Best Investment Plans to invest for 2014

Best Investment Plans and Investment OptionsBest Investment Plans to invest for 2014

Happy New Year 2014 to all our readers. Are you wondering where to invest in 2014? Do you know which are best investment plans or investment options that are going to perform better in 2014. I have analyzed some of the best investment plans to invest for 2014 which are expected to perform better in this year. You should understand in detail about the features, risks involved and to whom these are best suitable before investing in such investment plans.

10 Best Investment Plans to invest for 2014

1) Investing in IPO’s : Investment in IPO’s gave more than 65% simple returns in 2013. This stands out to be my favorite investment plan for 2014 also. I personally invested in a Repco Home Finance IPO in Apr-2013 and the stock is appreciated 106% by the end of Dec-2013. I have written an article couple of months back on the IPO performance for 9 months in 2013.  I prefer to invest in good IPO’s rather than investing in all IPO’s as there are several small SME IPO’s keep coming where performance is not that good. I feel, investing in IPO is one of the best investment plans in India.

2) Investment in Pharma Funds: My second favorite top investment plan is investing in Pharma Mutual funds. These mutual funds gave 20% to 25% returns in last one year. Though these are high risk, high yield investments, investing some of your portfolio in such Pharma Funds can give good returns to your portfolio. Investing in Reliance Pharma Fund or SBI Pharma Fund would be the best bet for 2014.

3) Investment in Largecap / Diversified funds: Investing in mutual funds through SIP has always been my favorite top investment plan. There are several good large cap funds like ICICI Pru focused blue chip fund, Quantum Long term mutual fund, Franklin India Blue chip fund, Birla SL Front line equity, HDFC Top-200 mutual fund which are the best bet in the long run. Also there are good diversified funds like Reliance Equity Opps fund, UTI MNC fund, ICICI Pru Dynamic Plan etc. which one can look for investment.

4) Investment in Technology/IT sector funds: IT sector has been performing well in last 1-2 years. With rupee value depreciating and US economy growing, IT sector has gained a lot. There are few technology funds which gave 65% returns in last one year. I still feel this sector would perform well in 2014 too. Franklin Infotech Fund and ICICI Prutech fund are top picks for 2014.

5) Invest in Tax Free Bonds: There are several tax free bonds which have been issued in 2013 where high rated tax free bonds like NHB offered 9.01% tax free returns. Banks have been offering 9% interest which is taxable, hence these tax free bonds gained popularity. It could be one of the strategy of RBI to reduce cash flow from public and use such funds for the growth of Indian economy. I am not surprised that there would be fresh tax free bonds in 2014 which offer higher returns than 9% tax free bonds. I feel investing in tax free bonds is one of the best investment plans in  2014 too.

6) Invest in secured NCD: Though there are several Non-Convertible-Debenbtures (NCD) being issued every month with interest rates up to 12.5% per annum, investors keep worrying about the safety of the investment. I would advise investors to invest in secured NCDs which are one of the good investment plans. These secured NCD’s are generally backed up with receivables or any other company assets. Principal and interest are secured in nature. Manappuram Finance secured NCD’s issue started this week and though there are risk factors, since they are secured, investors can look for investing in such NCD’s.

7) Investment in Gold ETF: Investment in Gold should be done from long term investment perspective. As indicated in my other articles, I would personally suggest to invest in Gold ETF’s. You can look for best gold ETF’s to invest for 2014.

8) Investment in real estate: With growing real estate prices, we should not ignore investment to be made in real estate sector. Hopefully REITs investment should come into execution in 2014 so that investors can save small amounts in real estate sector like we are doing through SIP in mutual funds. I would be happy to invest in REITs in India.

9) Investment in PPF: Many readers have been asking which would be best retirement option to invest. I would personally prefer to invest in Public Provident Fund (either through the post office or through SBI or any other bank) every year. One can invest up to Rs 1 Lakh in PPF every year and get tax exemption u/s 80C and they can expect 8.5% (approx) tax free interest at maturity. This could be used as one of the best investment plans for retirement option.

10) Invest in Bank FD/RD: While all investment options are done for the long term view, you should invest part of your regular savings into a high interest earned bank fixed deposit/recurring deposit. These can be used as an emergency fund or to meet any unexpected expenses. This way you would not touch your other investments.

Conclusion: The above 10 Best Investment Plans are good to invest in 2014 and get higher returns. You should understand the risks involved in some of these investment plans before investing.

Readers, which investment options you are planning to invest in 2014. Do you have any other investment plan which is better than above. I would really love to hear from you.

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Best Investment Plans to invest for 2014

Suresh KP


  1. Hello Sir,

    I am 25 years of age. Annual income of 28k/per month.. I dont have any such liabilities right now I can take some amount of risk. I have just started learning the concepts of investment options like MF, equities, bonds etc. I dont have any type of loan. I can start with investing upto 10k per month in 30:70 ratio.. 30 % for risky investment with longer lock in periods and 70% with a lock in period of about 3-4 years.. Please suggest some good options. Right now I only have an RD of 2500 pm which I am investing for about 10 months from now. Please suggest me some good options.

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