20 Part Time Business Ideas to Start in 2022

In this dynamic world, salary earned by employees might not be sufficient to meet the expenses. Even if you are doing small business, you may have plenty of free time. If you are one among these people and have free time, you can check for some of the part time business. In this article, we would provide Best Part Time business ideas with low investment. Most of them can be started as part time business ideas from home.

20 Part Time Business Ideas to Start in 2022 in your idle time

Here are the list of part time business ideas with low investment. Some of the part time ideas can be started without investment too.


1) Network Marketing

The entire world is one small family that is what Vasudhaiva Kutumbhkam deciphers and Network Marketing is one of the prima facie reasons behind building social connections worldwide more close-knitted. Companies like Amway, Avon, Herbal Life provide an avid platform and unique schemes for bridging with masses and creating a healthy business altogether. If you are good at PR, this could be one of the best part time business to start in 2022.

2) SEO Consulting

SEO is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the process of optimizing your website to get organic, or un-paid, traffic from the search engine results page. To embrace your profile, bio link with real authenticity – SEO can help you get targeted free traffic from search engines and build that trust amongst the seekers. And so with more Digitalization coming into the picture, demand for SEO Consultancy has taken a big leap in Online Industry. To provide more reliable data and information to people, one can take this SEO consultancy as Professional Assistance to different organizations and startups, thereby generating a lucrative proposition with bare investment.

3) YouTube Channel

With every age group genre developing themselves in varied fields, forums like YouTube play a great opportunity in helping them display their skills and talent. That’s how, YouTube has become one of the most fascinating, entertaining and insightful sources of communication in modern times. From watching music videos, comedy shows, how-to guides, recipes, hacks and more, it serves all kinds of information. For those who wish to embark their work in a creative field in an easy-going manner, such platforms are a great source for developing a business as well as earning handsome pay. One of the best business to start with little money.

4) Bloggers

If you are good in one specific subject like investments, maths, cooking, mehandi designs, you can write articles on this topic and earn money. You can be in touch with respective website owners and tie-up to write few articles in a week. Alternatively, you can start an individual website and start posting articles on that. Once you have enough readers, you can start 3rd party advertising or apply for Google Adsense to display ads to earn money. This is one of the best part time business ideas in India if you are good in any specific niche area.

5) Online Education

If you wish to spread any sort of education, be it vocational or academically, the geographical constraint is no more a barrier. With virtual teachings coming into practice, it has helped professional seekers and students to access whatever they want to pursue or study in life. On the other side, eminent professors get a platform to surpass their knowledge to the masses. So people who are looking for, providing professional services with multi-fold effects can opt for getting into Online Education Discourse. This is one of the good part time online business ideas in India.

6) Podcasting

Times have come wherein CD’s and cassettes have been replaced with a small gadget restoring 1000 songs in your pocket. Podcasting is one source of the practice of using the Internet to make digital recordings of broadcasts available for downloading to a computer or mobile device. It helps you to rejoice our musical mobility anytime, anywhere. We can now access to any sorts of broadcasts audios/videos as per our convenience and mood. People who wish to facilitate such kind of service can opt for providing Podcasting Business.

7) Virtual Assistant

With specialization, becoming prevalent these days, every owner needs virtual assistance so as gain expertise in that particular field. To acquire detailed know-how about the respective subjects/fields, The Virtual Assistant business offers services that provide such qualified personnel guidance about that particular business. Such businesses not only help in expanding the horizon of knowledge, but also with updating oneself with every smallest change happening and how to respond towards the same.

8) Career Counseling

When smartness meets the right direction, no one can stop you from reaching the pinnacle of excellence. Career counseling is a perfect solution to providing apt guidance, matching your or your child’s ability. Career counseling, as a business, is one of the most approachable and countable professions any individual can opt for. Career Counselors help give the required confidence to change their domain, with the support of an experienced mentor.

9) Social Media Marketing

From manual to automatic, commercialization to digitalization trends of marketing with every smallest idea has changed. With the social media getting highly impactful in today’s time through a mobile, different app, and social links- every organization looks towards updating their technical knowledge and has turned most of the operations on an auto-mode by getting them placed on the website. Such a venture is truly futuristic in the longer run.

10) Image Consultancy

In today’s time WHO is selling your product has become more important rather than WHAT is being sold. An image throws influential effects on the product the consumer purchases. And so, for making one’s appearance more engaging, embracing and persuasive there are consultants who feature such individuals accordingly. Pursuing Image Consultancy as a business helps to earn a good name, fame and wealth by highly socialite.

11) Branding

In today’s time, it has become really important to add a value of worthiness to consumers buying carts. So that the client feels contented for what he has paid is worthwhile. To establish such a valuable entitlement to your product, Branding is one of the ways with which you can reach the outcome. By getting into branding business, you can add a sense of valuable insights to one’s company, thereby earning a reputable position in the market.

12) Vocational Education

Apart from getting academically qualified, it is of utmost importance that we attain proper vocational training. This includes arts, dance, theatre, music and many more. Such Vocational education helps in developing our personality as an all-rounder, thereby enhancing our inner strengths and capabilities. It complements our academic life so well to lead us to the levels of par excellence.

13) Spiritual Discourses (Yoga/Meditation etc.)

With increasing mental disorder/ailments happening these days, Spiritual practices through mode have gone highly commercial. From Patanjali’s yoga and herbal products to Sadguru’s healing via understanding the anatomy of Inner Engineering, an awareness regarding mental fitness has spread vividly all over. And people are consciously getting aware and disciplined in following the same. For one who wishes to serve and earn, they can opt for such awareness drive business proposal- yielding healthy and wealthy balance to your account.

14) Web Designing

If you are great at designing the websites, you can opt to begin with designating yourself as a Web Designer. The field seems to be Dynamic and Big money making avenue because a lot many people are getting Online these days. And to make the web pages look presentable enough, every organization seeks a professional Web Designer. So, if you are looking for a startup idea, which is good money, fetching but innovative as well, becoming a Web Designer sounds perfect for you. This is one of the good part time business ideas if you have web designing skills.

15) Audio/Visual Designing

From listening to straight 8 minutes long songs to editing as per our choice and liking, we have come to a generation that seeks for Customization. To turn those seeking into reality, Audio/Visual Designing professional helps us in achieving the same. And the same applies to the visual effects too. Such a professional has widened the scope through ways like Dubbing voices in Animated Movies, editing for Wedding Choreography, Editing visual effects for ads, promotion, etc. So, if you are creative and imaginative, such business Outlook is indeed made for you!

16) Culinary Sessions

Are you a big-time foodie! If yes, you can start by conducting a series of Cooking Sessions. From your best cooking recipe to unlocking some of the most conventional cuisines all over, you can add the flavors of Diversity to your Dish. With every service getting more refined and exhilarating nowadays you can also add Value of Eating habits and patterns, thereby delivering a complete Culinary Sessions to your viewers. Series like MasterChef, Good Eats, Rasoi, etc are perfect examples of conducting such sessions)

17) Link Building Platform

Without connecting the dots, you can’t frame an image. Similarly, without building a good connection socially you can’t hold an edge for your product. To range your product in the market globally, you need a strong connection base channel. A Platform such as JustReachOut, Linkody, etc. provides the right guidance on how to connect well with people. Such forums help us in building good relations and striking best deal with them. Getting into such a professional will help you develop and manage many relations.

18) Personal Stylist (Wardrobe)

Everyone wishes to have a modern classic styling to their making, these days. A Complete their version of room, kitchen, wardrobe, the office and the list goes on. There were times when hiring a stylist for homemaking was considered either a nightmare or a completely exceptional case. But today, these Professional Stylists have not only set their trends, but also entered every corner of the house. If you wish to add some spark of Glamour and Glory one’s dwelling, you can be one eminent Personal Stylist to many doors. This could be one of the best creative business Ideas for you.

19) A video blog or video log (Vlogging)

From writing now the inclination is moving towards videos, which requires video blogging or Vlogging. It is one of the most lucrative businesses with less investment. By the opening of the free YouTube channel and proper shoot from a camera, videos can be uploaded and promoted using Facebook and email. The greater the subscription and greater would be your revenue through Google Adsense. Remember to choose your niche, according to your expertise to create unique content for generating more views.

20) Wedding Planner

If you can easily mingle with people and lead any activity and execute it, wedding planning could be the best bet for you. Basically here you need to take up the plan from customers on how they want to do the wedding, plan for it, execute well and take specific fees. You may need to maintain good relationship with various service providers to be successful in this business. If you are good in planning and execution, this could a wonderful part time business ideas in 2022 for you.

Readers, what is your view about these Part Time Business Ideas.

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Suresh KP


  1. Hi Suresh,

    It is very informative article and good ideas to work on. I’m planning for blogging and not sure how to start with it.
    There are few doubts, so is it possible for you to provide some suggestions?
    Let me know if i can mail you the doubts!


  2. Very encouraging.just reading the ideas l thought to become one blogger to write science issues for the budding scientists for their experimental practices at home. Thanking very much for your open thoughts.

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