Best Investment Options for young investors in 2013

Best investment options for young investors in 2013; Best investment options

Best investment options for young investors in 2013

There are young people who just finished their college and started earning money. However since they would have just earning money, they might not be aware of investing the money in the best investment options. Today we would focus on the best investment options for young investors in 2013.

Who are young investors?

Young investors are those who have completed their education and started their job career / business and started earning money. The earnings may be small at the beginning. However most of the young investors would feel that they should not be looking at any investments at that point of time as it is too early to invest. However young investors mindset is changed these days. You would see many young investors who are building assets, creating wealth and buying homes at young age.  

Best investment options for young investors in 2013

1) Fixed deposits: Since young investors have just started their earnings, they would not be interested in taking risk and lose money. They would be looking for safe investment options like bank fixed deposits. They can invest in banks which are offering highest best interest rates of FD. They can also look for investing in monthly recurring deposits where they can invest their monthly savings.

2) Large cap mutual funds: It would not advisable for young investors to invest directly in stock markets as they are high risk investments. Investment in large cap mutual funds would be one of the best investment options to start their investments. Investments in best mutual funds SIP would help them to build confidence about investment in capital markets.

3) Investment in debt mutual funds: Another best investment option would for young investor is to invest in debt mutual funds. Since debt mutual funds would invest majority of their amount in debt related instruments, there would be little downside for the investment.

4) Investment in stocks: Thought I would not be advising young investors to invest major savings in stocks, investing some amount in blue chip stocks for long term perspective would be a good idea. Refer my article about best stocks to buy to know the top stocks a young investor can invest.

5) Investment in gold: Since young investor would look for safety of investment, investment in gold would be a best investment option. There are various ways to invest in gold. Thought young investor need not invest in physical gold, investment through gold ETF’s would be a better investment option.

Conclusion: Young investors would look for safety rather than more returns. Since they have just started earning money, their main objective would be to start accumulating some money before they put their investments. However investing in best investment options would provide safe and higher returns.

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Happy investing for young investors in best investment options

Suresh KP


  1. Hi Suresh,

    Your article for young investors is very nice and informative.

    Could you please help me in suggesting me some good MF to invest in Rajiv Gandhi equity savings scheme



    1. Hi Ravi, RGESS Mutual fund schemes are just launched in Jan to Mar-13 period. There are several mutual fund schemes like DSP blackrock RGESS scheme, URI RGESS schemes etc., Now your question about “Good” cannot be guessted now as they are just launched. The performance can be measured and ranked only after a few months. But neverthless, they are good schemes.

  2. Hi Suresh,

    Your post for newbies like me is very good. 

    Could you please suggest me some good MFs that will give tax benefits(ELSS)?

    I am looking forward to invest for a term of 2-3 years.



    Santosh M K

    1. Hi Santosh, ELSS, minimum period are 3 years. Axis Longterm equity fund, Can Reboco Eqty tax saver, Franklin India Tax Shield are all gave good returns of 11% to 13% and are crisil-1.

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