15 Most Successful Small Business Ideas to start in 2022-23

15 Most Successful Small Business Ideas to start in 2022-23

The last year of the pandemic has made each one of us realize that there should be multiple sources of income to ensure financial security. On average every person should have at least five sources of income. A business idea with little or no capital can be a brilliant idea to create one such source of income. Proper planning it is possible to start a small and successful business that reaps profits after a few months of inception even from a small office place or even from home. This article would suggest 15 such successful small business ideas can we start it with no to low investment and can prove to be a successful business idea in 2022-23.

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15 Most Successful Small Business Ideas to start in 2022-23

Now let us jump into the list of most successful small business ideas to start now.


1) Online education

Most Successful Business Ideas to start in 2021 - Online EducationKids these days are techno-savvy and have a profound understanding of using various gadgets. If you have a team of a few people who are experts in different academic domains you can start your website and provide online education for those who are looking for easy solutions. Particularly in the tear one cities were moving from one place to another is extremely time-consuming online education is becoming a more preferred choice to save time. This is one of the most successful small business ideas in India, especially during covid-19 pandemic period.

2) Online grocery

2020 has made almost all smartphones have one or the other online grocery application. Online grocery is an extremely lucrative business idea if you have the initial capital as well as marketing expense budget. Although there are several competitors in the market regarding online grocery sales still the market is huge and the chances that you can penetrate deeper into the market is high.

3) Personal gym trainer/ yoga trainer

As stated earlier people are becoming much more conscious about their physical and mental health. Also, there are several courses available to train yourself as a gym instructor or a yoga trainer. If you are a person who is inclined towards gym or yoga you can go for the train the trainer courses and start your journey as a fitness trainer.

4) Import/ export Consultant

As the world is becoming a single market place the level of imports and exports has increased globally. However, some lesser consultants can provide umbrella services for the import and export requirements for the smooth functioning of the entire process. Having an expert knowledge about the imports and exports which would include the laws, taxes, certifications, regulations and other protocols to be followed can be a good business to start with. This expertise can be attained by doing certain courses as well as interning with a firm that is already dealing with imports and exports for providing practical solutions regarding imports and exports. This is one of the unique and most successful small business ideas in India.

5) Wedding Planner

Most Successful Business Ideas to start in 2021 - Wedding plannerA wedding is a very special location as per the Indian tradition. Whether it’s a low-budget wedding or a big fat ready people are now looking out for wedding planners. Starting from low-budget weddings and gaining experience one can go ahead and plan bigger and grand weddings and earn a lot of profits. At the same time, these planners can work on other special locations like anniversaries and birthdays to earn more.

6) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing in simple terms is marketing someone else’s product and earning a commission. This work can be done by having the basic knowledge of affiliate marketing which can be available online. Without having any stock one can start with affiliate marketing heading back home and on commissions. More the amount of time you give along with strategic planning more the commissions you can earn. This is one of the successful business ideas who are passionate about creative writing and good at promoting a product with amazing reviews. It is one of the most successful small business ideas from home.

7) Exhibition/ flea market organizer

Exhibitions and flea markets are trending as people go to these places during evenings or weekends to buy unique products. The flea markets also have certain activities to have to add on attractions to attract a higher footfall. Organizing such exhibitions or fleas in different cities can generate good profits and also improve the network for repetitive and quicker future exhibitions.

8) Nutritionist

If you are a health-conscious person or planning to become a nutritionist you can undergo a shorter course or a diploma course on health and nutrition. Once you are certified as a nutritionist you can consult various people who are looking for a more healthy lifestyle. Research shows that people are much more concerned about their health than they were a decade ago. With a growing inclination towards better health becoming a nutritionist can be a brilliant idea now and in times to come.

9) Food critique

The quality, taste as well as looks of the food we eat matters a lot. Food critic has been an interesting avenue to be explored as the number of restaurants and eat-out places is increasing at a pan-India level. If you are a food lover and can provide insights about the above-mentioned factors becoming a food critique can be your new business idea. You can have a team who can work with you or you can provide such services with food lovers who would just enroll with your firm and give feedback.

10) Photographer

if you own a DSLR camera or have the resources to buy the same, photography is a brilliant business idea for you to pursue. This business can be carried on along with a full-time job. You can have editors edit the pictures and videos for you. Just setting up the schedule based upon your event appointments can strike a perfect balance to create some passive income.

11) Hydroponics

Hydroponics is a method of farming where the vertical structure is used to grow plants. Various courses are available online to pursue hydroponics. You can sell the vegetables and fruits grown through hydroponics and earn great incomes. It requires an initial investment but organic food is gaining demand and can be done even in a small place as the structure helps in growing the plants in a vertical structure using nutrients and no soil.

12) Organic store

Most Successful Business Ideas to start in 2021 - HydroponicsOrganic stores are gaining popularity as people are getting more and more inclined towards healthier varieties of food. Organic products are gaining in demand and with the right and authentic sources, low-cost and good quality organic products can be sourced and sold to earn profits. It is one of the most successful small business ideas to start from village that has huge potential in coming years.

13) Youtuber

More people are getting connected to social media especially Youtube. The content creators create interesting content through various editing softwares which are already there in the market. You can select any niche subject which you are passionate about and then create the videos. Post such niche video content on regular basis and create good subscribe base. One can earn through Youtube Partnerships + Promotional content + Paid Ads in the in-content video itself.

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16) Retail Pharmacy Chains

Pharmacy retail chains refer to multiple pharmacy retail outlets (medical stores or pharmacies). There are approximately 20 lacs retail pharmacies pan India. Having a more structured format of the pharmacy retail chains can be a brilliant business idea as the chains have a much stronger brand image and they save a lot through bulk purchase orders. The staff of a pharmacy retail chain consists of pharmacists, management staff, and helpers. This is one of the most successful business ideas who can afford some investment.

Conclusion: A  business is more about coming out of your comfort zones and have strong planning to start a new business after proper investigation and personal risk appetite analysis. No business is small as even a small business can become an extremely powerful venture with proper planning and strategies.

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