40 Best Business to Start with Little Money

Top-and-Best-Business-to-start-with-little-money40 Best Business to start with little money

Many of us aspire to do business. However, most of us think that doing a business would need lots of money. While you would need higher investment to do large scale business, there are several business ideas where you can start with low investment and earn decent money. One should pick-up right business idea based on their passion and how much they want to invest in such business. This way they would be successful in business even if they start with little money. If you are looking for best business ideas to make money, this article is for you. In this article we would provide 40 best business to start with little money. These businesses can work anywhere in the world.

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What is a business?

A business may be defined as an organization or unit engaged in commercial or professional activity in order to earn profit. The term business covers all the organized efforts and activities of individuals to produce or resell goods and services to create profit. The word ‘business’ has been extracted from the word ‘busy’ which means to remain occupied in doing things.  A business may require huge capital to be initiated, but there exist many businesses that can be started with a low investment.

40 Best Business to start with little money

Here are the list of 40 businesses that can be initiated with low capital investment.

1) Designer candle making

Designer, aromatic and colorful candles are demanded throughout the year and especially near the festivities. They are widely used as decorative items in homes, in restaurants, hotels, etc. The manufacturing of candles is done with the help of machines and the costing is also not much.

2) Makeup artist

Every woman wants to look gorgeous on their special events like weddings, parties etc. Here comes the role of a makeup artist who specializes in hair styling and makeup services. You can provide this service right to the client’s door. All you need in this business is good quality make-up products.

3) Tour guide

If your city or state possesses a rich history and you love to recite the stories about it, you can consider becoming a tour guide. Many people around the world who are very much interested in knowing the history and visit historical places. But you need to make tons of research to justify your job.

4) Clothing boutique owner

If you have a good sense of designing clothes, you can become a clothing boutique owner. You have to source good raw material at cheap and hire some good tailors. Inspiring social media accounts and word of mouth publicity is the advertising sources for such businesses. This is one of the best business to start with little money in India.

5) Garden Designer

Many people have the passion to arrange their gardens and landscape. You can turn this passion into a business. You can draw up the designs for your clients and let them do their job.

6) Translator

If you are an expert in a foreign language you can start your translation services. You can specialize in a particular genre like finance, marketing, or medical and you might find clients of a specific need.

7) Health and fitness Centre

It has become the need of the hour to keep ourselves fit.  People are spending good sums of money to keep themselves healthy. Initially, you can start a center with a few types of machinery and as the business expands you can bring more lately. The majority of the individuals are now fitness freak and want to take care of their health, hence this could be one of the top 10 small business ideas to start now.

8) Protective Packaging material

With the initiation of e-commerce, the demand for protective packaging material like foam sheet, thermocol sheet, bubble sheet has increased a great deal. Their manufacturing process is simple, and the investment is not too hefty.

9) Soap and detergent manufacturing

Soaps and detergents can be manufactured easily with the help of man and machines. These are basic items used in every household, so the demand is constant. These days, herbal soaps and detergents are preferred over synthetic ones. So design a good eco-friendly formula and mint good profits out of it. This could be one of the profitable small business ideas for small towns also.

10) Resume writer

Writing a professional resume or cover letter needs specific skills and people often hire specialists for this service.  You can assist your clients with a tailored resume is beautiful edited letter covers and portfolios that attract employers at a glance.

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11) Freelance graphic designer – Graphic designers are in huge demand in every field, be it website designing or blog graphics. Many companies seek experienced graphic designers for different types of projects.

12) Sports training services – If you are good at sports, you can always think about opening a sports center where the training for different sports is provided.

13) Pet grooming – Most of the people keep pets these days, but hardly know how to take care of them properly. You can become a pet groomer and earn out of it. You are required to bathe the pet, clean him properly, trim his hair etc. You are required to maintain the stock of a few things that are needed with pets.

14) Photography and videography – If you are very good at photography, you can opt for it as your business. You can sell the photographs or recorded videos for a fee. You need high definition cameras for this business. You can even acquire a professional degree for this.

15) Customized T-shirt printing – You might have seen people wearing T-shirts of their names or some personalized message. Such t-shirts are much in trend these days. These are made with the help of a T-shirt printing machine.

16) Spa Services – Spa is a brilliant medium to relax mentally and physically. Spa treatments include body treatments, facial massage, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, manicure, pedicure, etc. You should provide a peaceful and relaxing environment for this business.

17) Building mobile applications – If you possess programming skills on computers, mobile application development is the best option for you. Mobile apps are currently in great demand, and individuals and companies are hiring people to make them. You need a good computer system for it.

18) Offer virtual assistant services – Busy professionals always need help in reading their e-mails, planning a schedule for them etc. and they like to hire virtual assistants that work for them. You can offer such services to them if you have your own computer and a good internet connection.

19) Trading online – Buying and selling products online has become a profitable affair these days. Just find out some unique products at a reasonable price, make a web page or website and start selling them.

20) Home-baked items – Delicious and reasonable cakes, cupcakes, and cookies are always in demand, especially during the festive season like Christmas, Diwali, and Valentine’s Day. If you are interested in baking, you can always start this business that requires little investment but the profit margin is high. If you are in the location where people love food, this could turn into best small profitable business ideas to start.

21) Chocolate making – Home-made chocolates are much in demand these days. You can start a home-based business of making chocolates at home. You can even customize the design of the chocolates according to the needs of the customers.

22) Become an online tutor – One of my friend posses good knowledge in maths and science and was telling me “I want to start a small business but have not money”, then I referred him to work as an online tutor. If you are smart enough to impart your knowledge to others, there are many websites that hire online tutors teach the students. You can sign up with one of them as a tutor and earn money.

23) Transportation service – If you possess a car, start a micro transport service with it. Commuting to-and-fro for the college or for tuitions has become a cumbersome task these days. You can charge a reasonable amount for them and provide transportation facilities to them.

24) Manufacturing of scented sticks – Another excellent idea with low investment is scented stick making business. It is demanded in almost every house-hold. The profit margin in this business is reasonable. The machine costs around Rs. 4 lakhs. This is one of the best profitable small scale business ideas to start now.

25) Tissue paper making – Tissue papers are demanded everywhere, be it restaurants, coffee shops, tea stalls, food centers, weddings, parties, etc. You can start a manufacturing unit of tissue paper. The scope of growth is huge in this business.

26) Hobby Centre – You can initiate your creative hobby center that offers various hobby classes like music, drama, drawing, painting, craft, etc. The profit margin is quite high in this business if you can offer some exclusive and quality things.

27) Accessories making – Accessories like earrings, necklaces, bangles, etc. are one of the favorites of every woman. There is a wide range of designs that can be made with stones, beads, silk thread, etc. Use your creativity and come up with the best jewelry designs to take your business to successful heights.

28) Child-Care provider – The working parents are in the hunt of good childcare centers that can take care of their kids with love. You can open a center that provides very care to the babies. With the word-of-mouth publicity, this business can soon realize good profits. In developing countries like India, where working women percentage is increasing, this could be one of the best business ideas in India.

29) Fitness instructor – Many people demand for personal fitness instructor that takes care of their specific fitness needs and diet. Becoming a fitness instructor is another profitable business. You can attain a professional degree in this business. You will be responsible for their diet chart as well as their workout schedule.

30) Self-defense trainer – In today’s world where crime persisting everywhere, self – defense is very important for each and everybody. You can start taking training sessions of self-defense for girls, adults, etc.

31) Custom Embroiderer – People are fond of neat and exclusive hand/machine embroideries made on their clothes. If you know this art, you can become a custom embroiderer that cater to the personalized needs of the individuals.

32) Eco-friendly disposables – The harmful plastic disposals have been banned and the demand for eco-friendly disposals has risen. They are highly demanded in weddings, parties, at mobile food vans, tea stalls, etc. You can easily initiate a business in which eco-friendly disposals are produced. It is a business with low investment.

33) House-cleaning agency – As huge buildings with extensive use of glass and complexes with intricate designs have come up, it has become essential to hire some professionals cleaning agencies to keep them clean. You can open an agency that provides such services. Few types of equipments and hardworking manpower are essential for this business.

34) Customized gift store – Customized gifts are the inclination of recent times. Choose a range of products that can be customized for the people as per their requirements. For example – pencil pouches, bag packs, personalized pens, notebooks, stationary, pillows, cushion covers etc.

35) Homemade shampoo making – People no more want to use chemical-based shampoos available in the market. If you provide them shampoo made with natural and organic ingredients, they will be more than happy to pay you. For this, you need to have a formula for making shampoo. You can add your creativity to increase its efficiency.

36) Cooking classes – If you possess good culinary skills and create some new dishes with your creativity, you can take some cookery hobby classes. It is a novel business idea with minimum investment through which you can make good chunks of money.

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37) Hosting paid webinars – A webinar is a web-based seminar presentation or video posted on the internet. It calls for good skills to build a successful webinar. If you are a highly skilled person with extraordinary domain knowledge, you can host paid webinars. To host webinars online, you should be an owner of the website which is well known with good traffic ranking.

38) Small Toys manufacturing – In some of the countries like India, we are seeing china toys ruling.Why can’t you start a small toys manufacturing. This would require some cost, but it is worth considering this business idea where you can earn decent money.

39) Buying and selling domains – A flipping domain is another online business idea that can fetch you good returns. However, you need to do some research tasks before buying a domain name. There are many websites are available that provide domain auction facility. Flippa and Godaddy auction is a very good marketplace for buying and selling domains.

40) Nutritionist – People have become diet conscious more than ever. They constantly look for an effective diet plan that can help to maintain their health and physique. You can become a nutritionist and provide your services to them. However, you need to attain a certificate for it.

Conclusion: A business can be initiated be small capital also. At the preliminary stage, nurture it with hard work and dedication, and later, you can expand to take it to the pinnacles of success.

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40 Best Business to start with little money

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