15+ Small Investment Business Ideas [High Profits]

15+ Small Investment Business Ideas [High Profits]

In this time of the pandemic, many people are finding it difficult to maintain their regular standard of living with low or no income sources. They can switch to small business ideas that can help them to add a new income source. If you are aspiring entrepreneur and looking for a list of small investment business to filter, this article is for you. Which are the Small Investment Business Ideas with high profits?

What are small investment business ideas?

Small investment business ideas refer to those ideas that do not require hefty capital or labor and are easy to start with. There is less revenue than a normal corporation or normal-sized business. The year 2020 and 2021 has brought about many changes in the lifestyles of people due to covid pandemic. Some are forced to work-from-home while others have been gifted with reduced pay. Few are even unfortunate to lose their jobs. These small yet excellent business ideas will help you to create an extra income source.


15+ Small Investment Business Ideas [High Profits]

Now let us jump into this and review the list of business ideas to start now with low investment that has potential to generate high profits.

1)  Nursery and garden equipment – This is a small business idea that can be initiated with little investment. With the increase of environmental awareness, the demand for plants has augmented significantly. With many people maintaining small plants and shrubs in their apartments and offices, this business has a lot of scope.

2)  Tiffin service – Do you love cooking? Then why not change your passion into a profession. Employees at workplaces crave for home-cooked food. This generates an excellent business idea of tiffin service. All you need to do is cook finger-licking food and help the employees satisfy their hunger. You can also look at the opening tiffin center at main locations at crowded places.

3)  Mobile garage – Have your vehicle ever broke down in the middle of the road? Well, it happens to anyone. The users of these vehicles find themselves in a dilemma regarding the repair. A mobile garage is another lucrative business idea. You must possess some good repairing skills before commencing along with some advertising to start.

4)  Tuition/Coaching classes – Today, education has become an inseparable part of one’s life. Every parent is hunting for efficient tutors and institutes who can assist their wards to achieve his/her career goals. So, you can come up with your tuition classes that can impart quality education to children. It is one of the most profitable educational small business ideas to start now in today’s competitive world.

5)  Catering services – People are very fond of throwing parties on every small occasion, especially in metro cities, but they are way too busy to cook food. This is yet another great small investment business of catering services. All you need is some good chefs and a few hard-working employees. Slowly and steadily you can expand your business and organize some functions.

6)  Opening a play school – Opening a play school is another lucrative business idea. Taking a franchise from any famous play school or license from the government could help in commencing your new venture. You can convert your residence into a small school or rent a small space for the same. The capital required is moderate to a little high.

7)  Tea/coffee Cafe – In this fast-moving world, people relish to spend some time, gossiping and chilling with their friends or family at a small café. Thus, opening a small café with a comforting environment is a great business idea. The constant quality service will help attract more customers and your café will gain fame over time.

8)  Customized Gifts – Customized gifts such as names or pictures printed on shirts, pillows, towels, mugs, etc. are selling like hot cakes in the market. People prefer customized gifts over ordinary gifts for their loved ones. With a pinch of creativity, you can do wonders in this business. It is one of the good small investment business ideas for ladies to start from home.

9)  School uniform making – The education field especially the schools, have been doing pretty well for the last few decades. Every school has its unique uniform and students have to follow it compulsorily. You can obtain a contract from a couple of schools and provide them with the desired uniform.  It is one of the best small investment business ideas for housewives who want to spend time at home and earn money. They can start his business with some helping hands.

10)  Rose farming – Rose is an evergreen flower. It is used in bouquets, flower arrangements, wedding, etc. in heavy quantities. If you have a green thumb, this business can prove to be profitable.

11)  Spices processing – Organic spices that contain no chemicals have high commercial value locally as well as internationally. The processing and packaging methods are not very complex and can be initiated with moderate capital.

12)  Computer accessories and repair and management – Nowadays almost every industry from all the sectors use a computer and they would need several need either spare parts or accessories or softwares. One can open computer accessories shop that would include selling of motherboard, hard disk, keyboard, mouse, software installations like OS installation, virus softwares, specific software installations etc. It is one of the good tech related business ideas to start with small investment.

13)  Home-baked items – Delicious cakes, cupcakes, and cookies are always loved by all. These items are in great demand during the festive season. If you are interested in baking, you can always start this business that requires little investment but the profit margin is high.

14)  Eco-friendly disposables – The harmful plastic disposals have been banned and the demand for eco-friendly disposals have risen. They are highly demanded in weddings, parties, at mobile food vans, tea stalls, etc. You can easily initiate a business in which eco-friendly disposals are produced. It is one of the best small investment manufacturing business ideas in India.

15)  Hydroponic retail store – Hydroponic is a new plantation technology that doesn’t involve the use of soil for growing plants is gaining popularity these days. You can deal with hydroponic equipment and also develop plants for commercial and home use.

16)  Jam and Jelly business – Home-made jams, jellies, and pickles are demanded by everyone in which no preservatives are used. You can start a jam and jelly business from home with almost negligible capital. Promote your items on various social media platforms to attract more customers.

17)  Grocery shopping portal – With the development of technology and E-Commerce, people find it very wasteful to spend hours buying day-to-day groceries. They prefer groceries to be delivered at their doorsteps. One can start with an E-shopping portal that delivers groceries. The profit margin is moderate initially, but will increase with time.

Conclusion: The covid-19 pandemic followed by the economic recession has left many people jobless or are forced to work at concentrated pay. Keeping in mind your vague of searching new avenues for increasing income, this article comes up with some small investment business ideas that you can take over right now. These businesses do not require much capital investment, but once you have achieved success with it, there is no looking back.

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