How to check Wonderla Holidays IPO allotment status?

How to check Wonderla Holidays IPO allotment status?

Today I was able to get a link to check Wonderla Holidays IPO allotment status. While I have applied for 800 shares, I got only 100 shares of Wonderla Holidays allotted to me . You can follow below steps to know how many Wonderlay Holidays shares has been allotted to you.

Step by step process to check Wonderla Holidays IPO allotment status

  • Click on this Karvy Link
  • Select Wonderla Holidays IPO from "Company" field drop down.
  • Click App number, Client Query ID or PAN number and enter relevant data. I felt putting PAN was the easiest thing. So, I clicked on PAN and entered PAN number inthe field given.
  • Select whether you have applied thru ABSA or Non ABSA. If you have applied thru or thru or any other online portal, you need to tick “ABSA”. 
  • Click on “GO”. 
  • Here is what I got after entering the relevant details.

check wonderla holidays ipo status

Please do share in case any has been allotted for more than 100 shares.

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Check Wonderla Holidays IPO allotment status

Suresh KP


  1. Hi suresh,

                 I am  started reading your blog recently. I want to invest in IPO's.What is the procedure for it.Could you please explain me.

    1. Hi Karan, Please open trading and demat account from any of the stock brokers. Once you open it, you can go to IPO section and start investing. Please note that investment in stocks are high risk. Invest only once you are familair on how the stock market runs.

  2. I have also applied for 200 & got nothing…. 

    How they allot share…. & how much one should apply for – to get some particular nos.?


  3. Bought few buckets of shares today. I bought it early in the morning for 169. I hope I will see some profits soon.

  4. Dear Suresh – I missed to subscribe this.  Any chance i would be able to buy in secondary market.  Pl. advise.  rgds

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