How to complaint against Insurance Company when there is no response?

How to complaint against insurance companyHow to complaint against Insurance Company when there is no response?

You would have purchased an insurance product, however you had a query which you raised with them, but the insurance company is not responding to you. You have brought life insurance or health insurance, but when needed, the insurance company is NOT picking up phone calls and not responding to your queries. How to complaint against such insurance company when there is no response from them?

Example of the insurance company not responding

Last week there was a comment on our blog where Mr. Ravi has applied LIC e-Term insurance policy. Here is the comment.

Its has been 4 months since I have applied for this Policy. All documents submitted and all medical tests were completed in smooth manner. However it hit a road block for me for being little too honest. I had small hospitalization for gas problem 7 years back which I clearly mentioned in the form. Now I also declared that I do not have the reports for the same and if required I can give this in writing as well. Also since they have conducted all medical tests they know that currently there are no related issues which may cause any problem in future.

Its been a month and 5 follow ups with them but no one is even ready to respond on email. The contact no mentioned on site is worthless as no one pick up that as well. Is there any way to escalate this issue?

How to complaint against Insurance Company when there is no response?

There are 2 ways where you can complaint against an insurance company. One is internal to the insurance company and second is directly to the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDA).

Method-1 – Complaining about insurance company to GRO of insurance company

IRDA has asked insurance companies to have Grievance Redressal Officers at each of their branch / offices to address issues which are not being closed by the officers of the insurance company. Below is the process you should adopt to complaint against an insurance company.

Step-1: Approach Grievance Redressal Officers of the branch / office. List of GRO’s is enclosed below.

Step-2: Give written complaint with necessary supporting documents

Step-3: Get acknowledgement of such complaint about the company

Step-4: Insurance company would come back with your complaint within 15 days from the date of complaint. In case you are not getting response after 15 days too, you can straight away move to Method-2 of complaining directly to IRDA

List of Grievance Redressal Officers of all insurance companies are enclosed below:

Insurer Name of GRO GRO email ID
Aegon Religare Life Insurance Mr. Debmalya Maitra, Mr. Anil Agarwal
Aviva Life Insurance Ms. Namrata Kumar
Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Mr. Sandeep Nair
Bharti Axa Life Insurance Mr. Sandeep Arora
Birla Sun Life Insurance Ms. Gurvinder Sehgal
Canara HSBC Life Insurance Ms. Pooja Verma ,
DHFL Pramerica Life Insurance Mr. Anurag Singh 
Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance  Mr. Nilesh Parmar
Exide Life Insurance Mr. B. Ashwin
Future Generali Life Insurance Mr. Madan Jalan
HDFC Standard Life Insurance Mr. Ravi.k. Chikkam
ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Ms. Dinaz Maira
IDBI Federal Life Insurance Ms. Lalitha Bhatia
India First Life Insurance Ms. Lillian D Silva / Mr. Mohit Rochlani
Kotak Mahindra  Life Insurance Ms. Priti Punjabi
Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) Mr. Ganesh
Max Life Insurance Mr. Chaitanya Kapoor
PNB MetLife Insurance Mr. Shiva Kumar N;
Reliance Life Insurance Mr. Shanai Ghosh
Mr. Soumitra Velkar,
Sahara India Life Insurance Mr. Parakh Tandon 
SBI Life Insurance Mr. Rajkumar Raina
Shri Ram Life Insurance Mr. Pilla Venkata Sreekanth
Star Union Daichi Life Insurance Ms. Gauri Mhatre
Tata AIA Life Insurance Mr. S. Swaminathan

Method-2 – Complaining about insurance company to IRDA

You can approach Grevience Redressel Cell of the Consumer Affairs department of Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India by any of the following methods. This is either to give complaint or in case you are not happy with the answer provided by insurance company or GRO of insurance company. Keep documents ready pertaining to complaints given earlier to the insurance company  and GRO along with necessary supporting documents.

  • Phone contact: Call Toll Free no. 1800 4254 732 or 155 255 and record your complaint.
  • Email contact: You can mail to where they would respond with your query after checking with insurance company.
  • IGMS: Use Integrated Grevience Management System and automated reporting of your complaint at
  • Post: You can post / courier your written complaint to the following address. However, you need to download prescribed format, fill and post along with your complaint.

Download the prescribed template at this link and post them to below address

  • Consumer Affairs Department
  • Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority
  • 3-5-817/818, United India Towers, 9th Floor
  • Hyderguda, Basheerbagh
  • Hyderabad – 500 029

Some sample instances where you may like to complaint:

  1. You have applied for life insurance / health insurance, the premium is deducted from your account, however policy is not issued, no response from the insurance company about your follow-ups.
  2. You have purchased insurance products, but have queries / issues in the policy document, following up with insurance department for clarification / rectification in the document, but no response in spite of repeated requests.
  3. You have purchased insurance product, but not happy with the service, making follow-up to either get clarity or to surrender the policy, but no response from the insurance company.

The above are some of the issues which came to my mind. You might be facing several other issues too.

Conclusion: First ensure that you lodge requests with an insurance company that you are following up on a query / or you have a complaint about the insurance product you applied or purchased. This would be useful when you approach Grievance Redressal Officer of an insurance company that he/she can track and provide immediate solutions in 15 days. Even GRO is not responding you should approach IRDA with all proofs. This should be your last option.

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How to complaint against Insurance Company

Suresh KP


  1. Ms. Meenakshi Gupta – Mobile –
    Mr. Santosh Avasthi – Mobile –

    Mr. Vishal Bharadwaj – Mobile –

    Above 3 persons, I have been introduced by themselves as IRDA employees were in touch with me since March 2020.

    They have asked me to buy 5 New Insurance Policies, to recover my own money from ICICI Prudential

    They have not yet resolved my case. I have not yet received Amount, which ICICI Prudential has transferred to Payment Release Department of IRDA

    I hereby request you do all the needful, so that I will receive my own amount, stuck in 8 different policies – 5 new policies and 3 already existing policies of ICICI Prudential

    Could you please inform, if you need any other details from me

    1. Hello Suhas, Sad to hear about your story. But when so much awareness is being created by several websites like us, I am not sure how you got into the trap of purchasing 5 new insurance policies that too to recover from one of the ICICI Prudential Policy. You need to follow below process to register complaint against the insurance company and people who have cheated you
      1) Approach the grievance cell of the insurance company where you felt they have cheated you. Here is the link which has email IDs of the officers of insurance company. should resolve your complaint, if not go for step-2
      2) After 15 days of raising complaint, reach out to with all documentary evidence that such insurance company has cheated you.
      3) Paralelly raise online complaint with IRDA at this link.

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