33 Unique Business Ideas to start now in 2016

Unique Business Ideas to start nowUnique Business Ideas to start now in 2016

There are various business ideas to start. Each business idea would have its pros and cons. Not all business ideas are suitable for everyone. However, there are many Unique Business Ideas which one can start in 2016. These innovative business ideas are picked up based on latest trending businesses across the world. Which are the top Unique Business Ideas to start now in 2016?

Who can start this business?

Before we jump into the list of Unique Business Ideas, let us see who can start these businesses. In todays time everyone wants to be financially independent as well as to have an identity of their own whether a homemaker or a college youngster. Everyone desires to make money by working only a few hours a day. The service industry is an option for all such dedicated people age, education or capital puts no bar in opening the door of opportunity in this industry. It is a highly growing industry and is full of such work seeking people who have the skills to apply dedication to work and who wish to convert their knowledge and spare time into money  a small bit of creativity and hard work make one person sell some of his skill set called his service to another person who readily will pay for it  and thus it is a growing business sector for people having some spare hours everyday and looking forward to a lucrative self owned employment.

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How to build up your skills to start these businesses?

Service industry, business is all about using one's own skill set and once the person exploits the good in him to make money for him the other  skills which are required for running a business such as promotion strategy patience customer handling it gets built in automatically with time and experience.

How much investment required to start these businesses?

Service industry deals with technical expertise and knowledge of the person rendering it and thus such business generally require negligible capital. However, few ideas may have some startup or operational costs involved, but these costs are also very minimal. So such ideas are great and lucrative business options with very low capital risk involved.  Hence, you can start such Unique Business Ideas without any fear.

33 Unique Business Ideas to start now in 2016

1) Interior Designer

Everyone fancies about having a grand interior, whether its their home or office or any hotel or restaurant. If a person is really passionate about designing then one can do some certification course and start this business with a lot of opportunity and scope.

2) Online plumbing Service

Many of us are looking for plumber services, however difficult to get hold of anyone. Starting online plumbing service could be one of the Unique Business Ideas. Identify few professional plumbers, set-up call center, advertise your business in your city. That's it. You would start seeing your business to kick-off and start growing. I feel this is one of the best Unique Business Ideas to start in 2016.

3) Event Planner

These days, many of us would be conducting several events like wedding, functions, birthday parties, etc., All these can be planned by Event Planner with some budget and can be executed by them. If you are good at planning and execution, this is one of the best Unique Business Ideas for you.

4) Security Company

These days lots of VIPs, millionaires, celebrities hire personal security. For starting a security company one has to decide upon the kind of security service they want to offer  like executive protection or security guards or security service for patrolling or cash in transit or event security. This security company has to get it registered with the state security department or police.

5) Car service on call

Now sadays moving into the car is the need of time, so being able to get a car any time to call is a great business idea.

6) Recruitment agency

Just find out a good database of eligible candidates by short listing their resume and matching them to the company’s need.

7) School & office Supplies

Keeping a stock products such as pencils, pens, paper of different varieties, notebook. These products are always in demand by schools & corporate offices.

8) Personal Trainer

An option to look out for if you are a fitness freak. Today’s society has become too health conscious, but not all could focus on their heath. So this weakness can be exploited to start-up a business of a personal trainer.

9) Fast Food Restaurant

‘Food connects with the heart’, one just need to know the basics of fast food preparation and starting a fast food joint is not a big task. Gradually, add on to your menu as the crowd grows while keeping in mind the taste & hygiene of the food. You can start as fast food restaurant and then increase your stalls by opening a chain of restaurants across your city. Hence, I feel this is one of the top Unique Business Ideas to start in 2016.

10) Corporate training business

Every corporate has to train their staff in accordance with their work, culture, etc. and this comes as a big load over companies. Outsourcing such training from companies is money making low cost, great business idea.

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23 more Unique Business Ideas to start in 2016

11) Rent a car or room – Renting a room or car as a service to others is a cheap way of utilizing your assets.

12) Home Decoration items: Creating your own range of home decor and publicizing it through your own social network

13)  Gift ideas – Personalized gift items have added to a new range of gifting ideas and there is no end to the creativity in it.

14) Small jewelers – Accessories add on to the women’s attire and can be made out using  a small jewelers kit designing an entire new range of necklaces, earrings, bracelets.

15) Photography – Passion for photography can be turned into business by just learning the simple technicalities involved.

16) Write articles – One can explore their writing interest by blogging and allowing other sites to post ads on the blog and earn money. One of my friend created a blog 3 months back and she got first cheque from google last Saturday. If you do not want to go out of your home, but to earn money by sitting at home, this is one of the good Unique Business Ideas to start in 2016.

17) Pet care center – People fond of keeping pets, but becomes a headache while on vacation this can be exploited to opening a pet care center and add to the income.

18) Affiliate marketing – You can sign-up with any companies like Amazon, Flipkart, snapdeal and work as affiliate marketer. With your affiliate marketing link, you can refer products to your friends, relatives or followers and when they make purchase you would get commission from these companies. You can earn as high as 10% of the total sale value with this online business ideas.

19) Tutor – Share your knowledge by becoming a tutor.

20)  Massage Centre – Massages are passion of today’s time, so why not earn from it

21)  DJ – Events are part and parcel of life and no event can run without a good Dj. So use your music skills to earn money.

22) Customized Jewellery shop – Every woman adores a Jewellery and customisation is fashion of today, so the customized jewelry shop is a great idea.

23) Teach music – Make money with passion by teaching music.

24) Computer education – The Computer is the core of everything in today’s time, so use your technical skill set to impart computer education. You can spend time in computer coaching centres in the evening or in the morning. If you love education and feel you are good in teaching computer course, this could be one of the best Unique Business Ideas for you.

25) Health club – Staying fit is now a motto of almost everyone so exploit is as a business option by structuring a health club

26) Start a laundry – Plan up a small laundry set up as a start-up option.

27) Money lending – Money is needed anytime and everyone needs it. So money lending business is a great business idea.

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28) Yoga Centre – Stress is a common word which we use in our daily life. It could be stress in office or home. You can start yoga center and work for a few hours in the morning and evening and earn decent income. You can choose schools or community halls to rent a space for a few hours so that you need not pay hefty rental charges for them.

29) Sports coach –  Sports are gaining fame amongst people and so sports coaching is a very great idea.

30) Baby care center – If you have good hands with kid, planning a baby care is a great venture.

31) Mobile food court – Munching is good anytime so think about opening a mobile food shop to make money.

32) Financial planner – If you can manage your finances well and have passion about anything investment options, you can join as financial planning and advice to investors. You can earn financial planning fees and commissions from the products you recommend to your customers to buy.

33) Lawn care center – Think of the option to take lawn care as a business if gardening pleases you.

Have you enjoyed these Unique Business Ideas list. I would love you hear from you more about it from your experiences.

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Unique Business Ideas to start now in 2016

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