Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance – How good is this plan?

Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Policy ReviewBajaj Allianz Car Insurance Review

Cars have become an inevitable part of our life as we depend on them for complete freedom of movement. Car insurance supports the freedom by compensating your major claims, which could otherwise prove to be very expensive. My car is insured with Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance in the last 7 years. I keep hearing several car insurance plans review and thought of putting my views on this car insurance policy. How is Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Plan? What are its features and benefits? Are there any limitations in this plan?

About Bajaj Allianz Insurance

Bajaj Allianz is one of the renowned names in the field of insurance. It provides unmatched care and services for your private car. Car insurance business is one of the fastest growing industries as Government of India has made it compulsory for all the cars to be insured before they get on the road. Car insurance policy is one of the most vital documents to be carried along as it protects your car against all physical damages, accidents, etc.  Million of car owners are showing trust in Bajaj Allianz to insure their cars and bringing them the security and above all the peace of mind. It claims to have advanced servicing capability and fast settlement records.

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What is the Scope of coverage in Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance?

Many people have doubts about which damages are covered by the insurance policies and which are not. At Bajaj Allianz, a wide area of disasters and probabilities are covered which may cause damage to your car.

  • Against natural calamities – All the natural calamities like flood, earthquake, storms, hurricanes, fire, explosion, etc. are included in it, which may damage your car partially or completely. All these factors are very important factors and human beings have no control over it. Recent chennai floods is a classic example for that.
  • Against man-made calamities – It includes problems created by man like accidents or third party like theft, burglary, riots, terrorist activities and other such things.
  • Personal accident cover – It also gives cover to the owner or driver upto 2 lakh rupees if he gets injured while driving or travelling.
  • Third party legal liability – it also protects against the legal liabilities that arises due to the accident like damage to the surrounding property or permanent/ temporary injury to a person or death.

No claim bonus or NCB from Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance

No claim bonus is rewarded to the owner of the vehicle who is currently the policy holder and haven’t claimed anything in preceding year or years as the case may be. It can be accumulated over a period of time.  It basically is a reward given to you for being a good driver and helps you to reduce your motor insurance premium. At Bajaj Allianz, you can save upto 50% of your premium if you haven’t made any claim or claim pending in the last five years. Your NCB becomes zero as soon as you make any claim and it can be transferred to a new vehicle in case you are substituting your car with a new one but it should be of the same category.

What are the Benefits of Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance?

  • It has tie ups with many service centers and workshops all around the country which facilitates of cashless settlement. It has around 4000 preferred garages for this purpose. It gives you hassle free inspection and high quality services.
  • There are toll free numbers given to locate the nearest preferred garage. You can contact Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance customer care contact number toll free 18002090144 or 18002095858 or 18001025858.
  • The process of getting car insurance or its renewal involve very easy and few steps.
  • It facilitates you to transfer existing No Claim Bonus from any other motor insurance provider ranging from 20% to 50%.
  • It avails 24 hours telephonic services all through the year, even on holidays for claim support or any other kind of services.
  • It even provides towing facility from the location of accident or breakdown of the vehicle.

Limitations of Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance

  • It does not include normal wear and tear and maintenance of the car like change of tyres. It only accepts the claim if the car also damages and the liability is restricted to 50% of the replacement cost.
  • The car insurance does not apply if you use your car for taxi or hiring purposes, for carriage of goods other than samples  or used in some race or related purposes.
  • The cars equipped with the CNG kit or bio-fuel kit is insured at an additional premium.
  • It does consider the claim made if a person is driving without a valid driving license.
  • The insurance policy does not cover the damage done to the vehicle or person if the driver is driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • It does not cover any consequential losses due to depreciation.

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Should you opt Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance?

The features contained in the motor insurance of Bajaj Allianz are immaculate. There are no loopholes through which the company can make your claim pending. Buying a policy here will definitely give the car users not only safety but mental peace and relaxation. But, you have to be a bit careful regarding the usage of the car like it is used strictly for private purposes with a valid license holder driver driving it. Beyond that I am happy with my car insurance.

Readers, do share your experiences about Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Plan. Do you see this as one of the best car insurance plan or are there any better plans available in the market.

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Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance – How good is this plan

Suresh KP


  1. The real crux of car insurance is claims. What is the claims procedure? Almost 90% of people are not aware of the claims procedure. They take car insurance because it is compulsory (third party), but the claims procedure is so cumbersome that people tend to forgo the claim and instead settle for mutual settlement. Can you please elaborate on claims procedure so that the readers are aware of this aspect.

  2. Hi Suresh,
    Have you ever made a claim? How was your claim experience? Did you get cashless? How long did they take to settle the claim?

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