10 Profit Making Small Business Ideas to start with low investment

Many individuals have aspiration to become entrepreneur and want to start a small business. However, many of them think that starting a business requires a huge capital. There are plenty of small business ideas that can be started as low as Rs 20,000. If you are thinking what is the good business to start in 2022, you are at right place. In this article, we would provide top 10 profit making small scale business ideas to start with low investment.

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List of 10 Profit Making Small Business Ideas to start with low investment

Here is the list of profitable top 10 small business ideas to start with low investment.

1) Pickles

2) Handmade Chocolates

3) Papad

4) Noodles

5) Disposable Plates and Cups

6) Paper Bags

7) Bakery

8) Furniture

9) Mobile Food court

10) Daycare center

Profit-Making-Small-Business-Ideas-to-start-with-low-investment10 Profit Making Small Business Ideas to start with low investment

Now let us go into details of these small business ideas.

1) Pickles business

Pickle is a traditional food item in every Indian house hold. There are variety of pickles like raw mango pickle, lime pickle, tomato pickle etc., In India, raw mango pickle is famous and it is prepared in different varieties. These pickles are famous in several countries too. One can start this pickles business as low as Rs 20,000. If you can afford some more investment, you can start this as medium size small scale business. It is one of the small profitable business ideas to start now.

2) Handmade Chocolates Manufacturing

Many of us love chocolates. If you are a food lover and interested in starting a good food business idea, you can start handmade chocolates. India is on top chart in chocolate consumption. Chocolate sales in India has grew from 1.6 Bn dollars in 2016 to 1.8 Bn dollars in 2018 as per the report.

You can start chocolate manufacturing as low as Rs 50,000 which is required for raw materials, labor and packaging. However, if you want to start this with machineries, it would cost you more than Rs 5 Lakhs. Such machineries can be used for chocolate mixing, cooking and cooling process. You need to decide on what scale you want to start.

3) Papad Business

Papad is famous in Indian meals. It could be at home food, at wedding lunch/dinner, at family gatherings, parties or celebrations, papad is part of every Indian food meal. Papad is always in demand. If you are a food lover, you can try papad business which is one of the best small business ideas in India. The basic ingredients are wheat flour, spices and oil. One can try different papad with various other flour from rice, lenthils, chick-peas etc. to differentiate from competitors. One can start papad small business with approx. Rs 50,000. However, you decide on what scale you want to start based on the investment.

4) Noodles Manufacturing

Noodles are instant popular snacks. These have gain popularity in urban or in rural areas. Noodles are not only famous in India but across several countries people love it. Noodle manufacturing requires basic ingredients like wheat flour, salt, sugar, starch, spices, veg oils etc. Noodles can be prepared with semi automation or with full automation. Fully automated noodles require some good investment. If you want to start small, you can start with semi automated noodle machines. These machines would help you in blending flour, starch and other ingredients and mixing and passing it through the machine. Then these noodles are cut into desired shapes, dry them and then package.

One can start noodles business based on how much they afford to invest in semi or fully automated machinery. While the small capacity machines costs around Rs 50,000, medium to high capacity noodles machines costs more than Rs 2 Lakhs. Noodles manufacturing is one of the best small business ideas in India.

5) Disposable Plates and Cups

If you are thinking which business is best inlow budget, you can try disposable plates and cups business. These days there is good demand for disposable plates and cups. It could be a wedding, party or celebration, one would use them that comes with minimal cost. These are now being used by street vendors also. Due to ban of Plastic in India, this is one of the good business as the raw material used is paper here. Starting disposable plates/cups requires sourcing paper as raw material. Other than raw material major investment goes into getting disposable plates making machinery. This machinery would cost minimum of Rs 50,000 depending on the capacity. This could be one of the best small business ideas for small towns too as one can manufacture in rural area or small town and sell them in urban areas or city.

6) Paper Bags

Like we said earlier, ban on plastic has increased demand for paper products. With plastic bags beings reduced now, paper bags are gaining momentum. These paper bags can be used to carry them in shopping malls, carry food items in restaurants, medical items, jewellery, stationary shops, grocery shops etc., Paper bags manufacturing can be started as small scale business with low investment. While paper is the major raw material along with ink, printing and chemicals, major investment would go in acquiring semi-automated or automated paper bag machines. Semi automated machines costs around Rs 4 Lakhs and fully automated machines costs more than Rs 6 lakhs depending on the capacity. If you go for high capacity, it would cost you more.

7) Bakery Items

Bakery is another lucrative business idea that can be started on small scale with a minimum of Rs 1 Lakh. Indians love food. They love bakery snacks. Bakery business includes, selling breads, pastries, cakes, cookies, sandwich, wrappers, chocolates, birthday cakes, ice creams etc., These are large in demand in India as most of the Indians love to have these food items as snacks on regular basis. Bakery items are handmade or semi automated or fully automated. While handmade and semi automated would cost low to medium capital, fully automated would need high capital. One can start within semi-automated bakery business with as low as Rs 2 Lakhs, again depending on the scale of business they want to start. Such business is ever green and it can turn to be one of the most successful small business ideas.

8) Furniture Manufacturing

Many of us love to have good furniture at home. Demand for furniture has increased these days with increase in interest towards them and growing population. You can start furniture manufacturing business with as low as Rs 2 Lakhs. This would also depend on the capacity which you want to start. Higher the investment, higher the number of manufacturing furniture items

9) Mobile Food court

If you are food lover or good in preparing food items, you can start mobile food court. You can choose a good location which is near to offices or educational institutions etc., You would need mobile van / truck to do this business. You can hire such vans on rental basis to start and experiment. If your business is good and running with good margins, you can purchase them on your own.

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10) Daycare center

These days there is increase in working mothers. They would like to place their kids in safe hands while they go to work and till they return. If you love kids and care for them, you can start day care center. You may need some space, purchase toys for kids and employ 2-3 members (depending on the scale at which you want to start) who can help you in day to day activities. One need to maintain good hygienic and proper care for the children. One can start this day care center business with as low as Rs 50,000 that majorly goes for basic amenities required. Again, there are several cities who charge advance rentals for 3-6 months if you are going for rental space. If you have your good space at home, you can start such small business ideas from home itself.

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