Journey of–1st position in Baidu (China’s leading search engine)

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Journey of–1st position in Baidu (China's leading search engine)

Yesterday entire day I was under “thinking” process to check what I should write for my 50th article which is one of the critical milestones for me. I thought it should be something different what I achieved in the journey of blogging.

Today morning I was casually reviewing the spiders (Google, Baidu, yahoo, Bing etc.,) who spider my website and update their search engine database. I visited and typed my website keyword “best investment options”. I happy to see that, my website stands in the first row item in the first page of the search.

How I started my journey:

I have started the journey of blogging almost 6 months back. Creation of a blogging site was easy. But writing articles, keeping the readers in mind is not an easy task. Thought I ‘tried’ to understand the reader’s expectation, I still feel that this should be an ongoing basis. Providing quality articles is the key for the success of blogging.

What is that great about appearing in a leading search engine?

While I am trying to achieve the challenge of providing quality content to my readers, another challenge is attracting the traffic. Appearing in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Baidu, Bing etc. is not that easy. Unless you provide quality content and see how you can do search engine optimization, your website would not appear in the first 10 pages of their search. I am glad that is appearing in the first page under the first item with the keyword “best investment options” and still stands in 2nd row item if the keyword changed to “good investment options”.

This does not imply that every day it would appear in the first page of this Baidu search engine. Unless continued efforts are made to retain this position from competitors, this position may drop at any time.

How I achieved it?

This is achieved with all the blessings of my readers and well wishers. I have several readers who criticize, provide suggestions and enjoy my posts. I keep making continuous improvements with the suggestions made by my readers.

What is my next target:

My next target is to get into top pages of Google and searchings. I am expecting to target this in the next 3 to 6 months from now.

Happy investing in a best investment options!!!


Suresh KP

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