1. Suresh Ji,
             What is ur idea about "Equity saving funds"?

    as Market is at peak now, I would like to invest some fund(lumpsome, 3L) in "HDFC Equity saving fund". please advice me is it good idea ? or Should I go for any Dept funds?
    by the way As I'm an NRI, I can get 6.7% interest with Tax free in my NRE a/c.
    please guide me which is best? 

  2. Thanks Suresh for sharing the information. It would be great if you give more details on debt fund as there are more category in debt fund (MIP, gilt etc) and their pros & crons with tax.  (For example MIP aggressive fund has no tax if withdrawn after a year)

  3. How about security of money for debt funds considering they invest in non secure NCD and company fixed deposit to be able to earn more interest.

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