Happy Birthday Myinvestmentideas.com

Happy Birthday MyinvestmentideasHappy Birthday Myinvestmentideas.com

I am happy to share that Myinvestmentideas.com blog has completed one year today. On 30th June, 2012, I registered this blog and have achieved key milestones. I want to name some of the key milestones which has contributed to the growth story of Myinvestmentideas.com

Key milestones in the last 1 year

1) Ranks in first page of Google for several keywords: You type best investment options or best investment plans or best sip or small business ideas etc, myinvestmentideas.com ranks in first position or in top 5 positions in the first page of Google search.

2) 10,000+ page views per day: I messaged my wife on 12-Aug-12 that our blog had 100 page views that day. My wife responded saying, I wish it would touch 1000 page views per day in one year. I am happy to share that it crossed 10,000+ page views per day in the last week of Jun-2013 for this blog. This shows good amount of interest being shown by readers for this blog. Readers participate by putting queries, questions, asking for specific articles thru “Suggest a topic” option etc.

3) 2000+ questions answered: By end of Jun-2013, there are more than 2000 questions answered on this blog. Majority of them has been posted in the last 5-6 months only.

4) 599 Facebook likes: When I was writing this article, there are around 599 FB likes for this blog.

5) Among Top-10 bloggers in India: Apnaplan.com has done some research in Dec-12/Jan-13 and filtered top-10 bloggers in India. Myinvestmentideas.com has ranked in Top-10 bloggers in India.

6) Product reviews appreciated by readers: While there are several products reviews on myinvestmentideas.com, some of the main reviews liked by our readers are on Fundsindia.com, fundsupermart.co.in, LIC Jeevan Sugam, Reliance health assure plan, Mahindra company FD, IPO's etc., Readers has been continuously asking for product reviews which they want to invest. Majority of requests has been accepted and reviewed except in some cases where the founders of the products asked for reviews and where I have refused to do that as I felt they are not relevant for this blog.

7) Regular feedback from blogger's community: While I was getting on and off feedback from our blogger community about my articles, Kirti from bemoneyaware.com has been continuously going thru my articles and providing suggestions and comments. Thanks to Kirti.

8) Best Article No.1 – 20 good small business ideas: While there are several best articles, 20 good small business ideas has attracted several readers from India, US, UK, Australia, Singapore and 25+ more countries. More 2000+ readers per day are reading this article and sharing their thoughts and asking for questions.

9) Best Article No.2 – Top 10 Mutual funds for SIP: This is another killer article which I posted almost 6 months back. There are more than 1000 readers who shared comments and questions through blog, email and thru SMS (close friends) to me.  Every day there are more than 700 people who view this article.

10) Contests: We have conducted 2 contests in the last 1 year. First one in Feb-13 for “Best appreciation and best criticism” and second contest was in Apr-13/May-13 about “Share and win” contest. It was nice talking to them when they shared their financial experiences.

If you have patience and wanted to know how I achieved this success story, you can read on.

People behind this success

1) My wife is first criticizer for this blog: When I wanted to start my blog, my wife was not that confident about my blogging. OK, you are a good blogger, will do good analysis, what next? To write a blog, only professionals in writing can do that. I have done several rounds of self criticism and finally said I WOULD do it. My wife does not know what are mutual funds or investment options. She would guide only whether my thought process is right or wrong. She is my best part in the success of this blog. 

2) It requires effort to get such ranking: When someone asked how I achieved this, it would be difficult to say. If I tell that I have spent sleepless nights to get good ranking, it would be just underestimating the effort it went. Writing good articles, understanding what other bloggers do to get ranking, participate in investment advice forums etc. More than 10,000 people per day are visiting this website not just because I created, but they are able to get what they want. They are able to get answers (not all answers are accurate to 100%).

3) People laughed when I wanted to start this blog: People laughed at me when I said, I wanted to create this blog. I told them my motto is to earn money and not charity. Now after 10 months, I am getting 300% of income of what I planned. Still people are laughing, not at me, but to themselves who criticized earlier.

4) Suggestions from readers: There are several suggestions came from Vivek Soni, PG Arunkumar, Rajesh Balooni, Sambit, Hiren, Supriya V etc. I have named only few which came to my mind now. There are hundreds of other readers who keep suggesting me every day to improve this blog.

5) Best Criticisms: There are several people like PG Arunkumar or Srinivasan who gave good criticisms alerting me that “we need to still improve”. Srinivasan indicated on “10 Romantic and low cost gift ideas for your girlfriend and wife” article that the title attracted very much, but content was not that good as expected. If there are no criticisms or competition from other websites, there is no fun. We would improve.

6) What we could not do better: There are a few times we made wrong advice and corrected it. Our premium service has also not kicked-off the way we planned. There were < 50 customers who visited us in the last 3 months and opted for premium services. When I ran a survey about premium service, only 30% of participants felt there is a need for financial advisor. We would revisit this and see how we can improve.

7) Request to readers: Please read the comments in an article and post a new question. Repeated questions would be time consuming and I would not be able to help you with more analysis. Also please comment on blog in relevant article instead of sending an email to me. Since most of them would be generic queries, it would be useful for other readers also who might be searching for similar issues.

Have a wonderful year ahead.

Happy Investing!!!

Cheers, Suresh

Suresh KP


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