20+ Small Business Ideas (Low Investment + High Profits)


Due to increase in unemployment, many are aspiring to start their own business. Even recession is making many of us to rethink about starting a small business. However shortlisting one among a variety of small business ideas could be the hardest task as it would depend on the passion towards it and the size of investment. In this article we would indicate why one should start a business and list down 20+ small business ideas with low investment and high profits.

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Why should one start a business?

Initiating your business means you have full control over your business activities. You have the freedom to carry your work in your ways without being bound to someone. If you are a passionate individual who does not like to spend his life in the 3*3 cubicle, you can pursue your own business. It is not necessary that businesses can be initiated with a hefty capital only. Few businesses can be started with low capital also. 


20+ Best Small Business Ideas with low investment + high profits

Here are the list of most profitable small businesses that require low investment. One can filter these business ideas based on their interest + investment which they can afford.

1) Tuition/Coaching classes

Today, education has become an inseparable part of one’s life. Every parent is hunting for efficient tutors and institutes who can assist their wards to achieve his/her career goals. So, you can come up with your tuition classes that can impart quality education to children. It is one of the most profitable businesses in today’s competitive world.

2) Cooking classes

Indians are fond of eating; they cannot compromise with their food. So, if you strongly believe that you possess good culinary skills along with some innovative ideas and recipes, you can come up with cooking classes. You just have to set your kitchen and get the necessary ingredients.

Small Business Ideas in India - Catering Business3) Catering business

Whether it is a small party or big fat weddings, there is always a demand for catering service. A kitchen, some good chefs, and hard-working employees would suffice in commencing the business. Slowly and steadily you can expand your venture. This is one of the best small profitable business ideas in India.

4) Yoga teaching

Today’s generation has become way too health-conscious. So, if you have a good know-how of all ‘yoga asanas, then you may consider yoga teaching as a new venture. You can either give personal services or rent a small room for it. An individual with a professional degree acquired in this field always has better chances.

5) Real estate broker

If you possess good communication skills with a large social network, you can opt to become a real estate broker. You can act as a mediator between the buyer and seller. This will help you to earn handsome amounts in the form of commission.

6) Tea/coffee cafe

People relish gossiping or having meetings over coffee or tea. You can choose to open a tea or coffee café with a few snacks served with it. All you need is a small soothing space with a calm environment, some dedicated employees, and kitchen space.

Small Business Ideas with low investment - customised gifts7) Customized Gifts

People are bored of all those ordinary gifts; they are switching over customized gifts to make feel people special and their occasion more enjoyable like names or pictures printed on T-shirts, pillow covers, mugs, customized photo bouquet, etc. With a pinch of creativity in this business, you can do wonders in this business. This is one of the profitable small business ideas in India.

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8) Tiffin services

Many working individuals and students crave for homelike tasty food and need them to be delivered at their doorstep. Some large corporations also give the contract of tiffin services for their employees to the outsiders. It is a great business venture in metro cities. This business can hardly witness downfall if you provide tasty and hygienic food. This could be evergreen small business idea.

9) Organic farming

The demand for organic grains, fruits, and vegetables is increasing day by day in India. Organic farming prohibits the use of harmful chemicals and fertilizers in farming and instead uses organic means for growing things. This business can be carried out with small investments and can fetch you a good profit. These days, many have become health conscious, hence this is one of the best small business ideas after lockdown too.

10) Home bakery

If you are looking to start small business ideas from home, this could be the best fit. Be it any occasion or celebration, cakes are never left out. Bakery items like cakes, biscuits, and chocolates are always in demand. Nowadays, customized cakes with new themes and innovations are also preferred by people. The capital requirement is quite low, but the profit margin is high.

11) Dance/ music classes

Children as well as elders are fond of dance and/or music and like pursue it as their hobbies. They do take rigorous classes for it. If you possess good and creative skills in either of the two, or both, you may consider starting a dance/ music class. The investment is very low in this business, but can fetch you good returns if it gains good popularity.

12) Insurance agent

With a little investment, you can be an insurance agent. Good communication skills and convincing power can attract a big client. This is a highly profitable business idea.

13) Party planner

People are too busy to organize their parties. So, they usually look for trusted and confident party planners who can add a feather to their party. With some creative ideas, you can plan to start your own party planning business.

14) Decorator

Every occasion like birthday parties, weddings require some kind of decorations. All you need to do is to decorate the venue with a pinch of creative ideas. You can start with low investment and later expand it. If you have creativity skills, this can be one of the best creative small business ideas to start.

Small Business Ideas in India - daycare centre15) Daycare services

If you enjoy playing with children or taking care of them; you can surely start a daycare service center. Parents are quite busy with their profession, so they prefer daycare as the safest spot for their children. You may hire a few employees and keep some toys in your center. Due to increase in working mothers, this is considered as one of the most successful small business ideas in India.

16) Sports coach

If you hold a degree in sports training, then you may consider sports coaching as a venture for you. All you need is to provide all the necessary equipment for the concerned sport and a bit of hard work and dedication towards your students.

17) Diet food shop

Nowadays people are very health conscious. They prefer healthy and dietetic food over junk and fried food. This is an emerging field as there are hardly any diet food shops. So, starting a business in this field can be highly profitable.

18) Laundry shop

Everybody enjoys wearing washed and ironed clothes that smell good. You just need to make a few clients and provide them efficient laundry services. You may hire a few unskilled laborers.

19) Internet service provider

In today’s scenario, the internet is dominating the world. You can provide your customers with highly efficient internet access. Initiating this business is a very good idea keeping its prospects in mind.

20) Spice or masala powder making

Spices and powders are used in good quantity in almost all Indian households. Moreover, our country is one of the largest exporters of spices. You can initiate the business of spices prepared with the best ingredients and with purity. This is one of the good small business ideas for small towns to start any time.

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21) Stationery and bookstore

If you are looking for a best business for beginners, you can try this small business. Stationery items are always selling like hot cakes in the market. You can open a stationery shop near a school or to a corporate to obtain maximum profits.

Conclusion: Always remember, hard work is the key to success. Choose any business idea that is apt for you and give you 100% to take it to the pinnacles of success.

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