30 Best Small Business Ideas with no start-up costs

Best Small Business Ideas with no start-up costs-minBest Small Business Ideas with no start-up costs

In this era of increasing competition, it is not uncommon that many of us want to come up with a business, which has no financial risks, associated with it. The majority of the business ideas come with high costs. However, a few of the small business ideas come with nominal cost or no cost. It depends on aspiring entrepreneurs taking up such business ideas. Which are the Best Small Business Ideas that can be started with no start-up costs? This article is about 30 Best small business Ideas with no start-up costs.

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30 Best Small Business Ideas with no start-up costs

1) Blog Writing: Blog/article writing is one of the most rewarding work without any financial investments. If you are good with your language and have the required knowledge in any of the domains, blog writing can fetch you good money. You can create a website as low as Rs 500 per month / USD 10 per day and start writing articles on your favorite topic. You can check on godaddy.com or big rock.in or bluehosting for creating websites. Once you start writing articles, you can approach advertisers for advertising their products or apply for Google Adsense where google would serve ads and you would get paid for that. This is one of the good small business ideas to start who is passionate about writing.

2) Music Classes: If you are good with music and know how to sing well, you can start with own music classes. Kids, as young as three-year-old, go for such classes to improve their vocal skills. Music classes accompanied by a particular instrument say keyboard or a guitar would enhance the number of potential kids joining you.

3) Online trading of products: Online trading does not really need any capital if you have the right resources to buy and sell the same. Online trading might include anything ranging from garments to stationary. Having the right infrastructure or channel to do the same can fetch as a brilliant way of earning attractive revenues

4) Chatbots: With increasing dependence on online marketing and sales being used to reduce the human intervention and costs, bots are being inculcated into a number of websites for easy and quick communication. If you can manage to create a chatbot which can solve the basic needs of any organization or website like gathering data, improving marketing, satisfying the customer questions etc., companies would be ready to pay you for the same. It needs to be tested as well as have the inbuilt facilities, which are yet not sought by many such bots. It’s an investment for the client, not an expense so is ready for the after-sales services.

5) Bookkeeping: Bookkeeping as we all know needs long working hours. Skilled employees are excessively expensive in western countries. A lot of companies have started outsourcing their bookkeeping to countries like India because it is comparatively cheap for them. This can be a great avenue for those who are graduates and have the basic idea of working on accounting software. All it needs is a fast working computer or a laptop accompanied with a high-speed Internet service for uninterrupted work and communication.

6) Recommending Cab drivers to companies: Here, you would not do driving, however you would recommend drivers to companies. Companies like Uber and Ola would pay well to drivers, hence you can charge fees to drivers who would go thru you and join such companies.

7) Recruitment/ HR services: If you have the networking and gift of the gab of convincing people, go ahead and start improving the same by building a LinkedIn profile. Large corporates are looking out for good managers to outsource their recruitments. They pay you almost 8.33% of the annual payroll once a job is finalized. It needs time but you get well paid for the same. Recruitment Services are one of the best small business ideas to launch with no start-up cost.

8) Freelance designing: Designing can be done in various fields, ranging from on paper, graphic to AutoCAD. Know your skill traits and use your creativity to get clients in the particular field.

Best Small Business Ideas with no start-up costs-interior designer-min9) Interior designing: If you have ever done an interior designing course or even made your own house, you can move out and start designing the same for others by charging them a fee for the same. You might be wondering why will they take your services? Well, everyone cannot afford high-end designers and have the time to look into the integrities of the same while making a house. So you might be the one they are looking for.

10) Social media consultant: Social media have been used in an ever-increasing manner in this era. If you have the said idea all you need is a lot more research and you are good working as a social media consultant.

11) Reviewer/ proofreading: If you are good with grammar, but not a good writer, you can start with proofreading the documents others have written. Writers and bloggers look out for good proofreaders to speed up their work.

12) Affiliate Marketing: You can earn commissions by getting into the field of becoming a market affiliate. You need to choose a product and market it well to earn commissions on them. Affiliate marketing is one of the best small business ideas that can be started with zero cost.

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13) Web developer: Websites are a part and parcel of all mediums and large-scale industries. Web development needs a basic course, good practice, and research with a lot of creativity to get the business going. So if you possess the skill sets, web development has a lot of potential in the technologically growing era.

14) Online project manager: Projects are present in almost business and need professional help. This is where the role of a project manager comes in.

15) DIY video developer: Whenever you scroll down any social media application like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp etc., it is not uncommon that you come across videos which give to simple tips and tricks to do something like cooking, fashion, etc. These are the “Do It Yourself” Videos and get paid by means of advertisements.

16) Resume Writer: All people who are professionals or are in the service or job industry needs to prepare a resume. It is like make or break the situation for them and thus requires professional help. Resume writing is a professional writing of someone's resume. The more professional yet unique you are higher can be the demand.

17) Domain name trader: Every company who goes online needs Domain names. However the same is not available every time, as someone else has already taken it up. There are domain traders who research and invest in such domains at a basic price and the moment a higher bid is available they negotiate and sell the same. The difference between the buy and sell price is the commission they get.

Best Small Business Ideas with no start-up costs-dietician-min18) Dietician/ nutritionist: A simple course or franchise, some traits and lot of research to guide the society in becoming fitter is what a nutritionist would do to be paid for that results which are seen in the client health.

19) Survey taking: As marketing involves a lot of money, a market survey is a well-paid job to get the required data to streamline the resources in the direction needed by the company. The questions for the survey might be predetermined or selected by the surveyor depending on the need of the company.

20) Photographer: Memories never go out of fashion, thus the need for a photographer to capture them. If you own a DSLR go and start exploring your photography skills until you become good enough to take up the same professionally.

21) Insurance Agent: An insurance agent is a good part-time business to earn on commission based on the number of customers transformed into insured clients. Almost all insurance companies have this option and also provide a lot of benefits to the agents. Some of the good insurance companies in India are LIC India, SBI Life, ICICI Life etc., where they offer high commissions to insurance agents. Insurance Agent is one of the best business ideas that can be started to get regular income for medium to long term.

22) Textile trader: If you do not have the investments or do not want to risk your hard earned money start trading in garments. Take permission and pictures from the manufacturers or retailers and post them online. You get paid for each product being sold.

23) Consultant: Professional help is needed in all zones. You just need to know your fate. Once you know that, start giving professional guidance to make people technically sound about the particular avenue. Career counseling in particular, is a well-paid consulting job.

24) Home tutor: With personal work, or inability to coach your own child with increased demand for quality, competition and own stress levels, home tutors are in increased demand. Starting with basic phonetics for kindergarten children to focused subject wise tutoring can get you started with good money. Academics are a recession free business, so be a part of the same as you grow with your students.

25) Event manager: If you have the right sourcing of materials and a plethora of ideas, people are ready to pay you a bomb for their child’s birthday also. Once you grow bigger in this industry you can start with grand events like weddings as well. Event Management is one of the top business ideas to launch with minimal cost who is passionate about conducting events and who has a social network.

26) Yoga Trainer: people are becoming more and more health cautious, and if you are one of them, try it out professionally. Yoga trainers are a well paid and a reputed job. It also gives you a lot of confidence and pleasure when you see transformed and healthy students.

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Best Small Business Ideas with no start-up costs-work from home-min27) Work from home/ Data entry: If you are stuck up at home for some unavoidable circumstances, but have time, do try out work from home jobs. These jobs are simple but time-consuming. Although they require precision and perfection, it is not difficult. Note: DO CHECK THE CREDIBILITY OF THE WEBSITE/ EMPLOYER, YOU ARE WORKING FOR.

28) Match-maker / Matrimony Services: If you are a social person and love interacting, matchmaking can be interesting and at the same time get you paid in settling life of singles who are ready to get married. A number of matrimonial websites also offer such job profiles.

29) Travel planner: If you love traveling or exploring new places, why not start doing it for others. You get paid from the client as well as the airlines, hotels and other service providers. Again, this needs a lot of research and perfection as it can make or break good memories.

30) Life Coach: Nothing can be more interesting than meeting people and guiding them to attain happiness. A life coach guides the client to move in the most viable direction, which would make them satisfied and happy.

Not each of these ideas will suit you. Please start with your SWOT (Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis before moving ahead with any of them.

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30 Best Small Business Ideas with no start-up costs

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