1. Hello,

    I transferred my PPF account from post office to SBI. The account opening process has been done at SBi and I have been given my passbook. It’s been two weeks and still the amount from post office is not credited to my account. How many days does it take for the amount to get credited.


  2. Good morning Mr.Suresh KP for the detailed info.
    My concern is that i transferred my PPF accounts from Post Office to SBI, in the Month of March 2019. The SBI only credited me with the interest on my total savings, for the number of days they had my deposit, and the Post Office did not credit me with any interest for 11 months that i kept the money with them.
    What is my remedy and who amongst the 2 is liable to pay for the interest on the enire amount for the entire year.
    It’s a substantial amount of Interest, which I cannot forego.


    1. Hi Lalit, The rule is that interest is credited only at the end of financial year and in this case SBI should do it. My advice, talk to Post office first and get documentary evidence and then to SBI people.

  3. Hi Suresh,


    Nice info on the blog here. I had one query which is I have a PPF account with a post office in Kolkata & it is matured already after 15 yrs. I being an NRI the PPF would have been frozen anyways. Now I would like to withdraw this money …ideally being transferred to my NRO account with ICICI bank. I guess Icannot open a PPF account anymore with ICICI being an NRI. What might be the right procedure. Your response will be highly appreciated.

  4. I had a ppf in Jaipur GPO I got it transferred to Noida through SBBJ Noida branch.It was transferred on 9.12.2016. On 31 03.2017 SBBJ gave interest from 9.12.2016 to 31.03.2017 and said that interest from 1.04.2016 to 08.12.2016 will be given by Post Office.

    Please guide me.

  5. I have a ppf account in post office from 2011. Now I want to transfer the same account to HDFC bank at the same location.

    kindly advise for the transfer procedure from post to hdfc bank



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