Top 10 Innovative Business Ideas for Women

Top Innovative Business Ideas for WomenTop 10 Innovative Business Ideas for Women

Women participation in business is growing day by day. They are no more hidden in the kitchen for cooking. There are several innovative business ideas for women to start in 2016. Women can choose these best business ideas, match with their passion and be successful in such business. Which are the top 10 innovative business ideas for women? Which are those 10 best innovative business ideas where women can start in 2016 and be successful?

Top 10 Innovative Business Ideas for Women

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It is the most common, easy and popular business idea for a woman entrepreneur. Women and beauty always go together and thus to run a parlor is like  putting a show of earning money, with passion turned into a business. The business requires only some technical skills with good products and so is an average investment project.


If a woman has knowledge of the IT/Finance/Business/social media, then one can use such of her knowledge to start her business providing independent consultancy services.

This is a very low investment business with high growth and also provides lots of exposure. Moreover the pre-requisites of the business are nothing much so it is an instant to start with an idea.


Fashion keeps changing and women always follow fashion, so clothes and accessories business is a rewarding opportunity for a woman who has a good choice and interest in fashion. This business is a low investment high return opportunity. This is one of the innovative and best business ideas for women.


As is a common saying “Good food makes Good mood”, so women have an opportunity to enter into world of taste. Good food tempts almost everyone. Women having taste in hand and interest in flavors can start-up either with a restaurant or a low cost low risk household Tiffin service.


A woman who wishes to work from anywhere she finds comfortable and not in defined boundaries has various freelancing options over the web. Freelancing job online is a great work idea for women as it is investment free and totally flexible. You can try more info on, etc.


Staying fit and healthy is every individual’s first priority now-a-days. It is also the need of time and as well the passion for people and so fitness center comes as a great business opportunity.


Women love children. Child handling is an art every woman is god gifted with. So planning child care center as a business opportunity is like a blessing in disguise for ladies. This is one of the good business ideas for women.


If one has the art to teach then she can use the skill to make good money which also brings name and fame. A big idea with minimal cost involved.

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A woman entrepreneur can make a market of her own homemade products and it is a recurring revenue generating source involving low cost and low risk, requires less effort and makes ample money.


A woman can sell a wide range of homemade crafts, cards rugs, etc. A high volume market is wide open for such kind of business.

Conclusion:  Self employment is a dream of everyone and in today’s time women match shoulder with men in every sphere. Women are now highly aspiring to start up something of their own, but with flexibility as a feature of the startup. Women have a great entrepreneur's ability which is clearly evident in women’s steady increasing economic standing. Only that what exactly to do is unknown and here above are listed the pool of opportunities for such aspiring women

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Top 10 Innovative Business Ideas for Women

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  1. I want to start own business and I am a self-employ in my business. But I haven't any information to start own business. After seeing your article. I get confidence and I get some idea to start own business.

  2. I want to start a new business , like bpo or consultancy services …plz share some thoughts,much appreciated….

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