Best Business to Start with Little Money – Top Business with small investment 2020

100 Low Investment Business Ideas to startBest Business to Start with Little Money – Low Investment Business Ideas to start

With unemployment rate increasing year on year, many individuals are aspiring to become entrepreneurs. However selecting a good business idea is key for the success. While there are several business ideas, these come with high cost elements. If you are looking for some of the low investment business ideas, this article is for you. In this article, we would provide 100+ Best Business to start with little money. One should choose a business idea from these low investment business ideas based on their passion and interest. You can first select top 10 business to start with little money and further drill down to 1-2 ideas and finalise. 

100 Best Business to Start with Little Money

There are many business ideas which are still unexplored and contain a lot of potentials. Every business needs hard work and dedication to make it a successful venture. Here, some good business ideas have been segregated in various categories as per the suitability of different types of people and their interest.  

20 Best Food Business Ideas to start with little money

Low Investment Food Business IdeasBelow is the list of 20 innovative business ideas related to food and require low investment. These Low Investment Food Business should be short listed based on your passion and interest.

1) Mobile food court – Indians are fond of a variety of food but they do not want to spend time traveling to restaurants. Mobile food courts are becoming prominent these days that provide food at major places where there is a potential business.

2) Ice cream parlor – Gone are those days when ice-cream was in demand only in summer. Now, ice-creams are in demand throughout the year and come with many creative eatables.

3) Chocolate making – Home-made chocolates are much in demand these days. You can start a home-based business of making chocolates at home.

4) Cake- baking – If you are good at making cakes, you can always open a bakery shop. It is a business of huge scope because now a day, every occasion is celebrated with a cake. 

5) Opening a restaurant – it is a highly profitable business if planned meticulously and managed properly. One should take into consideration the taste, habits of the people and location of the restaurant.

6) Cooking classes – if you an expert in cooking, you can take some cookery hobby classes. It is a novel business idea through which you can make good chunks of money.

7) Farsan shop – farsan refers to salty, ready to eat snacks. The concept of making farsan and selling them directly is a very lucrative business.

8) Organic food shop – people are becoming health conscious these days. You can open an organic food shop that provides all the food items chemical free.

9) Dairy products – dairy products are always in demand. You can either the franchise of some popular company like Mother Dairy or make your own products and sell.

10) Papad making – papad-making is an excellent home-based business idea which can be started with minimum capital.

11) Pickle making – apart from regular pickles, there are a huge variety of pickles made these days. You can always make good pickles and sell them nationally or even internationally.

12) Bread making – Bread is consumed in almost every part of the world. A lot of variety is made in loaves of breads now a day. It is a good business idea with low investment.

13) Sauce, jam and jelly making – these products are in huge demand these days. If you can make authentic and good sauces, jams or jellies, you can run this business. The profit-margin is quite high in all such products.

14) Sweet shop – Indians are always a fan of sweets. It is regularly demanded even on festivals etc. Quality, hygiene, and taste are the success mantra of this business. 

15) Coffee shop – hanging out with friends for coffee is much in trend these days. You can create a good cozy corner for sitting and sipping with loved ones. Few eatables can also be kept. It is good profitable business.

16) Grocery store – a small grocery store can be opened in a good locality that keeps all the regular grocery items.

17) Online grocery delivery – people do not want to spend their valuable time in buying groceries of the home which is an indispensable need. You can open an online grocery store that provides all the groceries which are best in quality and rate and earn commission on it. 

18) Spice-powder making – spices are needed regularly at home. You can provide pure, hygienic and organic products to your customer to run your business successfully. You can even make a variety of spice-mix like meat masala, chana masala, subji masala, etc.

19) Catering services – if you possess good managing and planning skills, you can offer catering services on a small or large level. People often plan small parties at home and need catering services on short notice.

20) Frozen food mart – a store can be opened that keeps frozen food like eateries, vegetables, chicken, meat, etc.

20 Best Manufacturing Business Ideas to start with low money

Low Investment Manufacturing business ideasThe following are the manufacturing business ideas that require low to moderate investment. One needs to carry out a detailed market survey in order to ensure the successful carrying of the business.

21) Dal mill – it is the processing of various cereals. It is a capital intensive unit. 

22) Grinding unit – this business require installation of few types of machinery. The grinding unit of spices, cereals or grains can be set-up.

23) Grain processing unit – the processing units of grains like wheat, flour, etc. can be established.

24) Processing of tomatoes – The tomatoes are processed and preserved in the form of tomato paste. It requires a hefty investment. 

25) Baking powder making – it is a chemical composition f various chemicals and used extensively in baking.

26) Coconut oil manufacturing – coconut oil is not only used directly in cooking but also as a raw material in various industries like soaps, shampoos, etc. This unit requires heavy investment and it has to be located in the area where the raw material is easily available.

27) Ginger-garlic paste making – ginger garlic paste is the basic food ingredient of many recipes. It requires extensive marketing.

28) Condensed milk production – condensed milk is demanded heavily in national and international markets. The only raw material in it is full cream milk.

29) Cashew processing – it includes kernel drying, peeling, grading and packaging. The location of the industry has to be near the production area. 

30) Sugar-candy making – sugar candies are hard-boiled sugar confectionery. It can be made in many flavors like orange, mango, strawberry, etc.

31) Soya chunks processing – the main ingredient in this industry is soya bean and peanuts. They are processed to make the chunks of it.

32) Energy drink production – energy drinks are much in demand with changing life- style. You can establish its production house but it requires strong promotion. 

33)  Iodized salt production – salt is the basic necessity for any type of food preparation. You can put a salt processing plant with moderate capital.

34) Retailing of beverages – you can open a store that deals in a variety of beverages. A plethora of beverages is available in the market.

35) Meat and seafood processing – in it, the seafood and meat are processed chemically to make it eatable and preservable. It requires moderate investment.

36) Ice block manufacturing – Ice blocks are needed for the preservation of fish and many other things. This business can be established on a small scale with very minimum capital.

37)  Banana wafers making – Banana wafers are favorite tea-time snack. It is a highly lucrative business.  

38) Canned Rasgulla – For this, you need to develop a good formula of making rasgullas and preserving it.

39) Honey processing – it is a process of removing wax and other unwanted material from honey. You can establish an automatic or manual plant.

40) Organic farming – if you have an idle piece of land, you can develop an organic farm which grows crops, vegetables, etc. without any harmful chemical.

Best Business to start in small towns with low investment

41) Ice-cream cone making – this small scale business can be initiated with very low investment. In it, you prepare wafer cones for filling ice-creams.

42) Chinese food center – you can open a restaurant which serves especially Chinese food. Such ventures are hit amongst teenagers and youngsters, so prefer an area near the college and university. 

43) Fast food center – you can open a fast food center which is a very lucrative business idea with moderate investment.

44) Pop-corn or wafer making – a small-scale industry can be established to make wafers and pop-corns which require moderate investment.

45) Fruit and vegetable mart – it is an evergreen business where you can start a mart that sells fruits and vegetables.

46) Tea-coffee shop – a tea or coffee lounge is a hit business idea in small towns where people like to hang out and meet friends frequently.

47) Book store – you can open a book and stationery shop. Although it is a conventional business idea and some innovation in it can fetch you good profits like facilitating the readers to read the books in the store itself.

48) Event management – if you have a good social network and efficient management qualities, you can open an event management company that manages small to big events.

49) Travel agency – If you have good knowledge of holiday destinations and their bookings, opening a travel agency can be a good business venture.

50) Cloud or hosting services – Many small companies prefer to take hosting service on the cloud for their initial requirement of servers. If you have knowledge and capital, you can start cloud or host services.

51) Toy store – kids are fond of toys. You can start a small toy store that keeps creative and customized toys along with regular toys.

52) Water purifier sale and service – Almost all families need water purifier these days. So, you can open a sale and service point of water purifiers.

53) Used book store – You can open a store that deals only in second-hand books. It requires a very minimum investment.

54) Optical store – You can open a small store for optics and frames. Other items like watches too can be kept with it. It is a business with low to moderate capital investment.

55) Share market trading services – Open share market trading firm and provide brokerage services to end-users.

56) Electronic store – this business requires a fair amount of investment in which you keep MP3, televisions and other electronic items. You can even take an agency for it.

57)  Collection business – today, many people take loans but do not pay EMI on time. The banks appoint collection agencies to collect defaulted money.

58) Home attendant service – attendants and maids are in demand today. If you can hire a few reliable women for home attendant services, it is a unique business idea with low investment.

59) Pest control – people often need pest control services for their homes and offices. You can take up this venture too.

60) Taxi services – people prefer prompt taxi services and willing to pay a premium for it. This gives birth to the new business idea but you really have to be devoted to it.

Even these small business ideas in small towns are highly profitable.

20 High Profitable Top Business to start with low investment

high profitable low investment business ideas61) Nutritionist – With the busy schedule of the individuals, they start ignoring their health.  Here comes the role of the nutritionists where they advise people about healthy eating habits and tips. One can do a small course as a nutritionist and start practicing it. It is one of the most innovative business ideas for modern times.

62) Grocery delivery service – Everybody has become too busy in life. They do not want to spend their precious time in buying the groceries at home. They prefer to order it online sitting in their cozy corners to be delivered directly at home. You can grab this opportunity by delivering groceries at door-steps and charge service amount.

63) Online services – this is a unique business idea where you hire a few servicemen like plumbers, electricians, electronic repairers, etc and start online services. The customers can call on a toll-free number and you can provide these services. Prompt services can fetch you great money in this business.

64) Selling earthen pots and plants – Selling earthen/ decorative pots and plants is a good business idea. You can also keep some good indoor planters which are much in fashion.

65) Second-hand furniture shop – you can open a shop that keeps only second-hand furniture like sofa, dining table, etc. which is at much cheaper rates. People of the middle and lower-middle class are in search of such furniture.

66) Career guidance – You can update and sharpen your knowledge in the career field and you can provide career guidance advice to the people about their careers.

67) Beauty and spa – Beauty and spa treatments have been in much fashion for the high profile people. You can open a beauty and spa saloon with hygienic and congenial services.  

68) Games store – children often look for an area that provides for play stations or video games. You just need an empty room with television and Xbox to open this business.

69) Matrimony services – finding a good match is a difficult task these days. If you have a social relationship network, you can open a matrimony service centre.

70) Child care center – With both the partners working, it has become a necessity to leave the children in the child care center. If you are attracted to kids and their up-bringing, you can open a child care center. Quality services and tender care of the kids can take your business to new heights.

71) Custom-made festival gifts – India is a land of festival and exchange of gifts during festivals is a common scenario. You can provide customized gift-items to the consumers. It is an innovative and profitable business venture.

72) Online drivers – in today’s times, people need services of drivers on a temporary basis or only for a few hours in a day. You can gather some drivers and advertise on local social media to promote your business. You can charge as low as Rs. 200 per 2 hours or Rs. 500 per day. 

73) Freelance writer – if you have a good niche at writing, you can start freelance writing. There is a huge scope in this segment if you can deliver quality writing. It is an excellent business idea without any investment.

74) Mutual fund agent – you can obtain AMFI certificate, join as mutual fund agent and start promoting mutual fund schemes. You can earn up to 1% of the total investment as commission every year.

75) Investment advisor – you can manage investment portfolios of the clients and earn income on a commission basis. For this, you need to possess good knowledge about various investment options like mutual funds, stocks, bonds, IPO’s, etc.

76) Coaching center – Education has become an inseparable part of life. Every parent wants his child to be excellent in education field without any compromise. You can start a small coaching center that imparts quality education. You can start with a small level that takes younger children and slowly progress as it succeeds.

77) Personality development coaching – if you have personality development tips and have the capability of grooming the personality of people, you can start this business. Here you have to develop their communication and inter-personal skill which is a must-have quality in many fields now.

78) Resume writing – there are many young aspirants who are struggling with their resume writing, you can make out some skills and start writing their resumes.

79)  Create mobile apps – if you an expert in programming. You can create simple mobile applications with simple steps and sell them to start-up companies that cannot afford high costs.

80) Second-hand car dealer – the middle-class families who cannot afford new cars look for second-hand cars. You can buy old cars and sell them for some profit.

20 Best Business for College Students or housewives to start with small investment

Some of these business ideas are best suitable for college students or housewives.

81) Opening a library – Opening up a cozy place with a collection of few good books is an excellent business idea which can be operated with small capital.

82) Yoga instructor – If you possess very good knowledge about various yogasanas, you can become a yoga instructor which is in high demand these days. You can even do a small course to become a yoga instructor. 

83) Freelance writer – if you are good at writing, you can start with freelance writing. You can pursue it as part-time work or take up projects whenever you are free.

84) Hobby classes – if you are an expert in any creational activities, you can open hobby classes. This is a work that can be pursued only for a few hours and from home.

85) Baby-sitting – if you are fond of babies and their upbringing, you can pursue this hobby as a part-time job. Many working parents are in search of a reliable place where they can leave their babies.

86) Tiffin center – If you have some companies around your house, you can provide the facility of tiffins to its employees. Tasty and home-made food is always relished by everybody.

87) Car-pool service – If you have some hours vacant and a two-wheeler or four-wheeler, you can start with part-time driving facilities in your locality. Today, many people search for driver’s facility for some hours for their kids coaching or any other specific job.

88) Pet care – Keeping pets is a passion for many. If you are inclined towards animal care, you can take care of the animals and charge some fees for it.

89) Xbox station – If you have a spare room and television, you can start with Xbox station which provides games for children and teenagers.

90) SEO consultant – with the increase in usage of the internet, the need for SEO consultancy has increased. Every website owner looks for a good SEO consultant to optimize a website for search engine. This work can be pursued from home but you need to learn some things before opting it.

91) Sweet parlor – Sweets are required at every festival in India. You can open a small sweet shop or you can open a home-based prepare-on-order concept.

92) Animator – Animation and game business is growing at a  jet speed today with huge potential in this filed for business.

93) Home tuitions – If you are good at the educational front, you can always open a tuition center which is highly demanded these days.

94) Tailoring service – Starting a small tailoring service is a good idea for housewives. It is a home based job that does not require much investment.

95) Resume writing – People often look for a professional resume writer. If you are good at writing, you can stock a few traits and start writing a        resume.

96) Career counselor – If you possess good knowledge about various career options, you can become a career counselor.

97) Become a Radio Jockey – If you have excellent interacting skills, you can opt to become an RJ. It is an excellent part-time job.

98) Dance class – If you are very good at dancing, you can think of opening a dance class which is a very good business option.

99) Fashion boutique – It is an evergreen business idea as stylish and fashionable clothes are always in demand.

100) Match-maker – Marriages are made in heaven but have to be found on earth. If you are socially active and smart in interaction, you can open a matrimony center.

Hope this article gives you some unique idea to start your own low investment business idea…Best of Luck!! 

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Best Business to Start with Little Money – Top Business with small investment

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