Myinvestmentideas celebrates 6th Birthday

Myinvestmentideas celebrates 6th BirthdayMyinvestmentideas celebrates 6th Birthday

Dear Readers, Friends and Well Wishers. I am happy to inform you that today its 6th Birthday of There are several unique things happened on our blog in the last 1 year. Let me try to recap a few of the important things.

Recap at myinvestmentideas in the last 1 year

1) Special Reviews on the latest investment options: Like every year, even in the last 1 year, there were several investment options that came up for investment. Some of the new themes like Best Rural Mutual Fund schemes have caught investor attention, apart from our regular Top 10 Mutual Funds which I keep recommending every year. IPOs like CDSL, AU Small Finance Bank, Dixon Technologies, Godrej Agrovet IPOs have given superior returns between 30% to 120%. We have also cautioned several IPOs like General Insurance company, to stay away from such IPOs which had a disaster on listing day and even after that. Yes, some of the IPOs recommended by us are still yet to catch up, as the recommendation tenure indicated was 2-3 years.

2) Creating Entrepreneurs: We continued to write about various business ideas in the last 1 year which was useful for many entrepreneurs. Some of the articles like best manufacturing business ideas, small profitable business ideas, best business ideas in small towns have gained prominence where several readers have commented / FB comments / wrote emails to me that this has benefitted them.

3) Creating Crorepatis: Small saving can turn to big. I have been highlighting this for a long time. There are several readers who got inspired with some of the articles like “how to invest Rs 1500 per month to become Crorepati”. One of the article “How not to become Crorepati” has opened eyes for many investors about the mistakes they are doing.

4) 9,000+ page views per day: Last year, more than 15,000 visitors per day were visiting the blog during Jun-2017. Currently, myinvestmentideas has lost Google page ranking in the last 3 months and page views has reduced to 9,000+ page views per day. While this is majorly due to google page ranking drop, we are analyzing to see what best we can do to regain the ranking and improve trust among the readers.

6) 28,500+ comments answered till now: By the end of Jun-2017, there were more than 25,000 questions answered on this blog. When it, reached by the end of Jun-2018, the comments responded have been increased from 25,000 to 28,500+.

7) 18,000+ Facebook likes: Currently, there are more than 18,000 likes on Facebook for myinvestmentideas which shows investor interest in the articles and analysis published by our blog.

Popular Articles in the last 1 year

Here are some of the popular articles in the last 1 year

1) Top Rated Mutual Funds

2) Bharat 22 ETF in Nov-2017

3) Top 10 Mutual Funds to invest in 2018

4) Low risk, high return mutual funds invest

5) Best Manufacturing Business Ideas

6) Top 15 Best SIP Mutual Funds invest under this volatile market.

What did not work well in last 1 year?

Investor confidence has reduced about some of the IPO articles written in the last 1 year. While many IPOs have given good returns, some of the good IPO’s has not yielded returns yet. We would continue to provide an unbiased opinion about the IPOs. Google page ranking too got reduced as they gave importance now to large website like Moneycontrol, economictimes etc., instead of ranking smaller websites that have good content. While this is not in our control, we would continue to make efforts going forward to post good content to the investors.

Humble request to readers

Please read the comments in an article and post a new question. Repeated questions would be time consuming and we would not be able to help you with more analysis. Also, please comment on blog in relevant article instead of sending an email. Since most of them would be generic queries, it would be useful for other readers also who might be searching for similar issues.

Wishing all readers a wonderful year ahead and wish many of you should become Crorepathis with small investments and many should turn to entrepreneurs starting their own startups.


Suresh KP

Suresh KP


  1. hi Suresh,

    I’m a huge fan of your site. Valuable tons of news on financial world. One can simply follow your site for attaining great financial knowledge and financial freedom.

    Appreciate your efforts!


  2. Congratulations Mr.Suresh. The information you provide is very useful and simple to understand.

  3. Thank you Mr. Suresh for your unbiased analysis. Really enjoy reading your articles!

    Thanks once again!

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