Top 10 Latest Business Ideas – High Profits – Low investment

Top 10 Latest Business Ideas - High Profits - Low investment10 Latest Business Ideas – High Profits – Low investment

These days one wants to become their own boss. Many management students or IIM candidates are coming out of institutes to do business instead of joining with a company for a monthly package. Many employees are being laid off and they are now looking to take up some good latest business Ideas. If you are one among any of these categories, this article is for you. Which are the Top 10 Best Latest Business Ideas that can provide high profits with low investment? Which are the Top 10 Latest Business Ideas that are trending now?

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Who can start a business?

India is rapidly growing economy and in such environment, the prospects and opportunities for any business to flourish are immense. It just needs enthusiasm, zeal, and hard-work and proper management for a business to be successful. It is a misconception that heavy investment is a pre-requisite for any business. There are certain business ideas that require very little investment and fetches big fat money. Aspiring entrepreneurs can commence these, housewives; college students or employees quitting job.  

Top 10 Latest Business Ideas – High Profits – Low investment

Here are the few excellent business ideas that do not involve much of an investment, but can yield high profits if managed effectively.  

Top#1 – Sell Groceries online

In today’s digital era, where everything is managed by the internet, the time can’t be better than this to open an online grocery store. For this business, you can build a website or a Facebook page or if more local than a Whatsapp group that contains the detail of all your grocery products. The customers can place an order online and you can deliver those products at their doorstep. Grocery is something that is required by one and all and in the professional world where all the family members are working, it is not possible for them to go to store and buy grocery items. So, this business has good opportunities. It can be started with minimum investment. This business will flourish through word-of-mouth and prompt services. Quality and competitive rates also are the factors that will determine the success of your business. This is one of the latest business in India that is trending now.     

Top#2 – Blogging

A blog is a platform where a writer or a group of it shares their views and information on a particular subject. It needs frequent updates and want higher reader engagement through comments, and views. There is no need to mention that the concept of blogging is increasing with each passing day. It has become a major source of information. Through this, the companies maintain contacts with the clients and customers. There are two ways of earning in this stream. You can create blogs for any particular segment on a paid basis. The bloggers are individual writers who express their views, ideas and information over a particular subject. Another way is to create an own blog by taking little steps. You need to get a domain name and choose a web-hosting provider. Make your own domain and start posting blog content to keep your readers engaged. Once you get better traffic, you can advertise various products for money or apply for Google Adsense which would be another good source of revenue.

Blogging is widely used for marketing to make the business more visible online. It has become a big marketing channel that helps the business to grow and flourish. It is used to create brand value and loyal following. In the United States, there are thousands of professional bloggers who write reviews about various electronic / financial / analytics and get paid Millions of dollars for the honest review.  

Top#3 – Event Organizers

Every small event holds its own importance. We want every event to be perfectly held and hosted. For this, we prefer to take the services of event organizers not only for big occasions but for small events too. This opens up the way for event organizers. You can specialize in particular events for management like corporate events, small social events, or big celebrations like weddings. The profit margin in this business can range from 15% to 40%. The start-up cost of this business depends upon the level of business and services you wish to provide. You can even start from home also. The high-end business requires 1,000 square feet of office space. Some temporary employees and an assistant planner are needed to manage the working of events. Since Indians are inclined towards doing celebrations, this is one of the latest profitable small business ideas that is emerging now.

Top#4 – Fashion Designer

Fashion is driving the nation by large. The people are crazy about designer outfits and other products. If you are creative at designing part, you can opt for fashion designing as your career. It not only includes designing clothes, but also home accessories, decorative products, footwear, wearable accessories, etc. The investment in this business depends upon the level of store you wish to open. It can be opened in a small office premises with some workers in it. The perfection and finishing of the end-piece is what matters the most in this business. You can gain some professional degree in this field before starting a business of your own.  

Top#5 – Wellness Coach

A wellness coach covers your fitness as well as holistic aspects of your life. He/She teaches you to be physically fit along with mental happiness. This is a new concept in fitness coaching which covers a wider range. They can work with individual clients or corporate groups. Today, big organizations are hiring wellness coaches for their employees on a large scale. They need to have a fitness room with place for yoga and meditation. This is one of the most profitable businesses with very low investment. If you are proficient in this profession, you can do wonders.  

Top#6 – Opening food court at home and supply in order

Food is the basic necessity of every human being, regardless of any economic situation. If you have some strikingly amazing recipes in your cooking, treasure and have a good niche with cooking, you can open a food court at home. The snacks and food items have very high profit margin, as high as 40-50%. But, the quality and taste are the main thing that matters.  Even college students can run this business, which can be operated only at evenings. One can even take orders that can be supplied directly to the places. The biggest advantage of this business is that it can be run from home, which reduces the cost, by a great deal. This looks like home business idea. This is one of the Top Latest Business Ideas that is trending in India.

Top#7 – Travel agency focusing on group bookings

The concept of planning tours and holidays in-group is on boom these days. If you possess knowledge about different variety of places round the globe, you can open a travel agency. Focusing on group bookings is most profitable aspect in this business where you take the entire troop for holiday. Pleasant experiences on different locations can make their holidays memorable and you can hit this business hard. This business requires very little of the investment. You need to have good contacts and knowledge about holiday spots.

Top#8 – Real Estate Property development

This business encompasses a wide range of activities from paper formality to financing, building and construction of it till the end.  The property developer may take the entire project or a part of it. This business requires investment depending upon the type and size of the building. You need to have good knowledge of civil work and interiors to complete the projects. The profit margins are quite high in it, but the projects are quite long term. 

Top#9 – Opening a school or college books, publishing company

Schools and colleges require study material, books and notebooks on a regular basis. One can set up a publishing company that can print these materials for them. This is a business, which requires quite a bit investment. You can take a contract from schools and colleges to publish their books. Once set, this is a good and ongoing business that can fetch good profits.  

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Top#10 – Manufacturing of colorful wallpapers for bedroom or living room

Wallpapers give a unique and colorful look to the walls. A small manufacturing unit can be laid down that makes these wallpapers with customized and pre-planned designs. With the increase in prosperous houses, the demand for wallpapers for different areas of houses like bedroom, living area or drawing room has increased a great deal. The design has to be exclusive and creative and the after-sale services also have to be prompt in this field. These days, many Indians are liking this concept and this business could turn to be one of the best latest business ideas now.

Conclusion: It is not necessary to have bulky investment for opening up a business. With right idea and proper management, your small business too can achieve paramount heights.  Choose one of the latest business ideas indicated above to fulfill your dream of becoming an entrepreneur.  

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Top 10 Latest Business Ideas – High Profits – Low investment

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