20 Best Wholesale Business Ideas in India

India is a vast country with a huge consumer base. Its population and strong middle-class segment make it one of the most lucrative markets for trading in the world. The goods do not reach the ultimate consumer directly from the manufacturer. There is a whole chain of suppliers through which the goods pass. This creates a plenty of business opportunities for the middlemen or wholesalers. If you are thinking how to start a wholesale business in India, this article is for you. In this article we would provide 20 best wholesale business ideas in India. It might need moderate investment as it is wholesale business. We would also provide step-by-step guide on how to start a whole sale business in India.

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What is a wholesale business?

Wholesale business also referred as dealership business or distribution business which refers to a type of business in which the goods are bought in large quantities from manufacturers or distributors and resell them to other businesses. Due to bulk purchases, the wholesaler gets the goods at a much lower price, adds his profit margin, and resells them to retailers. Wholesalers don’t sell goods in small quantities, but they typically trade in large quantities. You might want to start these Wholesale business in Tamil Nadu or in Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata  or Telangana or any other town or state. The level of investment in wholesale business depends upon the level of business you would like to expand as well as the city where you want to start.

Best Wholesale Business Ideas in India

20 Best Wholesale Business Ideas in India

Few wholesale business opportunities / distribution business ideas / dealership business ideas have been penned down for you. You can further filter based on your interest + investment size which you can afford from these wholesale businesses list.

1) Wholesale in Textile

The textile industry is one of the oldest industries of Indian Civilization. Textile-related products hold the first spot in the wholesale industry. It covers a large regime of products like threads, fabric, home furnishing, footwear, ready made garments, etc. You should have adequate knowledge about the textile industry before initiating this business.

2) Office products

Products like paper, diary, clips, files, notebooks, staplers, pens, pencils, etc. or customized office products are always in great demand. You must look for clients and distributors who purchase products in bulk. This is a highly lucrative and profitable wholesale business idea.

3) Wholesale in food items

Wholesale food business items include bakery items, dairy products, jam, jelly, beverages, snacks, etc. and always demand by the consumers as these are the daily products of any household. So, starting a business in this field can be highly profitable. All you need to do is to trade products to distributors and retailers. Since Indians are food lovers, this is one of the best wholesale business in India.

4) Chemical business

Various sectors such as agriculture, industries of colors, dyes, etc. require a substantial amount of chemicals. This gives birth to a new business idea of dealing with chemicals as a wholesaler. You should conduct a market survey before commencing this business apart from gaining knowledge of all the chemicals.

5) Plastic products

In today’s generation plastic can be found almost everywhere, whether it is bottle, tiffin, chairs, water jugs, or flasks. If you possess some knowledge in this field and marketing skills, you can think of starting a wholesale business in plastic products. You can start this wholesale business in village or small towns too.

6) Health care and beauty products

Are you thinking about how to start a wholesale business at home?  Health care and beauty are two major concerns of mankind today. It caters to a wide variety of products such as medicines, cosmetic items, healthcare items, personal care, etc. Taking distributorship of famous brands can help you in setting up a wholesale business and fetch good profits. This is one of the best wholesale business ideas in India to start from home.

7) Building and construction items

It is a very promising business idea as real estate and construction items never go out of trend. Items such as, concrete, pics, steel, stone are a few that can be dealt with. Possessing experience in construction-related activities could help you a great deal.

8) Automobile products

The use of cars and bikes has witnessed an unprecedented hike from the few couple of years. So, the need for maintenance and repair of automobiles automatically increases. This provides a new horizon for the sales of auto accessories and spare parts in bulk. It can earn you high profits. This is one of the best wholesale distribution business in India.

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9) Jewelry business

The custom of wearing jewelry in India is followed from a very ancient time. It can prove to be one of the most profit-making business, but requires hefty capital investment. A desired set of knowledge about different kinds of jewels, its purity, polishing, etc. and providing good quality to retailers could help in building a strong clientele for the retail base.

10) Organic food business

Organic food items have attracted a large crowd since the last few years. As it is a growing industry, so capturing this market would increase your business domestically, and who knows your items might travel foreign too. If you are looking for wholesale business ideas in village, this idea could be the best.

11) Dealing in Ayurvedic medicines

Ayurvedic medicines have lately gained a lot of popularity in the Indian as well as international market. The best thing about Ayurveda is that it has no side effects and this reason makes it stand apart from other medicinal streams. Ayurvedic products can be sold at wholesale to offer a fruitful business in this field.

12) Distribution of furniture

It is a flourishing business idea as furniture is something which is required in all households. Portable, lightweight, and multipurpose furniture is preferred these days. So, you can create your own space with some unique designs and some creativity. This way your business can expand domestically as well as internationally. This is one of the high margin wholesale business in India.

13) Business in kitchen utensils

All kitchens are incomplete without kitchen utensils. Frying pans, cookers, plates, pots, etc. are always in demand. You can opt to become the wholesaler of kitchen utensils.

14) Wholesaler of grains

India is a populous country and the demand for food grains have always stood constant. Few states produce the grains, but they have to be distributed throughout the country. You can become a wholesaler of food grains. There are many kinds of grains available in the market like wheat, rice, maize, bajra, etc. It is one of the profitable dealership business ideas.

15) Dealing in Children toys

The market of the toys for children has witnessed tremendous growth in the past few years, be it electronic toys, wooden toys, board games, or simple plastic toys. You can take the dealership of a few renowned brands and become the wholesaler of toys.

16) Readymade snacks business

With most of the people being foodies in our country, any business initiated related to food can never go down if done with proper care and hygiene. Every state and every street have its specialty in crunchy Munchy bites. Wholesaling these snacks form large kitchens and packaging it into small handy packets to sell at good rates can be a clever business idea. Done with proper quality and hygiene, this business will touch new heights in no time. This is one of the most profitable wholesale business in India.

17) Electrical appliances

Dealing in electrical appliances is an evergreen business. If you possess certain knowledge in this field, then you can consider starting a wholesale business. Proving quality goods and prompt services would help you in expanding your business.

18) Rubber and latex

India is the largest producer of rubber. So, this offers a large market for wholesalers. The commodities included are rubber bands, hospital consumables, industrial belts, eraser, automobile gaskets, tyres, etc.

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19) Wood required for furniture

Wood has been the backbone of our country for a long time.  Many useful products such as furniture, photo frames, doors, windows, etc. are made of wood. You just need to hold on your communication skills and marketing strategies for incorporating this business.

20) Gifts & handicrafts

Wholesale in gifts and handicrafts is a profitable business idea if penned down properly. The targeted audiences are small gift shop owners and handicraft sellers. Ensure proper quality and timely delivery of items and see your business climbing heights of accomplishment. This is one of the high margin wholesale business to start from home.

How to start a wholesale business in India?

Here are few steps you can follow to start on such dealership business ideas.

1) Identify what business you want to start. You can start by picking up one from the entire wholesale businesses list.

2) Identify the dealers who can sell you at lowest cost

3) Identify expenses that are relating to wholesale distribution business. It includes whole sale products cost, rent for godowns, distribution costs etc.,

4) Create a business plan about this entire whole distribution business.

5) Source your funding either through your own sources or through banks

6) Keep a muhurat / auspicious time and create your dream whole sale distribution business.

Conclusion: A successful wholesale business requires a strong network of suppliers and manufacturers, a good chain of communication, and great marketing skills. Initiate any wholesale business in which you have some experience or knowledge and work hard towards it to take your business to new pinnacles of success.

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