30 Successful Online Business Ideas – High Profits and Low Investment

There are several successful business ideas. If you are a student or house wife or anyone who is looking to do online business, you might be wondering whether such business ideas would be successful in the future or not. Picking up right successful online business ideas is key to your business success. This article would provide 30 Successful Online Business Ideas which can be started for high profits but with low investment.

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What are Online Business Ideas?

Online business ideas refer to those business ideas that can be conducted online, i.e. without being physically present at the point of business. Some online businesses require a fair amount of capital while few can be carried out without investing anything.

30 Successful Online Business Ideas – High Profits and Low investment

Below are listed a few excellent online business ideas which can provide you good sums of money without investing too high. 

1) Artificial jewelry store / One Gram Jewelry Store

As gold and the silver prices are touching new highs, artificial jewelry is being preferred by many people. So starting your artificial jewelry store online is an excellent business idea which can be started with very low capital.

2) Sell creative products online

Successful Online Business Ideas-Creative dolls Online

Another business idea is to sell creative products online. For this, you need to make your website or register on the E-Commerce portal. Small creative things for kids are much in demand where they can learn small things while doing. You can see this pic about creative dolls that can be easily sold online through Amazon or website or through Facebook.

3) Customized gift store

Customized gifts have been the trend of recent times. Choose a range of products which can be customized by the people as per their needs. For example- pencil pouches, bag packs, personalized pens, notebooks, stationary, etc.

4) Teach online

teach online - successful online business ideasEducation is an evergreen field. If you possess extraordinary skill and knowledge in any subject or topic, you can compile it up into course material and start teaching it online. You can either make videos for it or conduct one-to-one training.

5) Online Bakery

Another unique online business idea is to start an online Bakery. You can sell fresh hand-made biscuits, cakes, and other bakery products online. Today many people are demanding healthy or gluten-free biscuits and cakes. Make your portal and start orders on it.

6) Music selling

Music selling is another unique online business idea in which you can record and sell your music online at a market place like AudioJungle, Pond5 or Bandcamp.

7) Online food business

Another lucrative business idea is food delivery. All you need to do is you have to form tie-ups with famous restaurants, hotels and fast food centers. Create your website where people can order food from the restaurants mentioned. Timely delivery is the success mantra of this business. Zomato and Swiggy are the big successful examples of it. This is one of the best successful Online Food Business Ideas in India.

8) Business Coach

If you possess a good business brain and can provide tips for the successful initiation and running of the business, you can become a business coach. You can communicate with your clients through video chats.

9) Creating new plugins for WordPress

This is another online business related to WordPress. You can create WordPress plugins to achieve new functionality in the WordPress. These plugins can be sold to earn money.

10) Online fitness instructor

Becoming an online fitness instructor to train people for health and fitness is another profitable business. You can take responsibility for their diet chart as well as their workout schedule.

11) SEO consultant

If you are very good at Search Engine Optimization, you can set up your own business of providing SEO consultancy.

12) Virtual Office Assistant

With the increasing workload of executives and businessmen, they are looking to keep virtual assistants who can handle their emails, finalize appointment or manage other things.

13) YouTube Channel Partner

To become a YouTube channel partner, you need to shoot a unique video and upload it on YouTube channel. After gaining popularity, you need to apply for the YouTube channel partner program. This program is for placing an advertisement on the video uploaded by you.

14) Sell Photos Online

If you are very good at photography you can sell photos online and generate a lot of money. Many companies and agencies are looking for unique photographs. You can sell photos on websites like Photodune, Stock Photo, Ambient, etc. For this business, you need to buy a high definition camera and lenses.

15) Online Travel Booking

online travel booking - successful online business ideas

Today many people prefer to book a bus, train or air tickets online. So, you can start an online travel booking portal for which you need to form tie-ups with buses operators, hotels and other travel operators.

16) Selling products on Facebook or other social media

Today, social media has been a very powerful tool for interacting and contacting people, you can create a Facebook page where you can put your products and add more and more friends to it. Facebook provides the facility to make your community too.

17) Building mobile apps

The next business idea is building a mobile application. For this business, you should have technical knowledge about Android programming. Once your app is ready you can place it online on Google Play Store.

18) Online grocery store

online grocery store - successful online business ideasGoing and buying groceries to a store was a conventional method of shopping. Nowadays people like to order things online and get them delivered at their doorsteps. You can open an online grocery store which provides daily products and groceries to the local people. This is one of the successful Online Business Ideas that has high profits, however may need some good amount of capital.

19) Commerce Store

The concept is selling your products online through e-commerce. All you need is to make an investment to start your online eCommerce store. You can use Shopify to create an online store or you can use free E-Commerce toolkit woo-commerce for building WordPress based E-commerce website.

20) Online fruits and vegetable Store

People buy fruits and vegetables on a day-to-day basis but have no time to go and buy them. You can open a website where people can order fruits and vegetables and you can deliver them on their doorsteps. This is one of the Top successful Online Business Ideas if you can manage delivery of these items in short time.

21) Buying and selling domains

A flipping domain is another online business idea that can fetch you good returns. However, you need to do some research task before buying a domain name. There are many websites are available that provide domain auction facility. Flippa and Godaddy auction is a very good marketplace for buying and selling domains.

22) Creating WordPress themes

If you possess profound knowledge in the IT field, you can create your themes for WordPress. You can sell your WordPress themes online and earn good sums of money.

23) Hosting paid webinars

A webinar is web-based seminar presentation or video posted on the internet. It calls for good skills to build a successful webinar. If you are a highly skilled person with extraordinary domain knowledge, you can host paid webinars. To host webinar online, you should be an owner of the website which is well known with good traffic ranking.

24) Online Affiliate Marketing

In this business, you need to become an affiliate of various online stores like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, etc. You need to ask people to purchase products online via your link. You will be paid a decent Commission on it. You can start Affiliate marketing with almost zero investment. This is one of the best successful Online Business Ideas for students or housewives who want to do part time.

25) Start online blogs / Website

Online blogging has always been a lucrative online business if you possess good content. You just need to have a domain name and hosting place to post your blogs. To make money online from a blog requires a large amount of traffic on your website. You can make money from direct advertisements or by Google Adsense.

26) Data entry jobs

Today, people will outsource employees for data entry jobs. You can grab this opportunity and get hired for earning good sums of money.

27) Online writers / Freelance Writers

If you are extremely qualified at creating original content, you can make a lot of money out of this capability. You need to tie up with bloggers or websites looking for content-writers. You can also check freelancer.com or freelancer.in etc., websites for online writing content jobs.

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28) Online Social Media Consultant

If you mark a very good social presence on various social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, etc. and can influence product selling or increase Facebook likes, you can become a social media consultant. You will be paid based on projects or assignments.

29) Online Investment Advisor if you are a professional

If you are an investment expert and professional, you can open online consultant as an investment advisor. This is one of the good successful Online Business Ideas if you can provide genuine advice to the investors.

30) Start Coupon / Discount portal

Are you aware of cashkaro.com? This portal has tie-ups with companies and offer cash back to customers who go through their website. They do nothing. Just get discounts and offers. Can you start one such portal? This is one of the best successful Online Business Ideas in India.

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30 Successful Online Business Ideas – High Profits and Low Investment

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