Best Investment Options – 4 ways to double your investment

4 ways to double your investment


Try any of the below best investment option which would double your investments

1) Bank Fixed Deposits

a) Try for State Bank of Hyderabad – Double ka meeta scheme. This is a special term deposit where the deposit gets doubled in 87 months (7 years 3 months)

b) Just observe that if the annualized interest recieved is more than 9.7% per annum, your money would get doubled in 7 years. Try any bank fixed deposits which gives such return

2) Mutual Funds

If you see the trend of the mutual funds in the last 10 years, mutual funds gave a return of 15% per annum on an average. If you consider the same trend and invest in good mutual funds, your investment will double in 57 months (4 years 9 months). Pls note that there are various mutual funds which are returning more than 25% per annum if the investment horizon is for 3 to 5 years which could reduce the timeframe to double the money

3) Trading in Stock futures

If you have not read my article 5 simple steps to be followed for maximising return in stock futures, you might be missing something. Even on conservative side, if one can invest thru stock futures, the investment is expected to be double in 2-3 months. However we need to be little cautious thru this method. Try this method after you have tested this method for 90 days without any investment. Once you get the confidence, you should start investing in small amounts before moving to bigger investments.

4) Creating a website / blog:

Though the investment amount is small here (< USD 100 / Rs.5,500 per annum), once you start putting your hobbies into a blog or website, you would see that the returns are unlimited. In case you have not read my article on this subject, please read this now.

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Suresh KP


    1. Ketan, It is difficult to double your money in 3-4 years for a lump sum money. You can still check investing in pharma funds, Infra funds and Banking sector funds

    1. Santu, Invest in diversified and large cap funds such as HDFC Top-200, Birla SL Frontline, ICICI Pru focussed blue chip fund, UTI MNC Fund and debt funds like HDFC Prudence etc.,

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