32 Tips – How NOT to become Crorepati in your life?

Financial Tips – How NOT to become Crorepati in your life32 Tips – How NOT to become Crorepati in your life?

Some of us never dream on how to become Crorepati in our life. If you want to spend your money lavishly and don’t do planning there are good chances that you won’t become Crorepati in your life. One can do bad financial planning and screwup their financial status and would not become Crorepati in their life. In this artile, I would provide 32 tips on how NOT to become Crorepati in your life. One should read this article by spending few minutes, understand the spirit behind this article and go through these tips on How NOT to become Crorepati in your life. If you can give your comment about this article in comments section, it would really help me to understand that it was useful for you. 

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32 Tips – How NOT to become Crorepati in your life?

1) Go ahead and resign your job without any reason. Since you don’t have any financial goal, you can just resign your job and job loss would not have any impact on you.

2) You can buy a Car instead of buying an house. House is an asset, however Car is an diminishing asset. You also need to maintain the car so your earnings go for car maintenance and this would help you not to become Crorepati in your life.

3) Take as many credit cards as you can. Banks are giving the credit cards for free. You just need to spend money using these credit cards over the weekend at shopping malls. This would screw up your financial status and there are greater chances that you achieve your goal of not becoming Crorepati faster.

4) Pay Credit Card bills very late or miss the CC payments. This is one of the greatest tip where you can skip the payment and later pay late payment charges and interest on your credit card bills. You can delay payment for as many cards as you can and as many months as you can.

5) Buy beautiful clothes every weekend without checking wardrobe. This would help you to throw the clothes at home and fill with clothes with new designs every week.

6) Don’t think about any discount offers at shopping malls as you are Maharaja in spending. Forget about any Bigbazaar offers or Dmart offers. Those offers are for people who want to save money. Since you don’t have any financial goal to become crorepati, you can give least importance to them.

7) Take out your car from your garage every weekend even if you need to go for short distance. This would ensure that you don’t trouble your body along with spending thousands of rupees on petrol.

8) You should do last minute travel plans so that you can pay high prices on Flight charges and hotel bookings.

9) Keep visiting Doctor for small reasons so that you can pay good amount of doctor fees along with expenses on medicines.

10) You should go out for dinner 2-3 times a week so that you don’t have to think about how to save money.

11) You should invest in Debt Mutual funds for 10-15 years so that you can get low returns of 8% to 10%. If you invest in equity mutual funds you may get good returns, which you should avoid it.

12) You should invest in a single sector mutual funds so that you make severe losses on your investments.

13) You should invest only in SME IPO’s as they are high risk and there are greater chances that you would loose your money. Don’t invest in mainline upcoming IPOs.

14) You should seriously NOT to look at tax saving options. You can do zero investments in 80C and pay income tax.

15) Even if you are investing in tax saving options u/s 80C, invest in low earning saving options like Tax Saver FDs or NSC which can give you low returns on tax saving options.

16) Keep all your salary or business income in your savings bank account which earns low interest of 4% per annum. SBI reduced this to 3.5%. This is one of the superb tip on reducing your chances to become Crorepati.

17) Invest in ULIP’s which charge high allocation charges etc., This way whatever you invest, there are greater chances that your agent would become Crorepati and high chances that you would not become Crorepati.

18) Instead of taking Term Insurance Plans, consider taking Money back plans or Endowment plans which comes with low risk coverage, high premiums and low returns. This is sure shot way where you won’t become Crorepati.

19) If you are sick and hospitalized, you may need Health Insurance Plan. However if you don’t take health insurance plan, you have to pay money from your pocket and your financials are screwed. This way you can achieve your goal of not becoming Crorepati faster.

20) You should invest in Stock Futures where you can invest Rs 1 Lakh and buy stock futures worth between Rs 5 Lakhs to Rs 10 Lakhs. Go ahead and invest in stock futures without doing homework and loose your entire money in just 10-15 minutes. What an idea sirji on how not to become Crorepati?

21) You should invest your hard earned money in physical gold so that you won’t earn any returns or earn negative returns. This way your money is not grown and higher chances that you won’t become Crorepati.

22) You should always delay your EMI payments so that your CIBIL score is screwed up and later you pay higher interest on all your future loans.

23) Take personal loans every time you go on vacation. You should plan such vacations atleast once in 3 or 6 months.

24) You should spend all your money without saving so that you won’t have any money for your retirement.

25) Don’t do any financial planning and invest for your child education so that you can take personal loans or borrow money for their education.

26) Don’t do any financial planning for daughter marriage so that you can borrow money for daughter marriage.

27) Don’t track any budget of income and expenses. This way there are greater chances that you won’t become Crorepati.

28) Don’t keep any emergency fund. If required, you should sell your stocks or mutual funds which are incurring losses. This way your earnings would keep getting reduced.

29) Invest in bank FD’s where you can earn 6% to 7.5% interest rates. You should never invest in mutual funds that can give you 12% to 15% annualized returns as your moto is not to become Crorepati.

30) If you are changing jobs, don’t transfer your EPF. You should withdraw EPF money and spend for your vacation so that you would not have EPF investments on your retirement which can help you not to become crorepati.

31) Invest in unsecured NCDs. If companies wind-up, then you won’t get your money back and you would be able to achieve your goal of not become Crorepati.

32) Don’t follow financial advisors or experts like myinvestmentideas. There are greater chances that you will not become Crorepati by ignoring such experts.

Readers, what do you feel about these 32 amazing tips on How Not to become Crorepati? Are these tips useful for you? In what way?

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32 Tips – How NOT to become Crorepati in your life

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  1. Luckily, I'm not following any those points except the LIC where I am paying 63350.  I will have to pay 62205 from this december till I turn 44 and after I turn 44, It becomes 42480 and after I turn 48, premium becomes 21474.  I realized the mistake only take a year but can't cancel now as I won't even get the money I invested I think.  I need to invest atleast  for 5-6 years to be able to close it and chose a term plan The current plan would give me around 27 lakh after a period of 23 years.I'm 27 at the moment. What do I do please advice. The plan is a mix of 3 plans  New Endowment, Jeevan Lakshya, Jeevan Anand.

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