Kindly requesting Govt to increase age limit of girls from 10 years to 14 years.  So maximum people  can get benifit  of this scheme for their daughters.. My daughter age is 13. I want to invest for my daughter in this scheme.. But because of age 13 post off n bank r not accepting to open her account. So for all the daughters upto 14 years of age this scheme should be applicable.     Requesting U to consider this………… Age upto 14 years….   From  HEMANT  


  • Abhi

    Sir I have already opened SSY account for my 2 girls. Now god blessed us another 3rd girls. so can I open an SSY account for her? if yes how? if no? what is the way or what is the other sachems same as SSY

  • arrsan

    I missed a minimum payment of Rs.1000 in the last year for Sukanya Samriddhi Account, will that account active , can I make a payment for both 2016 & 2017?


    sir, kindly give me suggestion that I have open two account for my daughter from Indian Overseas Bank and State Bank of India and I want to closed one of the account so kindly give me how to closed the said account. Moreover, when I asked from the bank of state bank of india to closed the bank account as I have open two account for one single child they said that we didn’t know how to closed the said account

  • dharmisetty dharmaraju

    Present avilable or not

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