10 Killer Ways to Make Extra Side Income

You might be doing a job or you might be a student or a retired and may have some free time during your week days. Individuals working in technology / IT company / MNC company might be free for a few hours during their weekend. Many of us like this would wonder whether there are there any ways to make extra side income in your idle time. You might not be earning high amount, but such side jobs would help you for pocket money or for groceries for your home. If you are passionate about such ideas, you can earn a hefty amount too. What are various ways to make extra side income in your idle time? We have filtered 10 killer ways where you can create extra side income if you can spend few hours in a week during your idle time.

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10 Killer Ways to Make Extra Side Income

#1 – Start a Blog and earn through Ads and Ad-sense

It is rightly said that there should always be more than one source of income. Blog writing is a brilliant option to earn your easy pocket money. Undoubtedly, this requires time and little investment, but the returns can be good if the same can capture the audience attention. These blogs range from finance to travel, fashion to food and general topics to specific ones. As each one has our own fields in which we excel, pen them down with your experiences and knowledge can fetch you confidence, name, and money. There are people ready to advertise on your blogs, this is how you get paid. Also, Google ads and Adsense can be used as an add-on source for inflows. Many people started blogging as their hobby and now making a decent income.

Step-1 – Visit Godaddy.com or any other website/web hosting site and create 1 website

Step-2 – Install WordPress or Joomla software which is free

Step-3 – Start writing articles on your favorite topic and post them -2-3 in a week

Step-4 – Start approaching advertisers in your niche or apply for Google Adsense. You can start earning money.

#2 – Write articles online as a freelancer

With innumerable blogs being made, the need for writers is also increasing. Try out writing for blogs about the passion for a subject. You do not need to open up a blog always. Ghostwriting is a well-developed domain to write and earn. There are a number of websites, which allow you to apply and start writing to get paid. Just be sure to check the authenticity of the website you are writing for to make sure your writings reach the expected readers. Some of the good websites are freelancer.com, freelancer.in etc.,

#3 – Create YouTube Videos and earn through Ads

This is the era of ever-increasing technology. You can exploit the potentials of the various channels to make money. Making YouTube videos using the right camera, skills and terms can help you make a lot of money. Do make sure that the content is not plagiarized, that is copied from other videos or content, which might create copyright or legal issues. After a level, you can start earning for the views as well as the subscriptions received them along with the pay you get from the advertisements.

#4 – Work as an Insurance Agent

Insurance is an important part of financial planning in the life of every educated person. A life insurance agent is an extremely lucrative choice to earn money. There is an endless need for insurances may it be life or health. The commissions, which an insurer can earn, are beyond expectation, once the client base is made. However, be sure to get the right license and sell the insurance products accordingly. One needs to get appointed by the insurance company, which can be possible only after the insurance license exam is cleared. The process is very easy, but needs to be fulfilled. The investment would be just your laptop or your computer and time to know more about the product and communicate and suggest the client accordingly. Do make sure to know about the unknown policies, which can help you gain better clientele.

#5 – Create a Mobile App

Although creating a mobile app to earn money might sound mysterious and difficult, it has been successfully making people rich. Once you enter the industry you would understand the earning potential it has. Make sure to gain the right expertise and create a combination of free and paid versions of the app. Once the app is created, try preparing more than one app and cross advertise to gain more users. Do keep the apps updated to maintain the brand image and save if from being obsolete. A unique application, which can keep the users busy during the breaks or leisure time, can keep the users be a moving advertisement by means of mouth publicity.

#6 – Create an e-book for educating in the niche area

Life is much busier than what it used to be. The technology and gadgets take a lot of time of the day. People tend to focus on learning to excel in a field, but fail to get the time to do it. In such a scenario EBooks are the best resort to gain knowledge at the convenient time. EBook writers with unique and correct information are in great demand. The content should be no plagiarized and should adhere the copyrights if applicable; to avoid any issues arising out of it.

#7 – Promote products of Amazon/Flipcart as an affiliate

As we know that technology is growing at an unimaginable pace and so is the online selling. With increasing competition, companies like Flip kart and Amazon are spending resources to make sure that the product reaches the desired and potential customers and they are completely satisfied with the manner of advertisements, SEO tools as well as the product descriptions. It is a brilliant idea to become an affiliate of these companies and promote the selling of the products to earn money. This is one of the best options for those who do not have an add-on qualification, but has time and a laptop to manage the work.  If you want to more about how an affiliate program works, you can check this article.

#8 – Work as real Estate agent over the weekend

As indicated earlier, one should always have a second source of earning. If you have free weekends, try to affiliate to the big brokers to earn commission on the real estate properties, which are sold through you. It is definitely not easy, but even a single turnover a month can fetch you great amounts as it is usually a percentage of the value of the estate being sold. Even one sale a month routed through, you can give you enough money to suffice the time and the hard work positioned in.

# 9 – Work as a Social Media Promoter

Many of us are fans of Facebook or Twitter of Instagram. Many of us (including me) want to promote our content to social media on a regular basis. You can tap into such opportunities and promote advertisers, content on social media. Though it would take a few minutes, but you can earn good money. However, you need to promote such content on a regular basis says 15 minutes in a day.

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#10 – Network Marketing

This is similar to affiliate marketing, however, there is no online here. You would use your own network marketing and promote products. This would be useful, especially for women who can review the products and tell them to your friends or relatives. You can earn commission from such products when you order on behalf of them.

It is true that one needs to have the potential to earn money, but to add to that its 20% skill and 80% mindset. So change your mindset and explore these opportunities to increase your earnings.

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