6 Profitable Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

Profitable Business Ideas for Women EntrepreneursProfitable Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

With feminism picking up fast in the Indian society, one thing is certain. Women are no longer satisfied being just homemakers. Time and again, they have proved themselves to be at par with men in every walk of life. Besides, women have always known to be excellent at multi-tasking, a skill they silently display in their daily lives, be it managing the kitchen, taking care of their husbands and parents, looking after the kids or maintaining relationships with friends and family, they ace it all at the same time! So, it is only natural that in today’s day and age, they no longer want to limit themselves to household duties. In this article we would provide some of the good and profitable business ideas that are suitable for women.

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6 Profitable Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

With today’s advancement in technology, there are multiple Small Business Ideas for Women that they can explore. This will not just boost their confidence and give them much needed financial freedom, it can potentially boost the country’s economy as well because women are an equal part of a country’s population, not just in terms of numbers, but talent as well! Now let us jump into these business ideas

1) Fashion and Jewellery design

If there is one thing that comes naturally to women, it is their love for clothes, shoes and jewelry! So, it only seems a natural business idea that they take up this field professionally. In today’s age of Instagram and selfies, everyone wants to dress well and look good. What is more, it is a business they can operate from their own house while simultaneously handling household duties. They can set up a small space as their work studio and in return, even provide employment to women from small towns and villages by getting them to do traditional hand embroidery and other such crafts peculiar to that particular region. This can be a win – win situation for all as it will also give their garments and jewelry a unique look that sets it apart from the rest.

2) Day care services

Caring for others is a quality every woman is born with, something that she displays almost by default throughout her life, be it caring for her siblings, parents, spouse, kids, etc. So, opening a daycare service in the comfort of her own home can prove to be an excellent business idea! Besides, this would not need any big investment either. And these days, with increasing number of women opting to take up jobs, they are always on the lookout for safe day care facilities for their young kids wherein she is ensuring they will be in a homelike atmosphere where they are provided good quality food as well. So, by opening a day care service, she will indirectly also encourage other women to continue working.

3) Catering or Bakery business

For most women, cooking is a skill that comes naturally to them. So, it only seems obvious that they exploit that potential further and turn it into a business! Home catering service is fast picking up these days as more and more working professionals are opting for homemade good quality fresh food over take away from restaurants because of all health awareness floating around across various social media platforms. Apart from providing regular meals, women can also gain some bakery skills and cater for birthday parties, kitty parties, weddings, festivals and other such special occasions by baking delicious sweet treats!

4) Tuition Classes

Regardless of the state of the economy, this noble business of providing education students will also be booming. Every parent will want to provide their children with the best quality education to ensure their bright future. Besides, this could prove to be a great opportunity for any woman to put her own education to good use, whilst also gaining financial independence along the way. It is a profession that can be started with almost no financial investment. And if the word of mouth is strong, there is no looking back in this field.

5) Freelance writing

With the current technological surge the world is witnessing, be it in big metro cities, small towns and villages, the highly educated, less educated, working professionals, housewives or the retired population, almost everyone is addicted to one thing,  their phones! With the entire world at their disposal at the click of a button, there is only one thing that connects these people to the outside world, and that is play of words, i.e. good writing! Whatever one is searching for online, the options will be plenty, but it is only the best sounding article that manages to keep them gripped. So a good content writer will also be sought after. Not just in the web world, but good content writers are also hired to create interesting content for business presentations, proposals, legal documents, brochures and flyers for a company’s ad campaign, etc. Freelance content writing also gives women the freedom to choose their working hours and this kind of flexibility ensures she does not have to compromise her personal life and can enjoy the best of both the worlds. Also, these days, clients are willing to invest well in good quality writers as it helps their business grow.

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6) Book keeping

Another viable option for women entrepreneurs would be to work as personal accountants for small business owners like local shops, groceries, pharmacies, etc. who are looking for someone to manage their expenses from home.

What makes these opportunities even more exciting is that over and above the many Small Business Ideas for Women out there, another encouraging aspect is that they have an opportunity to market their respective businesses from the comfort of their homes as well! Thanks to the internet, all they have to do is post attractive ads of their business on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp and many other similar online platforms and sit back and watch their business, gain visibility, without wasting any time running around from door to door or without any sort of monetary investment for marketing like other businesses!

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Profitable Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

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