Top 10 diversified mutual funds in India for 2013

Top 10 diversified mutual funds in India for 2013

Overview – Top 10 diversified mutual funds in India for 2013

There is a negative impression for some of my friends about mutual funds investments in current scenario. Stock markets (SENSEX) have given 8% overall return in the last 3 years which would mean less than 3% per annum. However, I am positive on the diversified mutual funds investments. When I was analyzing the top diversified mutual funds, they have given annualized returns of 9% to 16% in the last 3 years.

What are diversified mutual funds?

Diversified mutual funds invest the money across all the sectors stocks like Banking, Financial services, manufacturing, Pharma, Technology, Healthcare, airlines etc. However the average annual returns among diversified mutual funds are only 4.5%. There are several diversified mutual funds who are under performers and can be eliminated from the group to arrive at actual average returns among the diversified funds.

How we have chosen the best diversified mutual funds:

  1. Past performance: We have considered past performance where the mutual fund has yielded 9% to 16% annualized returns. When Sensex has given 3% annualized returns in the last 3 years, annualised returns of 9%+ would definitely be a good investment options.
  2. Crisil rating: These are rated by Crisil as rank-1 and rank-2, hence it provides highest safety compared to other diversified mutual funds.
  3. High Assets under management (AUM) : High AUM refers that more people are investing in such mutual funds as it gained confidence from large investors. We have considered AUM > Rs 85 crores for the purpose of choosing the best diversified mutual funds.
  4. Long term players: All these mutual funds are existing for more than 5 years, hence they are long term players.

Top 10 diversified mutual funds in India which can be invested for 2013

Top 10 diversified mutual funds in India for Nov 2013

Conclusion: Investment in stock markets are high risky. However under volatile or stagnant market conditions investing in diversified mutual funds are one of the best investment options. Invest in these top 10 diversified mutual funds where Crisil has ranked as Rank-1 and Rank-2 which provides a highest safety for the investments.

Readers, are you investing in these diversified mutual funds in India? Please give your comments

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Disclaimer: Mutual fund investments are risky. Past performance, may or may not repeat in future. Please consult your financial planning advisor before you take an investment decision.

Suresh KP


  1. Hi, Suresh
    I’m starting a new business of Electric.
    But I’m very nerves bcz very big competition.
    So my question is a which types Im starting a business,Local products our company products.
    My investment value only 20000.

  2. Hi,

        I am going to complete my BE in civil engineering . I want to start a new bussiness for that shall i study MBA. please give some ideas about this.

  3. hi suresh,

    i have started sips of 5000 each in 5 mutual funds last month

    1-hdfc mid cap opportunities fund-growth direct   2-icicpru value discovery fund   3-franklin templeton smaller companies fund     4-birla sunlife equity fund     5-birla sunlife pure value fund.

    i have a long term outlook with a horizon of twenty years as my retirement corpus.would appreciate your comments and suggestions.




  4. Hi suresh,

    I am little bit confused regarding investing in a diversified fund- ICICI Pru dynamic plan (G).I found this scheme has provided arguably best returns in 3-5 yrs tenure having crisil rank -1 && AUM 3352 Cr.But you have not recommended it anywhere so it score less compared to  UTI MNC fund(g) or Reliance equity oppor(G)?

      1. Thanks Suresh

        Actually I am into habbit of investing only in those funds recommended by you.Thanks for your quick reply.

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