1. My name is Mohanan, I would like to request your suggestion on mutual fund selection. I am 48 years old and wish to take moderate risk and I would like to invest 40 lac for below purposes. my investment horizon is 7 years.

    20 lac – I wish to invest for my monthly income ( I will keep invested this at least 5 years) and I am expecting at least 8% return per year and same time dont like to see much volatility/loss in capital corpus.

    20 lc- I wish to invest to create wealth and will need this corpus back only after 5 to 7 years.

    Kindly advise at least 4 funds for each purposes.

    Thank you.

    Mohanan A

  2. Hi Suresh,

    Thanks for detail report. I have few queries related to this NFO and in general.
    Is there a difference if I subscribe to this NFO on first day of NFO period or on last day of same.
    Will the NAV on listing day be 10 or it can open with variance depending on market condition (including budget)

    Also got update on this NFO that fund manager will invest 30% of corpus in foreign markets. Can this have any impact on the risk factor.

    1. Hello Sumit Here are the responses
      1) Nil
      2) Opening day it would be Rs 10 only as it just started investing. Lateron based on the underlying assets it can change
      3) Yes it invest upto 35% in foreign equity in lieu of largecap/midcap segment. However, there is no clarity which foreign equity it would invest (US/China/ or bluechip stocks or index stocks etc.,), hence it is difficult to guess on this.

  3. you missed the point that this fund will invest upto 30% in international equity funds too. Considering this aspect it can be a good bet to get in.

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