Top 10 Best Small Business Ideas with low investment trending now

Top 10 Best Small Business Ideas with low investment trending nowTop 10 Best Small Business Ideas with low investment trending now

If you are student, housewife, senior citizen, you might be showing interest and looking for a best small business ideas. While there are plenty of small business ideas which can work across the world, one need to choose based on their suitability. Some of the small start-up business ideas would even collapse without proper planning. What are the Top 10 Small Business Ideas with low investment which are trending now? Which are those 10 best business ideas which would be ever green for next 5-10 years?

Top 10 Best Small Business Ideas with low investment trending now

While, I am giving the top business ideas, one need to choose based on their suitability and how much investment they can make.

1) Custom Jewellery Making Business

Women, especially in India love gold. They would wear gold ornaments for various festivals, birthday parties etc. However Women are always not satisfied with what ornaments they have. They look for latest fasion jewellery designs. If you are creative, keep a track on latest fashion of jewellery designs, this is one of the top small business ideas for you which can be started with very low investment. You can get trained from few jewellery designers for 3 to 6 months. Then, with your own network, you can start your own custom jewellery making business.

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2) Real Estate Agent

Real estate is every green market. While there could be ups and downs in real estate prices, there are very limited chances that such business would go down. Last year, I purchased a residential property with the help of a real estate agent where I had to pay 2% of property value. This was huge amount for me, but I compromised as I could get my dream home. If you have good network, you can start as real estate agent and can earn good money.

3) Wooden furniture making

Wooden furniture making business idea is trending now. Last month, I went to big bazaar to buy a sofa for my new house. While the quality of furniture was good, it surprised that I need to pay more than Rs 1 Lakh for such furniture. When I enquired at various wooden furniture making stores, I could bargain and get it at 30% lower than what I have seen at such large stores. If you are little creative, you can start this wooden furniture business which can be started with nominal investment. No doubt this is one of the top small business ideas now.

4) Online Grocery Store / Online Kirana Store

This is one of my dream project which I may launch in coming years. In online grocery store, one can offer groceries online and would delivery within city limits. It can be expandable to particular state or region. You can create a wordpress website and take woo-commerce plugins and your online grocery store would be ready in just few hours. You can start selling products once you get the list of grocery items which you want to sell online. Ofcourse you need to have infrastructure to delivery them to customers and on time.

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5) Interior Designer

In this digital world, both husband and wife are working. They are able to buy properties when they are just below 35 years of age. They want to spend luxurious life. Do you know that many individuals are spending more than 20% of their total property value towards interior designing of their house? While you may need to undergo a small training programme as interior designer, this would create enourmous opportunities to start a such business. This is one of the best and top small business ideas which can be started with almost zero investment.

6) Financial / Investment advisor

Many of us could be professionals and do lot of research on shares, mutual funds and various insurance plans which keep coming to market. If you are one among them who does thorough analysis and pick the right investment options, you can start as finanicial or investment advisor in India. While you may need good knowledge about various financial products, you may need to undergo CFP (Cerfied Financial Planner) course if you want to approach investors offering your services in professional way. This is one of the good small business ideas which can be started with low investment.

7) Boutique Store

Women would never get satisfied with their clothes (women, please don't be angry on me, please accept). Boutique stores would focus on latest trends in women clothing. It could be for designer sarees, designer dresses, embriordery dresses etc. If you are creative and know stitching, you can start this business ideas, engage labour, work on super creative designs and grow such business. Women are spending huge money on their clothing, hence boutique store would be one of the unique small business ideas for ever which be started with very low investment. You should read my article published earlier where my friend started as small ladies tailor business, got into fashion designing and became Crorepathi in just few years.

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8) Online Plumber Services

This is one of the unique small business ideas which is emerging now. In this business, you would create a online website and offer plumber services. Plumber services includes entire plumber solutions for new houses, repairs and maintenance for existing houses, annual maintenance for existing houses where house owners see frequent problems. You can just create a website with a hotline number and house owners / tenants reach you for their plumber problems.

9) Recruitment consultancy

You might know that recruitment consultancy works agent between employer and employee. Employers always find difficult to find right candidates. They go and give paper advertisement, advertise on online services, however entire back-ground has to be done by them in picking up the candidates. Instead, they can have agreement with recruitment agency for supply of resources based on specific skill sets. Recruitment agency filters all profiles in their database, calls the candidates, knows their interest and forward resumes to employers. Recruitment agency would plan for interviewes between employers and employee and ensures that selected candidates are joined in the company. In return, they get anywhere between 5% to 10% as agency commission on the salary offered to candidate. If you could tie-up with 5 to 10 companies, recruitment consultancy firm can scale up like anything. If you have good network and have recruitment knowledge, you can try this business idea which can be started with zero investment.

10) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is where you would refer products to your friends, relatives and followers and in case they buy products with the link which you provided, you would get commission. If you are housewife, student, senior citizen, you can sign-up with several online e-commerce portals like snapdeal, flipkart, etc., as affiliate marketing agent. Commisions would depend on products and can range between 1% to 10% of the product value. You can sign-up with such companies, get affiliate link and pass it on to your friends and relatives. You can use facebook, twitter and other social networking sites to promote the products using such link. This business idea is already working successful in many countries like United States, United Kingdom etc., Since online sales through portals indicated above are increasing now in India, affiliate marketing here is hot business now. Read this article about best affiliate programmes in India where you can make money.

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Top 10 Best Small Business Ideas with low investment trending now

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