Reliance Life Easy Care Fixed Benefit Plan – Unique health insurance policy

Reliance Life Easy Care Fixed Benefit Plan, a unique health insurance policyReliance Life Easy Care Fixed Benefit Plan – a unique health insurance policy

On 3rd April, 2013, Reliance Life insurance has launched Reliance Life Easy care Fixed benefit plan. This healthcare insurance policy has several unique features comparing to other healthcare insurance policies launched till now by insurance providers. In this article we would discuss about the details of this policy along with its unique features.

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Reliance Life Easy Care Fixed Benefit Plan – a unique Health insurance policy

This is a regular / single premium, non-participating, non linked health care insurance plan. Policy term is 5 years period. Period of entry is 18 to 65 years.

Unique features of Reliance Life Easy care fixed benefit health care plan

  • Pay single premium for 5 years health care policy. You can also pay regular monthly or annual premiums.
  • Healthcare policy coverage for hospitalization and surgeries.
  • Benefit for 10 major listed surgeries
  • Benefit for 10 major listed critical illness conditions
  • Fixed premium for 5 years even if there is any claim in any year
  • Guaranteed renewals up to 75 years of age
  • Provides guaranteed fixed amount of payment irrespective of actual medical hospital bills in the event of any hospitalization, surgeries, critical illness, ICU etc.
  • Lump sum benefit of 100% sum assured would be paid to insured for minimum of 24 hours hospitalization for 10 listed major surgeries like knee replacement, by-pass surgery etc.,
  • 100% benefit to insured for 10 critical illness conditions like loss of speech, cancer, stroke etc.
  • If you do not claim the insurance in any year, you are eligible for no claim bonus and 5% of sum assured would be added to your sum assured in the subsequent year. However the maximum amount of such addition has a limit of 20% of sum assured during the policy term.
  • If you claim the insurance in any year, 5% of sum assured would be reduced from the sum assured in subsequent year.

'Reliance life easy care fixed benefit plan' – Plan benefits

The plan covers reasonable and customary medical expenses towards hospitalization during the policy term for illness, surgery, injury contracted or sustained by the policy holder subject to terms, conditions, limitations, waiting period and exclusions as described below:

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1. Daily Hospital Cash Benefit (DHCB): In the event of Hospitalization for Medically Necessary treatment of any Illness including critical illnesses or Injury for a minimum period of 48 hrs a fixed amount of 1% of  Sum Assured per day will be payable from the first day for the duration of Hospitalization for a valid claim.

Let us take an example of Mr. Rahul who bought a Reliance Life Easy Care Fixed Benefit Plan with Option II on 14.05.2009. He was admitted in a hospital on 19.08.2011 at 10 A.M with cerebral Malaria (malignant) and was initially admitted in ICU for 3 days. Later he was shifted to general ward and was discharged on 26-08-2011 at 11 A.M. Thus, Rahul is eligible to receive Rs 14000 (i.e.Rs.2000 X 7 days) as Hospital Cash Benefit.

2. Intensive Care Unit (ICU) benefit: An additional 100% of DHCB amount (1% of Sum Assured) per day is paid for each day of stay in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the insured. This benefit is payable only if the DHCB is payable.

 E.g. Rahul is entitled to receive ` 2000 daily as ICU benefit for 3 days i.e. 6000/-in addition to Daily Hospital Cash benefit.

3. Recuperation Benefit (RB): A recuperating benefit equal to 3% of Sum Assured is payable for 7 or more days of continuous hospitalization for the same injury or disease, subject to the DHCB being payable at the time of hospitalization. The benefit is payable irrespective of whether the patient is admitted to one or more hospitals during one and the same episode. The benefit is not payable if the patient dies during hospitalization. The RB is payable once in a policy year. Thus Rahul is eligible to receive ` 6000 RB as a lump sum benefit (since hospitalization was for 7 days).

4. Surgical Cash Benefit (SCB): In the event of Hospitalization for a minimum period of 24 hours for undergoing any valid and Medically Necessary Surgery except the below mentioned major Surgeries in MSB, in India, a lump sum benefit equal to 10% of Sum Assured will be paid.  Multiple surgeries performed under the same anesthesia will be considered as a single event and benefit pay-out will be capped. OPD procedures are not covered.

5. Major Surgical Benefit (MSB): In the event of Hospitalization for a minimum period of 24 hours for undergoing any one of the listed Major Surgeries a guaranteed amount equal to 100% of Sum Assured will be paid.  Multiple surgeries performed under the same anesthesia will be considered as a single event and benefit pay-out will be capped. For any of the surgeries in the following list, on payment of one claim, the benefit will terminate for that listed surgery and no further claims will be payable against that surgery

List of 10 major surgeries covered under this policy

  1. Hip or Knee joint replacement surgery necessitated due to an accident only
  2. Heart valve replacement surgery
  3. Excision of tissue of brain with craniotomy
  4. Transplantation of Heart
  5. Coronary artery bypass surgery
  6. Bone marrow transplant
  7. Liver transplantation (recipient)
  8. Renal transplantation (recipient)
  9. Total Excision of Esophagus and Stomach
  10. Transplantation of lung

List of 10 critical illness conditions

  1. Cancer
  2. Heart Attack
  3. Stroke
  4. Major Burns
  5. Loss of Speech
  6. Loss of Hearing
  7. Alzheimer's disease
  8. Parkinson's disease
  9. Coma
  10. Terminal Illness

What does not cover?

  • Pre-existing diseases
  • Hospitalization expenses within the waiting period of commencement of policy. The waiting period is 90 days from policy date.
  • Detailed list which does not cover is available in null

Free look period: In case you are not happy with this healthcare insurance policy, you can return the policy within 15 days from receiving from distribution channels and 30 days from receipt from distance marketing channels.

Options available

This plan is available in 5 options.

  • Option-I – Rs 1 lakh sum assured
  • Option-III – Rs 2 lakh sum assured
  • Option-III – Rs 3 lakh sum assured
  • Option-IV – Rs 4 lakh sum assured
  • Option-V – Rs 5 lakh sum assured

Conclusion: This reliance life easy care fixed benefit plan has several unique features which are not offered by other healthcare insurance providers. Coverage about 10 major listed surgeries, 10 listed critical illnesses and single premium for healthcare plan are some of its unique features which differentiate this policy from others.

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Suresh KP


  1. Hi Suresh,

    1. what about Religare Care Health insurance plan? 

    2. I had taken recently a floater plan of 5 lakh. for me and my wife. Is there any need to change      my health insurance plan to other good company?

    3. Now I am looking for a Critical illness plan of 25 lakh. for me and accidental policy of 10 lakh.?   Please suggest me a good plans for these two policies?

    4. My age is 29 and my wife age is 23. My wife is a house wife. So is there any need to take    critical illness policy to my wife, as she is not working.



    1. Hi Vijaya 1) Religare health insurance – I am yet to review this in details, would provide my analysis soon 2) I can comment when I review 3) You should consider taking them under the same policy by paying additional premiums for such riders. 4) Still I feel you should consider for your wife too.

      1. In religare care there is no such raiders available for the Critical illness plan and accidental plan. Please suggest me any plans for CI and accidental health plans if you know any thing. Thanks. 

  2. Hi Suresh,

                 I'm looking for medical policy which covers Delivery and New-Born Cover expense i found 1 policy named Star Comprehensive Insurance which covers pregnancy expense, but premium seems bit high, can you please suggest whether its worth to buy this policy or if there are any other options we have.

  3. Dear Suresh,

    Can you pls let us know which health insurance plan offers both Out-patient claimings also along with the In-patient claimings. I heard Royal Sundaram offers such products. Can you pls check and inform us about this.


    Ravi N

  4. Suresh , Its ok that plan has good benefits buts what is use of policy which can not renewed after age 75 when you mostly need it.

    1. Yogesh, This is how the insurance companies operate. If you observe our best term insurance plans for seniors, majority of them offer upto 75 years of age only. Only a few like New India insurance – Sr. Citizen Medi claim policy or United India insurance – Sr. Citizen Plan offer upto 80 years of age. I am looking more from existing policies Vs this policy which has unique features.

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