CRED Launches CRED Mint – P2P Lending Platform offering up to 9% Interest Rates

CRED Launches CRED Mint – P2P Lending PlatformCRED Mint – P2P Lending Platform – Upto 9% interest rate

CRED, an Indian fintech company based out of Bangalore is offering CRED Mint P2P Platform where investors can get up to 9% interest rates. It has tie up with Liquiloans (RBI registered NBFC company) to provide Mint P2P platform. What is P2P Lending? What are the key features of CRED Mint P2P Platform? How does CRED Mint P2P Platform work? Should you invest in Cred Mint P2P Platform offering up to 9% returns?

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What is Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending Platform?

Before we understand about CRED mint, let us understand what P2P platform is all about. Under P2P lending platform, borrowers borrow money directly from registered members instead of bank or financial institutions. Lender would get high interest rates in P2P compared to fixed deposits. However, it comes with higher risk as borrower can default the payments. You can more here on How does P2P Lending works?

Overview about CRED

CRED is a Bangalore based fintech company founded by Mr. Kunal Shah. CRED’s main feature is to allow credit card users to make credit card payments through its CRED App and get rewarded. While in initial stages it was offering only reward points for credit card payments, later it added several other services like users can make rent payments, avail short term loans etc., CRED also provides CRED Cash, a short-term lending product. CRED is a $ 2.2 Bn start-up with over 7.5 Mn users.

Key Features of CRED Mint P2P Lending Platform

CRED launched CRED Mint, P2P Lending platform on 20th August 2021.

CRED Mint platform was launched in partnership with RBI registered NBFC company – Liquiloans. Mr. Kunal Shah is one of the early investors in Liquiloan startup company.

CRED Mint would offer up to 9% interest rates (returns) to its users who would be investing through this P2P Lending platform.

Currently the limit is set for the minimum and maximum investment. Members of CRED Mint can invest Rs 1 Lakh to Rs 10 Lakhs through this platform.

Currently CRED Mint is offering this P2P investments through invite only. Means this is INVITE ONLY PRODUCT. Investors need to ask for the access and once it is approved by CRED, you would be able to access Mint platform and start investing.

Currently CRED is planning to disburse such money who has credit score of 750+.

To reduce the risk further, the invested money would be routed directly to an escrow money held by CRED as well as by NBFC partners, Liquiloans and diversified over 200+ borrowers on average.

The entire process takes just 2 minutes.

This is commission free investment option.

One can request for withdrawal either partially or fully with a click of button that too without penalty and earn interest for the period of investment.

Mr. Kunal Shah, Founder of CRED is optimism about such products when he has seen his employees who has been testing this product for a while. He said 70% to 80% of them have invested and continue to invest every month in such products. He says “if you can get 9% returns on your idle money which can be withdrawn any time, bulk of the members will be interested”.

Is P2P Platform Safe for investment?

In P2P Platform, the interest rates are high as these platforms are used majorly by borrowers who do not get loans from banks or financial institutions due to low credit score. Lenders would lend money for high returns by taking risk. Hence, P2P Lending Investments are always high risk.

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How to request for access to CRED Mint Platform?

You can visit CRED Mint and click on “Apply for Access”. If you are fortunate, you would get access.

Is it safe to invest in CRED Mint P2P Platform?

P2P Investments are high risk, and these are for high-risk investors only. However, since CRED Mint is new entrant in this segment, one need to wait and watch on how the entire model works. Investors should not be in a hurry to invest unless you see the complete picture of such new investment platform.

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Suresh KP


  1. Sir,
    Rather than investing in CRED Mint P2P or even “Liquiloans” directly, where, there is always a risk (even if you loan to a person having a CIBIL score of minimum 750) with interest of “upto” 9% (I do not know whether this upto 9% is with monthly payout or yearly payout); would it not be a good idea to invest in TNPFC FD which was earlier offering 8.25% and now 8.00% with monthly payout for ordinary citizens and 0.50% more for senior citizens with 100% TN State government backed PSU. After all, a State government like TN in India has to have a better security and rating than a private aggregator platform with absolutely no liability on their part of any kind.

    1. Kamalji, P2P lending is always a riskier option. TNPFC is Govt backed institution and there is safety, however comes with poor systems (in terms of delay in opening, closing the FD or delayed response from customer support etc.,). Both have their pros and cons. If an investor is able to understand them, they can invest in right option suitable to them.

    2. I have been evaluating Corporate FDs for the past few months (including the ones mentioned on this site) and I think the best option in terms of high interest rate and security of the capital is TNPF. 8 percent interest with security and almost no risk is unmatched.

  2. Peer to peer lending is something new! Thank you Suresh.

    But what is preventing the borrowers from absconding and not paying back the money? How will P2P lending platform (company) protect the lender?

    1. P2P is not new in India now. It has been evolving in the last few years. However, the CRED Mint collaboration with Liquiloans and assuring up to 9% interest rates is something new. In P2P lending, if borrowers are absconding or defaulting payments, tbhe risk is born by lenders. Except that you lend money to trusted borrowers, investors money is at risk. CRED Mint says they would lend money to trustworthy borrowers, hence this is catching the attention of investors. We do not know the complete risks yet.

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