EPFO Launches Mobile App – Check EPF balance and download passbook in seconds now

EPFO Mobile App-Check EPF Balance and download passbook in secondsEPFO Launches Mobile App – Check EPF balance and download passbook in seconds now

Employees Provident Fund Organization(EPF) has launched Mobile App where employees can check their EPF balance, download passbook etc. on their mobile while on their move. Earlier EPFO has provided facility to check EPF balance through mobile and with SMS, however there was no simple App like one what is being launched now. What are the key features of this EPFO Mobile App? How to check EPF balance through this EPFO Mobile App? How to download EPF passbook through this mobile App of EPFO?

What are the Features of this EPFO Mobile App?

This Mobile App launched by EPFO has 4 major features:

  • EPF members (employees) can do UAN (Universal Account Number) activation through this mobile App.
  • EPF Member can check their employee provident fund (epf) balance through this mobile App.
  • EPF pensioner can check their disbursement/pymts through this mobile App.
  • Employees can check EPF deposits/remittances by entering TRRN (Transaction) number on this mobile App.

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How does EPFO Mobile App work?

Members can download EPF mobile App from EPFO website. You can directly download this App from this EPFO Mobile app download link. This mobile App is classified into 3 sections, Members, Pensioners and Employers. Once you download, you need to activate UAN on your mobile to use all these features indicated above.

Who would get benefitted with this Mobile App?

There are currently 3.54 Crore members, 50 Lakh pensioners and over 6 Lakh employers who can download and get benefitted through this EPFO Mobile App.

How to activate UAN on EPFO Mobile App?

  • Open EPFO Mobile App
  • Visit Members section
  • Select “UAN Activate” option
  • You need to enter Establishment Code, Extn, Employee Number and UAN and your Mobile number. All these are available in your payslip issued by the employer. If any details are missing, you need to contact your employer.
  • Click “Activate” button.
  • Your UAN would be activated.

How to check EPF Balance / Download Passbook through EPFO Mobile App?

First you need to activate UAN. Once you have done, you would be able to use these features.

  • Click on Members section
  • Click on Balance / Passbook
  • Enter UAN  and mobile no.
  • Click Show
  • Your EPF balance is displayed on screen. You can download EPF passbook too.

How to check Pension disbursement / payment through EPFO Mobile App?

  • Go to Pension Section of mobile app
  • Enter PPO number and Date of Birth
  • Click on Submit button
  • View the info.

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How employers can check EPF deposit/remittances status through EPFO Mobile App?

  • Go to employers section of the Mobile App
  • Click TRRN Status button
  • Enter TRRN number (Transaction number)
  • Click Show Status button

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EPFO Launches EPF Mobile App – Check EPF balance and download passbook in seconds now

Suresh KP


  1. Dear Sir,

    I received message to my mobile on24th march 2017 as my EPF amount as been seltelled and sent to my account. But till today the same amount is not credited to my account.

  2. Dear Sir

    I have a rather peculiar situation(and i must apologize for such a long message!)

    I started working in a Delhi company in 1999 where there was a provision for EPF account. After working for 2 years, i left that firm, and then worked on freelance projects. In 2003 i moved overseas, and i completely forgot about the EPF account. I moved back to India in late-2011 and have been working on a freelance basis. While going through my papers, i found that my account was there with EPF, but it has been deactivated since 2009 . I wanted to withdraw the money but as my ex-employer was not available now, and the old records could not be found in that company, nothing could be done.
    From January 2016, i will be starting a new job where there would be contributions to EPF

    Now my question is, can i use the same EPF account to start making contributions?
    will the new job contributions activate my deactivated EPF account?
    or will i need to start a new EPF account?

    I must add that i m an Australian citizen(by naturalization) and i hold Indian OCI card(that allows me to live indefinitely in India and operate financially like any Indian citizen?

    My apologies for such a long post. but i thought i needed to make my situation clear to you

    Thanks in advance


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