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I am Suresh KP from Hyderabad (India). I have done by Post Graduation in Finance from Symbiosis University, Pune. I have started blogging since 2011. I have over 20 years of experience in analysing various investment options and money saving ideas. I love doing financial planning, Mutual Fund Analysis, Searching long term Stocks for wealth creation, IPOs, reviewing Life Insurance and Health insurance Plans etc.

What is the purpose of creating this blog?

I have created this blog in 2012.

I do 9-6 job, however out of my passion, I created this blog. The purpose of creating this blog is to create awareness among the investor community. I was always passionate about analyzing various investment options in India. Earlier some of my friends and colleagues used to ask about various best investment options and Tips to save money. I used to guide them several times. Sometimes I felt, that there might be thousands of investors who might be struggling to understand the investment options available right in front of them. I thought of sharing my stock market experiences, financial knowledge, Investment Ideas etc., so that they would also benefit.

While I am making every effort to be accurate when doing analysis, there can be errors in blog articles without my knowledge. In case you find any of such errors or issues in the blogs, please mail me immediately to suresh@myinvestmentideas.com so that I can correct it then and there.You can also share your view under comments of respective articles.

Thanks for your support.

Suresh KP


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  • vivek

    Hi Suresh,

    i am a regular reader of your blog and find it quite informative and interesting.  i want to ask you the following:

    1. I have started a Post Office RD scheme of Rs 1000/ month for period of 5 years in my son's name and the same is maturing next month. I will be getting about Rs 74500/- on maturity next month. Please suggest a suitable investment which is safe and low risk. My investment horizon is anything between 5- 10 years.

    2. I would like to continue the Rs 1000/month installment towards any investemnt which is safe and without risk. Please suggest a suitable plan where i can put this amount??



    • Hi Vivek, Currently there are several NCD bonds going on. You can invest in “Secured bonds” like IIFL Secured bond where money is safe. Alternative if you want to take small risk, you can invest in debt mutual funds such as IDFC Dynamic bond fund or SBI Dynamic bond fund. Since you are asking for monthly investment without risk you should go for Bank FD or post office saving scheme only. These are safe investments with zero risk.

  • Mayur

    Hello Sir,

    I want to make a career in investment and trading field. Can you please guide me how to go about it. Can I join somewhere as an intern to learn things??

    Thanks in advance.

    • Mayur, There are several companies which offer training in this field. e.g. ICICIDirect.com. You can check with them. This is only one choice there might be many others.

  • Srinivas

    Hi Suresh,

    Firstly, my appreciation towards your very good effort demonstrated on this blogspot..

    There are a lot of websites thesedays in the abroad market, where they create a bridge between small private investors and SME's come together for investments needs (by proposing business idea and capital needs).  No need to wait for Venture Capitalists and waste time running behind banks!  Do you suppose, such an option could pick up a space in India ?

    All the very best.  Look forward to grow your blog further!

    Best regards,

    Srinivasa Prasad