyderabad, people are food lovers and like variety of foods. With meticulous planning and low investment, one can plan to open a restaurant in such cities. It is a highly profitable business, if planned and managed properly. It is one of the best trending small business ideas in 2022 in India now.

3) Bakery – bakery is one unique business, where the profit margin is quite high and investment is low. If you are good at making cakes and biscuits, you can opt for opening a bakery. All you need is good recipes, baking tandoor, and various molds.

4) Game parlor – Kids love playing video-games with their friends and it is a good idea to open a game parlor in a residential area. You can buy devices like play-station, Xbox for this. It is a good profitable business that can be operated from home too.

5) Chocolate making – people are fond of good home-made chocolates. If you know the art of making chocolates, you can opt for it as your business that can be operated for home too.

6) Packaged drinking water – Bottled drinking water is much in demand not only in parties and weddings, but also in domestic and commercial places. This is due to an increase in health awareness. It requires a small investment for establishing water filtering and packaging of drinking water. There are few government compliances also that need to be fulfilled before opening it. Some of the cities and towns in India has scarcity of water, hence this is one of the top trending Small Business Ideas in 2022 now.

7) Customized gifts – India is a country where all festivals and occasions are celebrated with fervor and vigor. People like to exchange gifts on all such events. You can encash this opportunity by providing them some unique, hand-made customized gift items.

8) Ice-cream parlour – It is a very good business idea with low investment. You can either make your ice-creams or take a franchise of some famous company.

9) Mobile food-vans – these days, caravan vans of food is gaining popularity for the reason they have the flexibility to go anywhere. They generally serve fast-food or combo-food that can be eaten on the go or parceled.

10) Medical store – Initiating a medical store near some clinic and hospital is another good business idea with low investment and guaranteed profit. However, you need to obtain a license of the pharmacist to commence a medical shop.

11) Cooking classes – if you are an expert in cooking and possess some brilliant recipes, you can open your cooking classes. It is a highly profitable business and investment is quite low. If you love cooking, this could be one of the best small business ideas in 2022 for you.

12) Catering services – If you are a good planner, and have management skills, you can offer catering services on a small or large scale. People frequently plan parties and you can provide catering to them.

13) Cloth shop – Unstitched material is always required by boutiques and tailors. Opening a shop of unstitched clothes is a unique idea with low investment. Good quality and effective rates are the success mantra for this business. In the initial stage, you have to do good marketing too.

14) Mobile shop – The smartphones are driving people crazy these days. They are changing their phones very often. You can take an agency for any mobile handset company.

15) Seasonal business – India is a land of festivals and with every festival comes a different need. You can run a seasonal business like crackers at Diwali, Rakhi at Rakshabandhan, etc.

16) Make-up salon – You can open a salon that offers only make-up services for parties and weddings. The quality products required for make-up makes a bit of investment in it but it is a highly profitable business. You need to obtain proper training and certificate before starting this business.

17) Antique business – If you can arrange for some antique furniture and articles, you can open a small shop for it. You can even organize an auction. It is a luxurious segment and finding buyers is not an easy task but it is highly profitable business.

18) Hot air balloon or boat ride services – These business ideas come in the adventure games category. It demands a good investment and skilled manpower staff.

19) Chatbot services – A chatbot is a next-generation business. In this, you are required to build bots as per requirements. It requires a lot of technical skills and expertise. The investment requirement is quite low.

20) Soap making – It is one of the simplest business ideas where you have to establish a small scale industry of manufacturing soaps. For this, you may require soap molds and raw material.

21) Photography – Quality and unique photographs are always in demand. If you are too good at photography, you can take it as your business. You need to invest in a high-definition camera for this business. You can take professional training for this.

22) Soap making – It is one of the simplest business ideas where you have to establish a small scale industry of manufacturing soaps. For this, you may require soap molds and raw material.

23) Dairy products – Milk and related products are always in demand. You can either take the franchise of some popular company like Mother Dairy, Amul or you can make your products and sell.

24) Scented sticks making- India is a country where God is worshipped by lighting scented sticks. So, they are always in demand. There are ready machines available for making scented sticks. You just need to attain the knowledge of manufacturing and marketing.

25) Health club – Initiating a health club is one of the most profitable business ideas of modern times. People are willing to spend handsome money on their fitness. The chances of getting success in this business are quite high but it requires a bit of investment and a suitable place to open a gym.

26) Organic food shop – people are becoming very health conscious these days. You can open a shop that keeps only organic products.

27) Grocery store – This is the most basic business idea to open a grocery store. You can add special tech-facilities also in it like taking orders on e-mail, whats-app and home-delivering etc.

28) Bread-making – bread is consumed in all parts of the world. If you are looking at a small business idea, you can start manufacturing bread.  A lot of variety has been introduced in loaves of breads these days.

29) Sweet shop – sweets are much in demand around the year and highly demanded during the festivities. This makes this business a very attractive one. Maintain quality, hygiene, and taste and you can do wonders in this business.

30) Fruit and vegetable mart – It is an evergreen business that you can start as wholesaler or retailer.

31) Accounting and record-keeping – Every business needs to maintain its financial records. If you are from the accounting field and possess the knowledge of accounting softwares, you can always do this business. The investment in this business consists of computer systems and software purchases. You can even take some initial training for it.

32) Mobile garage services – This is a new business idea in which a mobile garage-van is made available at call with all the necessary tools and repairer because generally, cars break down on highways where there is no garage service available. It is one of the top small business ideas in India now.

33) Spice-powder making – It is one of the most profitable small-scale business apart from our regular spices like red chilly powder, turmeric powder, one can initiate to make different mixes of spices like meat masala, tandoor masala etc.

34) Popcorn or wafer making – you can establish a small- scale industry to make wafers and pop-corns which require moderate investment. Marketing has to be proper in it.

35) Condensed milk production – sweetened milk has a great demand in the domestic market as well as the international market. The only prime raw material in this business is full cream milk. It is one of the most profitable businesses.

36) Get Pre-School franchise – Creative and engrossing pre-schools are in much demand as the parents are attracted to ‘learning with fun’ concept.

37) DJ services – If you are a good music listener and have a great piece of knowledge of songs and music, you can start thinking of DJ service business. Here you need to have CD players, mixtures and turntable.

38) Laundry service – this service is also in demand with the increase of usage of delicate clothes. It does not require any special skills.

39) Spy and security products – With crime increasing day-by-day, one can open a store that keeps all the security items like cameras etc.

40) Jewelry production and sale – the business of artificial jewelry production can be initiated with low investment and the products are also much in demand.

41) Providing commercial machinery on rent – You can buy some commercial machinery and provide them on rent to other industries like JCB, digger etc.

42) Making of fertilizers – India is a farming-oriented country. Manufacturing of organic fertilizers that are friendly to the environment as well as soil is a very good business idea.

43) Production of leather related items – Small and big items of leather are in regular demand. You can initiate its business.

44) Fancy dress renting business – You can open a business of renting dresses for fancy dresses required by school children from time-to-time.

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45) ATM space rental – If you have a small spare space at some residential or commercial area, you can rent it for establishing ATM. The banks provide very good rent for it.

46) Car renting – You can invest your money in buying cars and run them on a rental basis. Cars on a rental basis are always in demand.

47) Audio equipment rental – Powerful speakers, mixers, mikes are always required parties, small gatherings, and marriages. You can buy these instruments and start the business of renting them.

48) Aquarium shop – People like to keep fish in their homes in small and big aquariums.  So opening its shop is a trending business idea of low investment.

49) Manufacturing of eco-friendly polybags – Keeping in view the harmful effects of the regular polybags, the need of polybags that are eco-friendly will surely rise.

50) Funeral services – It may sound strange but funeral services are provided by the people that include material required for cremation rituals and transportation of the dead body from home to the place of burial.

51) Computer training center – We are living in a technological world which is highly dependent on computer. You can open a computer training center to impart basic knowledge of computers.

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