20 Best Small Business Ideas for College Students

20 Best Small Business Ideas for College StudentsEducation has become an expensive affair these days. With the increasing competition and increasing education fees in educational institutions, getting a graduation or post graduation or any professional degree has become Tuff. It has become a need of an hour to look for some part-time job or business. A few years back, the college students were able to find part-time job for them but due to global slow-down, stiffer competition and fast revolution in technology, there are now fewer jobs. Which are the top small business ideas for college students? Are there any best small business ideas that can be done part time by college students?

Best Small Business Ideas for College Students

As a student, you can still earn your pocket money by yourself, if you make one right move in the right direction. Launching up your own business while in college can get you to reach paramount heights within a few years. There are hundreds of unique small business ideas for college students that can upturn their life forever and prove to be profitable ventures in the future.

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20 Best Small Business Ideas for College Students

Below are some unique and profitable ideas for the college student.

1) Tutor service

Being a college student, you might be having a very good hold on many or fewer subjects. You can start giving tuitions to the fellow people or young students who need help in those subjects. You can go for home tuition in the evening for a couple of hours and teach kids and earn good handsome money.

2) Sports training services

If you are good at sports, you can always think about training your fellow people or juniors in the same field.

3) Career counseling

If you have good communication skills, you can meet the recruiters and employers who are seeking for on-campus recruitment and learn what they are looking for exactly. Then you can act as a middle man by meeting those requirements with the potential students.

4) Services for international students

If your college get the quota of foreign students who have never visited our country, you can start an on-boarding service for international students. You can become their friend-cum-guide and help them to mingle-up in the new environment. You can organize familiarization or hospitality program for them. 

5) Graphic art design services

If you are creative at making art designs, you can commence an art, designing business for the college students and professor who wants their project work to be highlighted and presented in a different way.

6) Freelance writing services

If you are capable of creating magic through your words and writing, you can always opt it as a career. You can write posts for magazines or local newspaper or online or for many top blogs in India. This is one of the best small business ideas for college students as one can spend few hours in a day at their convenience.

7) Event Management

You can arrange a good party or live event to your colleagues and friends. Most students love partying if you can organize happening parties with deejays and celebrities; it is the most profitable business.

8) Photography and videography

If you are very good at photography, you can opt it as your side business. You can take photography or video for weddings and get togethers.

9) Dance or music classes

If you are a good dancer or know any musical instrument, you can take classes for the same. You can earn decent money thru this small business idea which is best suitable for college students.

10) Selling e-books

As a student, if you are compassionate about few or one subject, you can write an e-book and sell it on the internet.

11) Building mobile applications

If you possess programming skills on computer, mobile application development is the best option for you. Mobile apps are currently in great demand, and individuals and companies are hiring people to make them. This is one of the top small business ideas for college students as one need not dedicately work on this, but can work leisurely.

12) Start blogging

If you have a good niche in writing, you can create your own blog on blogger.com or create your own domain like myinvestmentideas.com. If your blogs gain traffic, you can always earn by advertisement revenue. This could be one of the top small business ideas especially for college students.

13) Offer virtual assistant services

Busy professionals always need help in reading their e-mails, planning a schedule for them, etc. and they like to hire virtual assistants that work from home for them. You can offer such services to them if you have your own computer and a good internet connection.

14) Unique and handmade gift items

If you are interested in craft activities, you can always provide people with unique and beautiful handmade products on special occasions like birthdays, bachelor parties, festivals etc.

15) Engage in online surveys

You can make money by participating online survey. There are several companies which are offering this service, however, only a few are genuine.

16) Become an online tutor

If you are smart enough to impart your knowledge to others, there are many websites that hire online tutors to teach the students. You can sign up with one of them as tutor and earn money. It is one of the best small business ideas for college students who possess good technical knowledge.

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17) Trading online

Buying and selling products online has become a profitable affair these days. Just find out some unique products at a reasonable price, make a web page or website and start selling them. You can also sell them on eCommerce portals like amazon, flipkart or snapdeal etc.,

18) Creating videos for special occasions

People these days want special videos to be sent to their dear ones through mobiles and Facebook. You can create innovative videos for them by including special effects.

And the list goes on.

Treasures start to accumulate with a small penny. No effort is small if done with full vigor and enthusiasm. People have seen small businesses, giving out huge profits later. So, start up with any of the ideas! Who knows you may be one of them. 

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Best Small Business Ideas for College Students

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