20 Zero Investment Business Ideas in India

Who says that if you do not have any capital, you cannot start any business and earn your living? Several business opportunities do not need for any investment, but still fetch you great returns. If you are looking for zero investment business ideas to make some money, this article is for you. If you have a will, you can do any business. Capital requirement could be secondary. Which are the Best Zero Investment Business Ideas in India? Which business with zero investment could be successful?

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What are zero investment business ideas?

The business ideas that do not involve an investment of any kind, but give you decent returns are known as zero investment business ideas. These businesses are based on your knowledge and skills, the efforts you make, and the time you devote.


Why start zero investment business ideas compared to others?

People possess great knowledge, skill, and time, willing to put their efforts but lack financial resources to commence any business. There is no need to drop the shoulders for such people as there exist several business ideas that do not require any financial investment but still fill in your wallets and bank balances. Such businesses are better than those that call for investments in a way that does not involve any risk and there is nothing to lose. If even the worst of scenarios are thought of, where you need to shut down your business, there would be no loss of capital.

20 Zero Investment Business Ideas in India

Here are the few very good business ideas that do not require any investment, but still fetching good profits.

1)  Blogging – If you are an expert in any field and confident about your writing skills in that field, then blogging is an apt business idea that does not demand any investment. You can start creating blogs for various websites and make money. You can also buy your domain with a small amount and write articles on your own domain itself and earn from advertisement revenues.

2)  Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate marketing is a marketing arrangement in which a business rewards the affiliate for each customer that comes by the efforts of the affiliate. The income earned is in the form of commission for every sale that you make. This business has gained considerable fame in India in the last couple of years. Several companies offer affiliate marketing programs to promote their business. This business does not ask for any specific skill. Moreover, joining affiliate marketing is free. One such example is Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program in India.

3)  Vlogging – Vlogging is the short form to Video log or Video Blog. This business has gained considerable attention in the last decade with the advent of 4G and 5G technology. If you possess any skill like some artwork or an expert in cooking, you can make its videos and post on YouTube. For publicity, advertise your channel on Facebook and ask relatives and friends to subscribe. And do not forget to subscribe to Google AdSense that will pay you for ads that people click on while watching your video. If you are looking for zero investment business online, this could be the best suitable to you.

4)  Online Marketplace – If you prepare some kinds of pickles, sweets, snacks, handicrafts, etc, then you can go for opening an online marketplace where you can sell your products. Firstly, target the local people by advertising on various social media platforms and then slowly and steadily expand your business. The investment required is almost negligible as you require only the raw material to prepare your product.  However, instead of one man army, you can look for some partners to support you.

5)  Recruitment agency – Recruitment agencies would tie up with corporates and provide talented skills which they are looking for and charge a fee. If you have good network along with communication skills, you can open a recruitment agency and tie up with corporates, mid and small sized companies and supply manpower.

6)  Insurance Agency – This business can be performed offline as well as online. Firstly, approach an authorized insurance company to get its agency. Next, you need to sell its insurance schemes and collect premiums on behalf of the insurance company and remit the money online immediately. Your sales and marketing skills will play a crucial role in this business. If you are looking for best zero investment business offline, this could be the best suitable to you.

7)  Agony Aunt – People of all ages have various problems related to their life, relationships, career, work, etc. If you possess an extraordinary skill of motivating people and solve their problems of life, people are ready to pay handsome amounts for giving an apt solution to them. You can start this business online as well.

8)  Yoga Instructor – People are becoming health and fitness conscious. Instead of going to Yoga Centres, some prefer a personal coach that can come down to their residence, give personal attention, and make them exercise. Considerable knowledge about different Yoga Asanas and devoting time would be enough to pursue this business.

9)  Freelance Writer – You can offer your writing skills to various organizations by writing for them. Being a writer is not new; it had been on for decades. Moreover, this business can be done online through home also. You can earn handsome amounts from this business. If you are looking for zero investment work from home jobs, this could be right one for you.

10)  Home-Tutor – Many people want tutors to come to their place and teach their kids with personal attention. This generates another excellent and high-profit business idea that does not involve any investment. If you are specialized in any subject like Maths or Science and can take on the higher classes, the income increases manifold. If you are looking for a good zero investment business ideas for students, this could a best fit for you.

11)  Home bakery – People, nowadays, prefer fresh, healthy, and hygienic baking items. If you possess baking skills, why not change your hobby into a profession. This business does not require any investment as the stuff is prepared once you receive an order. All you need is exceptional baking skills and raw materials. You can create your clientele by advertising your products on social media platforms.

12)  Cleaning services – Domestic workers are hard to rely on for efficient cleaning. This causes people to look for cleaning services for their home and office. The demand for cleaning is comparatively high during the festive season. All you need to do is hire laborers whenever you get a task. You may require a small investment for buying a few tools like a broom, mops, etc.

13)  Vaastu Consultant – Indians are very conscious of their homes and offices regarding the ancient culture of Vaastu. It is believed that Vaastu helps to bring health, wealth, and prosperity to them. If you possess good knowledge about Vaastu, you can turn into a Vaastu consultant. If your tips and tricks do the work for the people, you will gain name and fame in no time.

14)  Real estate broker – If you possess good communication and marketing skills with a large social network, you can opt to become a real estate broker. You can act as a mediator between the buyer and the seller and earn a handsome amount in the form of commission.

15)   Dance/ music classes – Children as well as elders are fond of dance and/or music and like to pursue it as their hobbies. They take rigorous classes for it. If you possess good and creative skills in either of the two, or both, you may consider starting a dance/ music class. The investment is very low in this business, but can fetch you good returns if it gains good popularity.

16)  Child-care center – In urban cities, mostly both the parents are working, and they usually look for trustable child-care centers. If you love playing with children, you can consider opening a small day-care center at your residence only. Love, care, and proper hygiene is the success mantra for this business. You may require a few toys for the kids to play with.

17)  Promote Products and earn commission – If you possess excellent marketing and social skills, then you can become agents to mid and small sized companies and promote their products. One should note that here you are promoting products and not asking members to subscribe by paying fees (such business is illegal in India)

18)  Repacking services – Repacking is unpacking a large carat or box and organizing it into small boxes or packets for sale or dispatch. You can provide this kind of service to wholesalers and retailers. Many manufacturing units do not possess packing units and outsource this job. You can undertake it and get it done to make it ready for dispatch.

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19)  Marriage Bureau – Many Indians still do not trust online matrimonial sites. They usually prefer offline bureaus that are community-specific. If you have a large social circle, starting a marriage bureau is a superb idea with zero investment. You just need to arrange meetings between the bride and groom’s family according to their demands. You can charge fees for your efforts.

20)   Graphic designing – People these days are very creative and are willing to materialize their skills. Graphic design is one such field where your creativity could do wonders for you. Many organizations look for people who can design logos, visiting cards, etc for them. A computer, a graphic designing software, and your creativity are some requirements for commencing this business.

Conclusion: To sum up, there is nothing that can stop you if you have a skill and you are passionate about it. With the advent of newer technologies, businesses can now be managed even from home and without any finances. So, buckle your shoes and look at what is best for you.

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Suresh KP


  1. Hi Suresh, just a suggestion , you have posted this content many times…

    My suggestion is many are aware/not aware of these businesses. But, they stuck with how to go ahead.

    Let me give my example. Im good at writing of diabetic and hypertension management blogs, i started a blog and maintained for an year and my adsense account never approved and i stopped it.

    And similarly some people i know they are good in graphic designing, but they dont know how to monetize their skills , some have burnt their hands by doing works on popular freelancing website .

    If you can help people on how to go ahead, surely it will be great help


    1. Venu, The problem I could see is you are choosing YMYL topics (Your money your life which impacts medical and financial related websites). Unless you have a medical degree or you are certified, your article would not be ranked by Google. Unless your blog is ranked by google, you would not get traffic and your adsense would not be approved by google.

      1) Choose a topic which is outside YMYL topic. Content is king. Focus on that. Focus on SEO. Build a brand. Then you would be successful.
      2) If you are certified and picked a YMYL topic, but still facing the issue, you need to work more SEO and branding.

      Pls let me know your blog name, I can recommend few changes which can help you to improve your blog.

      Net summary, one should not only choose what they are passionate about, but would that really help them to reach customer through google ranking / SEO. If not, one should pick-up another topic or wait for atleast 3-4 years to get that proficiency in that field.

      1. Hi thank you suresh , but unfortunately i have stopped working on the blog a year ago eventually lost the domain name also… If you can provide your contact will connect to you personally to understand more.

        Im passionate in blogging since my collage days just for fun i created my college blog in 2009 itself.


        1. Hello, As a policy, I don’t provide my contact nos. But you can mail me what you are passionate about (a simple list) and you can send few articles which you wrote (if you have in word doc / text format), I can review and provide some guidance.

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