1. Dear Suresh,
    Could you please update this article with latest information on best saving accounts for Women.


  2. ICICI renewed their policy of 6 months RD, you will have to pay the amount Rs 2000 towards RS as long as you want to avail the benefits of women’s account, when you stop paying RD the account will get converted to normal savings bank a/c which expects a minimum balance of Rs 10000 or standard penalty will be applicable.

    1. Thats true Mallika. I recently visited an icici branch in hyderabad and the relationship manager told me that i would have to maintain 20,000 account balance and that there is no such thing as zero balance account or RD based balance, i.e., even if i am ok with the RD concept the bank is not giving any such provision now. He said all policies are changed effective Aug 2015.

  3. What do you mean by “debit cards specially designed for women”? What are the add on features specially for women. Can you please elaborate.

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