PSU Petrol Pump Dealership – Frequently Asked questions (FAQs)

PSU Petrol Pump Dealership – Frequently Asked questions (FAQs)PSU Petrol Pump Dealership – Frequently Asked questions (FAQs)

We all aware that IOC, BPCL and HPCL have jointly invited bids for opening 55,000+ petrol and diesel outlets to be opened in India.  Since this is in large scale, unemployed individuals are targeting to get this PSU Petrol pump dealership now. While the basic guidelines are available, there are several questions that are rolling up in the mind of individuals who are thinking about eligibility and how to apply PSU Petrol Pump dealership to ensure that their application is processed and they get the petrol pump dealership to start making money. In this article we would provide details about PSU Petrol Pump Dealership and would try to answer some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

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Overview about PSU Petrol Pump dealership

Due to increase in energy resources in India, the Public Sector Units of oil marketing – Indian Oil Company (IOC), Bharat Petroleum (BPCL) and Hindustan Petroleum (HPCL) have jointly invited bids for opening 55,649 petrol and diesel outlets to be opened in India. The 60% of the outlets will be run on the dealer-owned-dealer-operated model. Previously, these PSUs mainly owned the outlets with the dealer entitled to only operational rights.

PSU Petrol Pump Dealership – Frequently Asked questions

1) When can I start applying for Petrol pump dealership?

The online process is already open.

2) Who is eligible for PSU Petrol Pump Dealership from Individual category?

Any Resident Indian who has completed 21 years, but not more than 60 years and passed 10th class is eligible for individual categories

3) How to apply for PSU Petrol Pump Dealership Online?

You can visit the site at to apply online

4) Can we apply PSU Petrol Pump Dealership Offline?

No. We cannot apply this offline.

5) What basic facilities are required to Operate Retail Outlet Dealership?

a) Infrastructure facilities like developed land with boundary wall, tanks, dispensing unit, signages, automation, sales office, store room, toilet, electrical room, yard lighting, generator/inverter etc.,

b) Customer convenient facilities like clean drinking water, neat and clean toilet maintenance, telephone etc.,

6) How much license need I need to pay?

For the investments made at the RO towards Land and infrastructure/facilities by the Corporation, License Fee would be payable on per KL basis by the dealer as applicable from time to time.

In case of a Corporation owned “A” / “CC” site ROs, including ROs developed under the Corpus Fund Scheme for SC/ST category dealerships, the current License Fees including GST are as under:-

 Petrol : Rs. 472.77 / Kl

 Diesel : Rs. 393.97 / Kl

For Dealer owned “B” / “DC” site ROs the current License Fees including GST are as under:-

 Petrol : Rs. 233.45 / Kl

 Diesel : Rs. 194.54 / Kl

7) Do Oil marketing companies provide all legal approvals to open Petrol pump dealership?

No. Dealer needs to take all legal and statutory approvals to open petrol pump in their area.

8) My family members have a petrol pump dealership, am I eligible to apply?

No. If any of the family members already owns a petrol pump, individuals cannot open another one.

9) I had a petrol pump dealership earlier, but it got cancelled, can I apply again now?

If it was cancelled earlier due to some mal practice or due to non maintenance, one cannot apply again.

10) I have criminal case against me which is either concluded or yet to conclude, can I apply for Petrol pump dealership?

No. If an individual had criminal case, they cannot apply petrol pump dealership.

11) I have failed to submit through online due to technical issues, can I submit offline?

The application form is simplified and the website is maintained without any technical issues. If you are facing any challenges, you may try a little later.

12) How would the selection happen?

Selection will be basically made through a draw of lots or bidding process depending upon the type of Retail outlet site as defined in Clause 3. This will also be indicated against each location in the advertisement.

13) How much money I need to keep in my bank account?

This time, no need of a bank balance of Rs 25 lakh balance in accounts.

14) How would I get intimated about my selection and sanction of the petrol pump dealership?

Selection of the petrol pump dealership would be sent to your contact details (mail and mobile). Just ensure you keep an eye on that.

15) I don’t own land at the point of applying, would my application get rejected?

Availability of suitable land is the most important requirement. However, applicants without land can also apply to a condition that they will offer land when asked to.

16) How would I know that the PSU petrol pump dealership is offered in my location.

The locations of the retail outlets will be identified by the company and you will be able to bid for the location as mentioned in the notifications in the link above.

17) Are there any reservations for any specific category?

There are reservations for defense personnel, government employees, outstanding sports persons, physically handicapped, SC/ST, OBC and freedom fighters in some states.

18) I am an NRI, can I apply for a PSU Petrol Pump dealership?

The applicant has to be an Indian citizen and resident between 21 to 60 years of age.

19) What is the application fee?

The application fee for the non-reserved category is Rs 8,000 for a rural outlet and Rs 10,000 for a regular retail outlet. This amount is non-refundable. This fee can be paid online.

20) What is the bidding amount?

There is also an additional non-refundable fixed fee/bidding amount applicable based on the type of dealership and area and will range between Rs 5 lakh to Rs 30 lakh.

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21) How does the PSU Petrol Pump Dealership Application look like?

You can click below link to enlarge and see the PDF copy of the application form. You can right click to download the PSU petrol pump dealership application form.

PSU Petrol Pump Dealership Application download

22) Can you explain the step-by-step process on applying for PSU Petrol Pump Dealership Online?

Step-1 – Visit this link 

Step-2 – Click on the register button and fill all details

Step-3 – Click on Generate OTP button. OTP would be sent to your mobile. Enter OTP and submit. You would get the login details to your email ID. (Login would be email and password would be sent to your mail)

Step-4 – Login to the portal with email ID and password

Step-5 – Fill the application form under “Available Advertisement”. If you have already applied, you can view them under “Applied Advertisement”

You can see all available locations. Select the location you want to apply. Click apply button for that location. After this, you would be redirected to a particular location. You can fill all required fields.

Step6 – Once you have filled all the details, click on “Submit and proceed to pay”. If you have just saved it, then go to “applied advertisement” and click on “Pay online payment” and make the payment

23) Is there any last date for applying for Petrol pump dealership?

Yes, 24th December, 2018 is the last date

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PSU Petrol Pump Dealership – Frequently Asked questions

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  1. Hello Sir/ Madam, i am an employee of State Police service, therefore i seek some information regarding PSU petrol pump dealership and am i eligible for license ? if so then how much money is required to invest in this business ?

  2. Hi. Is there anyone of application rejected because of land not meeting required terms and conditions after you selected in lots of draw?

  3. If a person get draw but the location of those person not match with the advertised location than he is eligible for that location.
    And if he is rejected than the next process of draw will be repeat again.

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