Trading in binary options – High risk, high return investments

Trading in binary options – What is binary options in tradingTrading in binary options – High risk, high return investments

Binary trading options are one of the fastest ways to make money online. It is called Binary trading options or binary trading stock. What is binary options in trading and how investors are considering this as money generating machine?

What is trading in binary options ?

In binary options trading, when you trade, you would get fixed return or you would lose everything. Any investor can trade on forex currency, stocks and commodities like gold or silver. Majority of the top binary options companies are offering returns up to 88% of investment. Means if you are investing $ 20 per trade and you won the trade, you would get $ 17.6 as profit and in case of loss, you would lose your investment of $ 20.

How does trading in binary options works?

One can open an account with binary options trading company and can start trading. He/She needs to predict whether the investment would be in positive (UP) or Negative (Down) direction. Based on the strategy chosen, an investor would make profit or loss. Say for an example, one is trading in forex currency binary trading option of EUR/USD pair which is getting traded at 1.2515 (1 EUR = 1.2515 USD) and he is predicting that the price would go UP for the day. He invests $ 10 and the price has gone above 1.2515, he would get $ 18.8 ($ 10 investment + profit of $ 8.8). The time period for one trade is 60 seconds. Means you would either win or lose money in just 60 seconds.

How to start trading in binary options

  1. To start trading in binary options, you need to sign-up for binary options trading platform that specialize in Binary options. There are various top companies which are offering these services like,,,, etc. You can also search like which provides the list of best binary options brokers along with the details like minimum investment to be done, profitability expected etc.
  2. Select a good trading platform which provides binary trading signals at appropriate time. Many binary options trading platforms are alerting the investors about the direction in which it is moving. These signals would help investors to make a decision.
  3. Once you have sign-up for binary trading options platform, it would take a few minutes to create an account.
  4. You need to transfer money to your account to start trading. Typically, you need to have at least $ 100 to start trading in binary options. You need credit card to transfer the amount to the account which you have registered.
  5. Once you register you would get tutorials through e-mail. Some of the trading companies provide online tutorials only. You should be familiar in binary trading options before starting trading.
  6. Start trading with small amounts till you get familiarized with the trading in binary options. Once you are familiarized, you can increase the amount per trade.

Benefits of binary trading options:

  1. Trading in binary options is one of the fastest ways to make money. If you are familiar on how the system works and you are able to predict the movements, you would win in this game.
  2. The binary options trading provide excellent returns up to 88% of their investment in one single trade. There is no other investment option which provides such high returns.


  1. One of the main risks of trading binary options is, in case your prediction goes wrong; you would lose 100% of your investment.
  2. The system is little complicate to understand.
  3. The prediction of trading in binary options cannot be estimated correctly due to several global factors which affect the currency, commodity prices.

Conclusion: Trading in binary options trading is a good investment option for high risk high return investors. Thought the returns are very high, one has to consider the risks involved before trading in binary options.

Readers, are you doing the trading in binary options? What are the strategies you are adopting to maximize the returns? Please give your comments

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Trading in binary options

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    1. Shailesh, There is lot of debat happening on whether forex trading is legal or not. However many forex traders are advertising in India and money flow is happening. Pls check our section on “Forex trading”, you would get some tips

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