30 Village Business Ideas (Incl Manufacturing and Wholesale Business Ideas in Rural Areas)

30 Village Business Ideas (Incl Manufacturing and Wholesale Business Ideas in Rural Areas)

There are thousands of business ideas in India. Some of them can be started in a city, some in town and some from rural areas. If you are aspiring entrepreneur, you should keep checking small business ideas list and filter based on your passion and interest. If you want to start a small business ideas in rural areas, but looking for some ideas, this article can help you. Which are the best Village Business Ideas? Which are the most profitable Manufacturing Business Ideas in Rural Areas? Are there any Wholesale Business Ideas for Rural Areas to start?

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10+ Profitable Small Business Ideas for Rural Areas – Village Business Ideas

Here are the list of small business ideas for rural areas.

# 1 – Organic Farming

# 2 – Disposable paper cups/plates small scale manufacturing unit

# 3 – Cooking Oil Plant

# 4 – Bio-Diesel production

# 5 – Honey making business

# 6 – Fish Farming

# 7 – Wholesale cultivating products

# 8 – Poultry Farm

# 9 – Food Dhabas

# 10 – Flour Mill

# 11 – Micro financial services

Profitable Small Business Ideas for Rural Areas - Village business ideasTop 10+ Profitable Small Business Ideas for Rural Areas / Village Business Ideas – Detailed view

Now let us get into more details about these village business ideas.

# 1 – Organic Farming

Everyone is concerned about their health these days. We all wanted to move away from food that has harmful pesticides and chemicals. People are now moving towards organic food which is free with such chemicals. Organic vegetables and fruits are going to be the future. It is one of the best small business ideas for rural areas now.

# 2 – Disposable paper cups/plates – Small scale manufacturing unit

Paper cups or plates are extensively used in functions, weddings and get togethers. If you have a good place in your village, you can start a small scale manufacturing unit of disposable paper cups and plates. You can start supplying them as wholesale to customers in towns and cities. Thjis is one of the best manufacturing business ideas for rural areas to make handsome returns.

# 3 – Cooking Oil Plant

The cooking oil comes from various parts of the plants and in most cases from what are commonly called seeds (including sunflower, palm kernel, safflower, cotton, sesame, and grapeseed oils) or nuts (including peanut, soybean, almond, and walnut oils). One of the best business ideas in villages is setting up the cooking oil plant. One can purchase a machinery for this, set up the machine, heat up the machine, pour seeds in the hopper and it would generate cooking oil.

# 4 – Bio-Diesel production

Biodiesel is a renewable resource of energy that is directly obtained from plants or indirectly through factory wastages. In villages, plants/trees are abundant. Even factors are set-up in several villages. You can encash such opportunity and do bio-diesel production. As nonrenewable resources like oil is close to exhaustion, biodiesel production is most profitable business in rural areas in India.

# 5 – Honey Processing business

Honey is used in many food products. One has to extract the honey from bee, remove waste and other particles, heat it up, bottle it and lable it. You can then start distributing to honey stores or grocery stores where these can be sold retail. Honey making is one of the low cost business ideas.

# 6 – Fish Farming

Fish farming or pisciculture involves raising fish commercially in tanks or enclosures such as fish ponds, usually for food. It is the principal form of aquaculture, while other methods may fall under mariculture. Fish farming is one of the most profitable small business ideas in rural areas.

# 7 – Wholesale cultivating machinery products

There are many small and medium machinery required for farming and cultivation. You can open outlet that sells cultivation machinery products and sell them to nearby villages at wholesale. This requires low to moderate capital.

# 8 – Poultry Farm

Poultry farming is the animal husbandry that raises domesticated birds such as chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese to produce meat or eggs for food. In major countries poultry means mostly chickens are farmed in high numbers. One can start a poultry farm business in villages and supply them in urban areas in bulk.

# 9 – Food Dhabas

If you have a good location in a village next to national highway, you can start food dhabas. Food dhabas are like mini restaurants which would serve food for the travelers who are travelling to different towns and cities through such villages. If you can offer delicious food, repeat customers can increase and such business can be successful. This is one of the top small business ideas in rural area.

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# 10 – Flour Mill Factory

Four Mill Factory is highly profitable small business ideas in rural areas. The flour mill plant layout would include the area for storage of raw materials, area for flour milling machines, area for flour packaging. One also needs to get a license from the local government or registering your flour mill factory in local municipal administration is also required to start such flour mill factory.

# 11 – Micro financial services

People in rural areas depend majorly on farming. They may or may not have the money (like working capital) to do farming. If you have good money, you can start micro finance services. You would provide small amount of money for an interest to farmers and individuals who want to do businesses. There are several large companies who are coming to villages and offering micro finance, but at high interest rates. You can offer such small loans with reasonable interest.

10 Manufacturing Business Ideas in Rural Areas

If you are looking for manufacturing business ideas suitable for rural areas, here are the 10 ideas for you:

1) Agro-processing: Establishing a small-scale agro-processing unit can involve activities like grain milling, oil extraction, fruit and vegetable canning, or processing dairy products. This allows farmers to add value to their agricultural produce and extends the shelf life of perishable items.

2) Handicraft Manufacturing: Utilize the local talent and resources to manufacture handicrafts and artisanal products. This can include products such as pottery, textiles, wooden crafts, leather goods, or jewelry. These products can be sold locally or even exported to urban areas or tourist destinations.

3) Organic Fertilizer Production: With a focus on sustainable agriculture, setting up a manufacturing unit to produce organic fertilizers using locally available organic waste can be a profitable venture. This can include composting, vermicomposting, or manufacturing organic bio-fertilizers.

4) Bamboo and Cane Products: If the rural area has access to bamboo or cane resources, starting a manufacturing business to produce bamboo furniture, baskets, mats, or decorative items can be a viable option. These products have a growing market demand due to their eco-friendly and sustainable nature.

5) Herbal or Ayurvedic Products: Utilize the rich biodiversity found in rural areas to manufacture herbal or Ayurvedic products. This can include the production of herbal oils, soaps, cosmetics, or medicinal formulations using locally sourced herbs and plants.

6) Food Packaging and Processing Equipment: Manufacturing machinery and equipment for food packaging and processing can cater to the needs of the local agro-based industries. This can include the production of packaging materials, processing machinery, or even customized equipment for specific food processing needs.

7) Biofuel Production: Establishing a small-scale biofuel production unit can involve the manufacturing of bioethanol or biodiesel from locally available agricultural waste or energy crops. This contributes to renewable energy production and reduces dependence on fossil fuels.

8) Brick and Tile Manufacturing: If there is a demand for construction materials in the area, setting up a brick or tile manufacturing unit can be profitable. This requires access to clay or other raw materials required for brick and tile production.

9) Paper and Pulp Manufacturing: Utilize locally available resources like agricultural waste, recycled paper, or bamboo to set up a small-scale paper and pulp manufacturing unit. This can produce various paper products, including packaging materials, stationery, or specialty papers.

10) Herbal Tea or Spices Processing: If the rural area has an abundance of herbs or spices, establishing a manufacturing unit to process and package herbal teas or spices can be a profitable business. This can involve drying, grinding, blending, and packaging these products for the local or export market.

10 Wholesale Business Ideas for Rural Areas

Here are 10 wholesale business ideas suitable for village areas:

1) Wholesale Agricultural Inputs: Supply farmers with fertilizers, seeds, pesticides, and agricultural equipment at wholesale prices.

2) Wholesale Grocery Distribution: Establish a distribution network to supply grocery stores with a variety of food products, beverages, snacks, and household essentials.

3) Wholesale Clothing and Apparel: Source trendy clothing and apparel directly from manufacturers and sell them to local retailers or boutiques.

4) Wholesale Medical Supplies: Provide hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies with wholesale medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare products.

5) Wholesale Construction Materials: Supply construction companies and contractors with essential building materials such as cement, bricks, steel, and plumbing fixtures.

6) Wholesale Electronics and Appliances: Source and distribute a wide range of electronics and home appliances to local retailers or directly to consumers.

7) Wholesale Stationery and Office Supplies: Offer a variety of stationery items, office supplies, and school materials to schools, offices, and retail stores.

8) Wholesale Beauty and Personal Care Products: Supply beauty salons, spas, and retail stores with wholesale beauty and personal care products like cosmetics, skincare, and hair care items.

9) Wholesale Pet Supplies: Provide pet stores, veterinary clinics, and pet owners with a range of wholesale pet supplies, including food, accessories, and grooming products.

10) Wholesale Home Decor and Furnishings: Source and distribute wholesale home decor items, furniture, and furnishings to local retailers or interior design businesses.

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