30+ Profitable Service Business Ideas to start with low investment

The economy is moving into recession all over the world. Many experts believe that job loss / layoffs would increase. You might be a frustrated employee or an individual who might be planning to start a business idea. However, you might be thinking that starting a business would cost huge investment. If you are one among such individual, this article is for you. This article would provide 30+ Profitable Service Business Ideas to start with low investment.

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What are Service Business Ideas?

The service industry is growing at a much faster pace than the tangible production industry as there is no or minimum financial risk involved in it. You need to keep the stock of any product and do not block your capital.  If you can serve your customers with ultimate satisfaction, there is no other business like this.


30+ Profitable Service Business Ideas to start with low investment

Here is the 30 service business ideas list that can be initiated with low investment. One should review these business ideas and consider the one that suits best in terms of investment and their passion and interest towards such business.

1) Accounting – Every small and medium-size business need accountant to keep their accounts updated and prepare the financial statements.  For this business, you need to possess knowledge of various accounting software.  This service can be pursued from home also. The people from Asian countries are in much demand for this work in other foreign countries due to cost-effectiveness.  You can charge on an hourly basis or fixed income for this work. No investment is required for this business.

2) Car repair service – If you possess the knowledge of basic car repairing, you can open a garage that provides car service facilities. Moderate investment is required in this business.  You can even hire a man for this service.

3) Battery recharge service – Every vehicle requires a battery to operate. With the increasing number of two-wheelers and four-wheelers around, there is a huge demand for battery-charging service. You may need some capital investment for it.

4) Car wash services – Many people prefer car-wash services with highly specialized kits made for these purposes only.  For this business, you need a small space, manpower and car-cleaning kit. Low investment is required for it. You can be a little creative and start dial-a-car-wash service where you can pick-up the call, wash it and deliver to the owner. This is one of the unique service business ideas to start with low investment.

5) Matchmaking services – Matrimonial service providers aim to provide a platform where the bride and groom can meet and decide their way ahead. If you have a good social circle and possess excellent communication skills, you can start with this business. You can even build an online portal to expand the business.

6) Home cleaning services – In the new concept of construction, glass and other materials are used which are not easy to clean by yourself.  You need to have specialized cleaning services to keep them spick and span.  In this business, you offer cleaning services to the people at regular intervals like daily, weekly or monthly. Dedicated manpower is required for this business. These days manpower is scare and this could turn into a good profitable service business idea.

7) Catering services – Parties, functions, and weddings are ongoing events in one’s life. They need a good catering service to make these events striking. You can provide catering services in such gatherings.  You should have good managerial skills and as well as good contacts to do this business.

8) Elderly care services – Disabled and elderly people are always in search of people to assist them in old age to take special care of them.  So, starting elderly care services for such people is an excellent business idea. You need to provide caretakers for elders for a specific period of time. Charges for this could be on a monthly or daily basis.

9) Financial planning services – People are always in a hunt of someone who can provide them with good tips for parking their extra funds and providing them some good profits. Financial planners help individuals to maintain a portfolio in the stock market, or mutual funds, or other investment tools. To do this business, you need to clear examination and become a certified financial planner and SEBI registered advisor. Do not start any such business without certification.

10) Electrician services – Good electricians are always in demand for commercial as well as residential places. If you possess good knowledge in this field, you can go in this business. If you are one among the crowd looking for small town business ideas that will stick, you can start this business.

11) Advertising agency – if some creative and good idea keeps popping up in your mind, this is one good business for you. In this business, you are required to create a new advertising campaign for business houses.  You might need to work hard initially, but once you gain popularity you can earn good sums of money.

12) Foreign language classes – If you possess knowledge of any foreign language, you can always start coaching classes like French, German, Spanish, etc.  For it, you need to have good command of your subject. There is always a good demand for other language linguists. This is generally termed as self-service business ideas as you cannot assign this to others, you need to run this on your own.

13) Fitness Center – These days people have become more fitness freak than before. If you are a fitness enthusiast, you can think of starting this business.  You can either provide personal coaching or open your fitness center. It is always advisable to do a fitness course before entering this field. This is one of the best profitable service business ideas to start with low investment.

14) Landscaping services – landscaping and gardening is another lucrative business idea in today’s world. Residential as well as small and big companies require good landscaping at their places to lent serenity to the environment. You can provide gardening and landscaping services to them.  There is immense creativity and growth potential involved in this business. This is good for those who are looking for home service business opportunities.

15) Art services – If you possess good painting skills or any other art, you can always offer your skill in the form of service like if you are a good painter, you can open painting classes or make paintings for the people on an order.

16) Home appliance repair services – Today, homes and offices are full of gadgets and electrical appliances. They all need repair and maintenance from time to time. You can provide repair services for these appliances and earn good profit. You can even create an online portal through which local people can contact you.

17) IT services – No business, whether big, small or medium can survive without Information Technology in today’s world.  If you are an expert in the IT field or done any IT course, you can start with your own IT services business. You are responsible for IT device installation, its proper functioning and even hardware.  This is one of the evergreen service business ideas that requires low to moderate investment.

18) Interior designer – If you have a creative instinct, you can try for Interior Designing business.  In this, you are responsible for beautifying the interiors of residential as well as commercial places.  You must do the interior design course that can add value to your business. This is one of the creative service business ideas for a low investment.

19) Dry cleaning services – It is another low investment business with good profit margins.  Today, people are fond of wearing exclusive clothes that cannot be washed at home. You can provide the laundry services for them. Along with it, you can even offer carpet laundering etc.,

20) Maid on-demand services – Responsible maids and housekeepers are always in great demand in India.  You can provide maids to the needy people and earn a good commission in between. This is one of the profitable service business ideas in 2022. Such ideas can create home service business opportunities.

21) Tiffin service – If you possess decent culinary skills and fond of making food, you can start with tiffin service. Many people in metro cities crave for homemade, simple and tasty food.  You can take daily or monthly tiffin orders and earn a good profit out of it.

22) Coaching classes – It is one of the evergreen business ideas. If you have expertise in any subject, you can always start its coaching classes. It is one of the most profitable ideas which can fetch huge sums of money.

23) Travel agency – People are fond of traveling in the homeland as well as abroad.  You can help them with their flight bookings, stay arrangements, sightseeing, travel insurance, etc. If you have good knowledge in this field, you can start with this business.

24) Mobile repairing services – The usage of mobiles, rather smart phones is increasing day by day. It has given birth to a new business of mobile repairing.  Before opting for this business, you should do the mobile repairing course.  It is a business with good future potential.

25) Music classes – If you are an expert in playing any musical instrument, you can always open a music teaching class.  People are fond of learning musical instruments and it makes this business very rewarding. This is one of the best service business ideas to start who is passionate about music.

26) Packing and moving services – This service help people relocate from one place to another.  The agency keeps competent manpower and stuff that help people to pack and move the entire items from one place to another with ease and without any brokerage. This service business idea need low to moderate investment.

27) Pest control services – Pest control service providers provide services for making the homes and offices free from pests, ants, and mice, etc. There are certain restrictions imposed by the government on this business like material used location etc. You should conduct proper research and obtain licenses from local authorities before starting this business.

28) Plumbing services – Efficient plumbers are always required in old as well as new buildings.  If you have proper training and equipment regarding this service, you can start this business. You can even hire people who can provide this service for you.

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29) Recruitment agency – A recruiting agency acts as a bridge between the recruiter and the employee. It helps people to find new jobs.  To do this business, you are required to collect data of candidates who are looking for jobs and then match them with the company’s data who are searching for employees.

30) Event planner – Creativity with meticulous planning is the key to this service.  People want to make their weddings and functions memorable. Event planners take the duty of executing the events from beginning till the end to ensure that it runs very smoothly and everything is in the proper place. It can fetch huge sums of money once you gain popularity. This is one of the most profitable service business ideas to start with low investment.

31) Photography – If you are good at photography, you can always adopt it as a profession. Unique, interesting and good photographs are always in demand by newspapers, magazines, and websites. You can even provide your services at weddings, or events. You can sell creative photos online which could be one of the best online service business.

Conclusion: If you are tired of working for others in a 3×3 cubicle, you can take up a step ahead and work for yourself. You can choose one of the service business ideas give here. As indicated, pick-up a service business idea that suits you better in terms of investment and in terms of what you are passionate about.

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