Top 100 Small Business Ideas to start in 2021-2022

Top-100-Small-Business-Ideas-with-Low-Investment-which-any-one-can-startTop 100 Small Business Ideas which can be started by anyone

Everyone wants to become an entrepreneur. However there are several small business ideas to select. It depends on your risk appetite, investment, passion towards the subject etc., I keep getting several mails saying, can we have comprehensive small business ideas list which can be started with low investment anywhere in the world. I started putting around 100 Small business ideas which can be started by anyone. It could be students, house wives, retired individuals or individuals who are aspiring to become small business owners. Which are the top 100 Small Business Ideas that can be started with low investment? Which are the good small business ideas which has potential to get higher profits?

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Top 100 Small Business Ideas which can be started by anyone

Let me directly jump into the small business ideas list.


It is the most common, easy and popular business idea for any entrepreneur. To run a parlor is like putting a show of earning money, with passion turned into a business. The business requires only some technical skills with good products and so is an average investment project.


Fashion keeps changing and people always follow fashion, so clothes and accesories business is a rewarding opportunity for a person who has a good choice and interest in fashion. This business is a low investment high return opportunity.


As is a common saying “Good food makes Good mood”, so person have an opportunity to enter into world of taste. Good food tempts almost everyone. People  having taste in hand and interest in flavours can start-up either with a restaurant or a low cost low risk household Tiffin service.


A person who wishes to work from anywhere finds it comfortable and not in defined boundaries has various freelancing options over the web. Freelancing job online is a great work idea for people as it is investment free and totally flexible. One can look into or etc.,


Staying fit and healthy is every individual’s first priority now-a-days. It is also the need of time and as well the passion for people and so fitness center comes as a great business opportunity.


Child handling is an art. So planning child care center as a business opportunity is like a blessing in disguise for anyone.


If one has the art to teach then they can use their skill to make good money which also brings name and fame. A big idea with minimal cost involved.


An entrepreneur can make a market of their own homemade products and it is a recurring revenue generating source involving low cost and low risk, requires less effort and makes ample money.


A person can sell a wide range of homemade crafts, cards rugs, etc. A high volume market is wide open for such kind of business.


If a person has knowledge of the IT/Finance/Business/social media, then one can use such of their knowledge to start their business providing independent consultancy services.

This is a very low investment business with high growth and also provides lots of exposure. Moreover the pre-requisites of the business are nothing much so it is an instant to start with an idea.

90 More Small Business Ideas List which can be started with low investment

1. Resume job writing – Use good writing skills in writing resumes for job aspirants. You can find plenty of such services on freelancer websites.

2. Event Manager – For the one who has hyper organized and has focus on events and parties taking up event management as a business is a silver spoon opportunity.

3. Supply of Groceries – Doorstep supply of grocery in association with local stores.

4. Turn into blogger – If you are a writing lover, blogging is a great business opportunity and blogging on the topic that is appealing to you is surely more rewarding. You can refer this article on how to create a blog in simple steps.

5. Today there are numerous companies offering direct sales model. Exhausting your network for working with such companies like Avon, Tupperware is easy, cheap and simple way of doing business.

6. Application building by yourself or by hiring people is a futuristic business approach.

7. Providing editorial service opens doors to lot many opportunities.

8. Use your linguistic skills to excel in the business of translation.

9. Use artistic skills within you to make your earning from home.

10. Bookkeeping is a great business opportunity for anyone.

11. Gift shop

12. Interior decoration store

13. Graphic designing is another great business idea.

14. Developing a handmade invitation card.

15. Offering house cleaning service.

16. Tour services.

17. Jewelry designing

18. Internet research is a perfect work from home idea.

19. Being a massage therapist offering beauty and spa treatments is a great business idea for women.

20. Photography is in high demand and so taking this as a business option is in no way less rewarding.

21. Real estate agent is a great money making business opportunity.

22. Taking the profile of seamstress is great if sewing is your passion.

23. Shoe designing is a business option for women having designing skills.

24. If you have the power to motivate people by your speech taking up the profile of speaker is a great idea.

25. Now-a-days weddings are a great show and so wedding planning is a money making business.

26. Use technical knowledge of yours to be a program developer.

27. If you have editing skills video producing is a good profile.

28.  Involve your love for pets to make money for you through the pet sitting business

29. The mobile food store is another great business opportunity

30. Yoga is being a top choice of people in day to day life and thus yoga trainer is an enthusiastic and money making idea for women.

31. Gaming zone.

32. Job is need of everyone and women entrepreneur looking to start up can open up a recruitment and placement agency.

33. SEO is the need of time, so one can make money by being SEO consultant.

34. Data entry is a most convenient work from home.

35. Antique articles are becoming charm for people so one can open an antique articles store.

36. Advertising is the need of each and every business and thus an advertising organization is a great project

37. Setting up an insurance agency.

38. Start Hobby classes (like yoga or training in the areas where you are passion about)

39. Sports coaching.

40. To be a project manager who ensures timely and on budget completion of projects undertaken by various companies.

41. Social media services.

42. Medical Tour Services.

43. Used car dealership.

44. Mobile garage service.

45. Driving school.

46. Car parking.

47. Mobile food services.

48. Car pool services.

49. Packers and movers.

50. Creative printing over photo mugs and plates.

51. Consultancy for real estate market.

52. Providing staffing solutions

53. A complete baby sitting and day care centre

54. Creating a gift basket

55. Customised occassional and festival gifts

56. Insurance advisory services. You can refer this article on how to become succesful as insurance agent.

57. Poultry farm business

58. Online sell products

59. Ice cream parlor

60. Teaching

61. Selling chocolates

62. Website designing

63. Planning weddings

64. Jewellery designing

65. Interior designing

66. Seo consultation

67. Yoga trainer

68. Photography

69. Article writing

70. Expert training

71. Catering services

72. Disco jockey

73. Arts and crafts training

74. Paintings

75. Boutique and stitching

76. Music training

77. Hardware repairs

78. Movile repairs

79. Decorations at events

80. Cooking

81. Pharmacy business

82. Online portals

83. Books store

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84. Mobile based bulk messaging service business

85. Online ticketing

86. Educational games

87. Security solution services

88. Stock brokerage

89. Home furnishings

90. Online plumbing and house hold repairs services

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Top 100 Small Business Ideas which can be started by anyone

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