10 Trending Business Ideas in India to start with low investment

Trending-Latest-Business-Ideas-to-start-with-low-investment10 Trending Business Ideas in India to start with low investment

There are several individuals who are aspiring to become entrepreneurs by starting a small business. There are 1,000s of small business ideas that can be started now across various places. While there are several business ideas, selecting a unique business idea that is trending now is key for business success. Which are the trending and Upcoming Business Ideas in India to start now with low investment? Which are the Upcoming Business Ideas in India that have low to moderate competition and can earn high profits?

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Why should you start a business?

If you already made up your mind to start a business, skip this section.

Getting employed, sitting behind a desk and working for others is the last thing; the enthusiastic youth want to do. They want to establish their own business where they are their own bosses. They need not be under the instructions of any employer and can use their efforts for their own profit. If you fall under such categories, you should start a business and can work with passion.

What are the Trending and Upcoming Business Ideas in India we are talking about here?

Many people think that it requires a lot of capital investment to initiate a business. But, that is not always true. The technological advancements along with creativity have given birth to many new business avenues, which are highly profitable and economic to start.

10 Trending Business Ideas in India to start with low investment

Here are some Business Ideas in India that are trending now to start with low investment and high profits.

#1 – Open Online Grocery Store

Groceries are the basic necessity of all households. So, with the people running short-of-time to go and buy these items, the online grocery store is the latest trending business idea, which is expected to grow at the rate of 30% per year. One needs to develop a website that features all the grocery items in the store. It should be very simple and user-friendly so that everyone can operate it with ease. Customers would simply log on the website, select the items they want to purchase, make the payment and the items would be at your doorstep.  To start with, offer common products like milk, bread, cereals, and vegetables and as the business expands, you can increase your product line. Prompt service and compatible rates are the success mantra for this latest trending business ideas in India.

#2 – Buy a bunch of cars and rent them

This is another latest trending business idea that requires heavy investment, but still it is profitable. You can buy a bunch of cars and give them on rent to taxi-service providers like Ola or Uber. With the increasing traffic and frequent commutation of people from one place to another have increased the demand for a taxi to a great deal. You can rent, the tax is on a contractual basis. Please make sure that you have comprehensive insurance for all the cars.    

#3 – Open a dial a plumber kind of service

Getting a plumber or electrician is a big task, as these technicians never serve on time when there is a time of emergency. So, you can build a good team of technicians and make them available when the people call. This is another trending business idea with very little investment, which is yet under-utilized, and you can grab this opportunity. People are in severe need of experts like plumber, electrician, carpenter, driver etc. You can hire these people or enter into the contract with them to make them readily available. Reliability and promptness are the main success mantra of this business. This is latest and upcoming business ideas in India. 

#4 – Create Chatbot

Chatbot, a short form to chatter robot is a computer program that is designed to simulate conversation or chat with human users. With the evolution of artificial intelligence, virtual Chatbot that imitate human conversations for the purpose of solving various tasks are becoming increasingly in demand. They are used in the fields of e-commerce, customer service, call centers, and Internet gaming. This industry has tremendous potential to manipulate the market. So, creating a Chatbot is a brilliant business idea where the best is yet to be explored. Investing in this area can fetch you huge profits.  

#5 – Create a business App that resembles like Uber/Ola

This business idea requires a moderate investment, but if you can think something out-of-box and create a platform that meets service provider and client; you can make huge sums of money. The companies like Ola and Uber does not own a single car, but with the help of these apps, they lead the industry of taxi-service. Their business is commission-based which they charge for drivers. But creating an application like Ola or Uber and finding a place in the Google Play Store or Apple App store is not an easy task. It requires a lot of dedication and hard work to manage this business.

#6 – Create Cyber Security Company

The world has converted into a cyber city. With this revolution, the evolution of cybercrime is also reaching new heights. Every now and then, we come across that the confidential data of many companies have been hacked and misused. Create a cyber security company that provides reliable security for the company’s data and information. Most of the companies boast of their good security, but to establish yourself in this field, you can hack some of the servers of IT companies to prove that their security is weak.

#7 – Investment advisors

Today, people save a lot of money, but they lack knowledge regarding the right investments. They turn on old and conventional methods of investing like fixed deposits, bank accounts, etc. If you are good at finances and analyzing market trends, opening an investment advisory office is another brilliant and latest trending business idea. A common layman does not possess the information about the profitable avenues of investing and the changes /developments government introduces in the field of investment.  Moreover, he does not want to involve himself in the complex procedures.  If you can build a reputation of investing people’s money in safe and profitable investments to multiply them fast, you can secure huge sums of money for yourself too.

#8 – Create Online Food Ordering App like Swiggy or Zomato

The craze for eating junk food and multi-cuisine food is increasing day-by-day. Apart from that, people sitting in offices or relaxing at home wanted their favorite food to be delivered at their doorsteps. This makes an opportunity of the latest trending business idea. You need to form tie-ups with the restaurants and design an application through which the customers can order the products from those restaurants. The apps like Swiggy, Zomato run on the same concept. They do not own any café or restaurant. They just act as a mediator and earn in the form of the commission charged from restaurants. Even this is upcoming business idea in India.

#9 – Turn as an influential blogger

An influential blogger is one who is quite influential in his blog writing. He/she is the one employs different modes of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube along with blogging to express their opinions about a particular product and bears the capability to have an impact on its sale. In the blogging world, the influence is often measured by the number of visitors, shares, comments, clicks, etc. If you have a niche in writing, you can choose to blog about a particular variety of products. This is the latest trending business idea, which can turn to be highly profitable with very low investment. The companies want these bloggers to write about their new or existing products. In the U.S. they earn millions of dollars by the way of influential bloggers.

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#10-Open a unique daycare center

With the increasing trend of both the parents working, they are really worried about how to manage their kids. If you love children and enjoy their company, opening a unique daycare center is the latest and very profitable business idea. One should stick to quality in this business that accepts very limited kids, but provides them with very good facilities like quality toys for playing and hygienic food to eat. You can even call a teacher for them who teaches them music or dance or other recreational activities. The parents too would love to leave their children at such a place. This business requires a moderate investment. It can be started from home if you have spare space in your home. It would save a lot of costs. 

Conclusion: With the right planning and great effort, one can commence their own business. It is not necessary that you need high investments to earn high profits. Even small businesses with low investment can fetch you great returns. 

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10 Trending Business Ideas in India to start with low investment

Suresh KP


  1. Hi Suresh, I am interested I opening up a day care centre, but wander about the process- rules- investment it make.. kindly throw some light about it.

    1. Hello Neeraj, This would depend on the local rules and regulations in respective city. You may need to approach local / municipal authorities. Also investment would depend upon the location.

    1. Hiii my name is Samar actually I want to make my career in blogging but I don’t have idea for which topic can I make blog because don’t have interest of anything what should I do

  2. Hello sir,
    Can you please tell me details about Point No. 7 (Investment advisors) as i want to give service in this field, how can i get benefit from this. for example if i advice someone for a particular mutual fund to invest, how could i get commission from this.

    1. Hi Ajay, You can enroll as mutual fund advisor and get certified with AMFI. When someone invests on your behalf, you can quote ARN number (provided by AMFI) and any commision paid by mutual fund AMC to MF agent, you would get it. The commission ranges between 0.5% to 2% on the invested amount

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