Gold Prices at 5 Year Low – Should you invest now?

Gold Prices are falling-Should we invest in gold now in 2015Gold Prices at 5 Year Low – Should you invest now?

Gold prices have been in down trend for some time now. In the last 2 weeks, gold prices fallen heavily and touched 5 year low. Selling pressure seen in Gold ETF’s too. Gold investors are in panic now thinking where the gold prices are headed. What are the factors which are contributing to fall in gold prices now? Should you invest in gold now? Should you stay invested in case you are already investing in gold for some time and looking for profits?

Gold Prices at 5 Year Low

Gold prices have been falling sharply this week. Gold gave negative returns in the last couple of years. Gold touched Rs 31,000 per 10 grams few years back and now currently trading at Rs 25,000 per 10 grams. Domestic gold prices are falling based on fall in international gold prices to 5 year low.

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Why Gold Prices are falling now on 2015?

While there are several factors, there are only a few main reasons for fall in gold prices now in 2015. These reasons would help you to assess where gold prices are headed in future.

a) US Interest Rate Hike expected in Sep-15

Since 2008, US Federal Reserve has not raised interest rates. Investors in US have been investing in gold as fixed deposit instruments generating low returns. Now analysts are predicting that the US Federal Reserve would hike interest rate in their Sep-15 monetary policy. With this, many investors would sell off gold and invest in fixed return instruments as they generate better returns. We already seeing selling pressure in gold in US where it is pulling down the gold prices.

b) Dollar becoming strong

US Dollar has been strengthening for some time now. With US rate hike, Dollar would further strengthen. This would pull down gold prices in international market.

c) Strong Indian Rupee to Dollar

India is the major importer of gold. Rupee depreciates if we have a Current Account Deficit (CAD). Since our CAD is very low now, it is expected that Indian Rupee may not depreciate. Rupee depreciation would take gold prices up. Strong Indian Rupee now keeps gold prices at same level or pull down the gold prices. Due to the fact that CAD is very low, there are limited chances that gold prices would go up in coming months.

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Should you invest in gold now in 2015?

It is little tricky question. Like I always say, it depends on the investor. Here is what I suggest to various investors:

  • Long term investor: If you are a long term investor or looking to accumulate gold for your daughter marriage or for your spouse, it is the best time to buy physical gold or invest in best Gold ETF’s.
  • Need based investor: If you are need based investor (like daughter marriage is approaching now) or pressure from spouse , you can buy now where gold prices have become cheaper.
  • Short term investor: This is the wrong time to make the investment. You may hold for some more time to review and invest.

I fall under long term investor and I take this as opportunity to buy more gold with less money. My aim is to accumulate as much gold as possible at low rate.

Readers, are you planning to invest in gold now? Are you long term investor, need based or short term investor?

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Gold Prices at 5 Year Low – Should you invest now

Suresh KP


  1. Gold was my 1st investment back in 2007. I and my father spend a big chunk of our savings to buy gold and we sold everything in 2011 and I got more than 3 times what I paid in 2007. With all the money we made I put it all in FD as the rates back then was above 9%.
    But now I don’t think I will do that again as I don’t want to take any risk.
    But good luck to people who wants to invest.

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