How to check Income Tax refund online?

How to check Income Tax refund online

How to check Income Tax refund online?

Many of us either by ignorant or may be with genuine reason, would have paid more income tax and would have applied for income tax refund. However, how many of us would be tracking about the refund. Do you know that with a few simple steps, you can check income tax refund online?

Refund Banker Scheme

Income tax department has introduced Refund Banker Scheme in Jan 2007 which covers all over India to know the income tax refund online at website. Income Tax department has appointed State Bank of India (SBI) has refund manager agency for all income tax refunds.

How to check income tax refund online?

What are other methods for tracking income tax refund?

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What are the various modes of refund?

There are two modes of income tax refund

1) RTGS /NECS: The income tax refund is done through direct credit to the bank account specified by you in the IT return. You should specify correct details indicated below while you file IT return to get this direct credit.

  • Correct bank account number
  • MICR/IFSC code of bank branch
  • Address for communication.

2) Cheque method: Under this method, the IT refund would be done directly through cheque and the same would be sent to the address indicated in the IT return.

logged in to website, what does these messages mean for you?

Below are some of the messages you may see when you check income tax refund online

  1. Return cheque undelivered due to change in postal address: This is a common problem where the assessee would have changed the address, but missed to notify the income tax department. You can inform to same through above email address about your new address
  2. Cheque encashed: If you have received the cheque and credited to your bank account, this message would be only for your information. However if you have not received the cheque, but if the status shows cheque encashed, you should immediately notify the same to income tax department, so that they can take necessary steps.

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Topic: How to check Income Tax refund online

Suresh KP


  1. Dear Suresh,

    By using PAN Card can anybody (mainly employers for background check) track Previous salaries?


    1. Lakshmi. Salaries and income tax details are confidential and are available only with income tax department. There is no way that previous employers can verify the previous salaries based on PAN Card. Also there are chances that you would provide PAN card details + IT return documents to banks for housing loan or any other loan purpose. It would be there with those banks too. Beyond this I don’t think the data is available anywhere.

  2. Dear Suresh,

    I didn't submit investment proof to my employee at the time of my submission. Hence, i paid more tax than actual. But at the time of E filing I mentioned the investment proof so now should i also send the investment proof documents to the the concernced office along with the ITVR form .


    1. Varun, you need not send any proofs while sending ack to CPC, Bangalore or while uploading. But keep the docs safely so that in case of scruitiny, you need to show the proofs

  3. I have checked the return status and found below message

    Mode of Payment Reference Number Status Date* Speed Post Ref. no
    Refund cheque CMPQ9395645 Expired Cheque – Refund voucher cancelled. The refund voucher was not deposited for encashment within 90 days from the date of issue. Contact your assessing officer for fresh release of refund. May 8, 2013
    P suggest me what to do further


  4. Hi Sureshji,

      I have deposited my tax with form 16 for 2011-2012 .In the form 16 as a recipt, there is a nos marked as a recipt do i track what is the status of my tax the url you have suggested it is written the accessing offcier has not sent my tax refund is my money lost or is there any way to recover it..pls. help

    1. Jayanti, Your message is not clear. Have you filed the tax return in first place. If yes, have you indicated computed and indicated that the amount is to be refunded? Then you may wait for some more time as it would take 12 to 18 months to credit the tax refund. If you have not filed the IT return itself, you would not get refund

      1. Sir, I have filed my IT return through the corporate agent , on the basis of my Form 16, i have got the IT file acknowledgement recipt .The recipt contains a stamp mark which contains a unique nos.

        Now if i see in the url to see the status of my refund.If i put my PAN and assessment year..i see the status as "assessment officer has not send the IT return details", the message is itself not what should i do there any way i can check my refund status on the basis of the nos

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