1. Thanks a lot for writing this valuable blog. I want your prescription on the names of some Mutual Funds to be invested monthly ₹10,000-12,000 as you think best at present . My age is 54 years doing govt. job.
    Expecting a reliable suggestion from an expert like you, sir . Happy upcoming New Year .

  2. Sir I deposited Rs.20000/- towards my PPF account on 03.04.2020 for FY 2019-20. However the bank refused stating that the Govt. direction came on 11.04.2020. Wheteher the bank’s action is right.

    1. Hello Vijay, Let us know what direction you are talking about here? Are you talking about interest rate reset. This has come in the last day of the quarter in the last 12 quarters which I am tracking deligently.

  3. Sir, Please clarify my small and silly doubt as for now interest rate changes every quarter for different schemes.
    Lets say Post office MIS last year have interest rate of 7.7% and if i invested in MIS last year itself , then what interest today i will get . 7.7% or 6.6%.

    1. Ashish, Except for PPF and SCSS, all other post office / small saving schemes investors would get the interest at the rate they bought it on that date. e.g. if you have invested in POMIS from 1 Oct to 31-Dec-20 where the interest rate is 6.6%. Assume the rates are going down to 6%, you would still get 6.6% which you invested during earlier period. This does not apply for PPF and SSA/SSY where the rates are reset every quarter based on MoF notifications

  4. Dear Sir,

    If I have invested in SCSS scheme in bank of Rs. 15 Lakhs, can I invest additional amount in Post Senior Citizen scheme ?

    1. Bimal, SCSS can be opened either with scheduled bank or post office. However, one can invest maximum of Rs 15 lakhs per person irrespective of number of accounts they are holding.

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