SBI General Insurance Arogya Supreme – Health Insurance Plan – Features and Review

SBI General Insurance Arogya Supreme - Review and AnalysisSBI General Insurance Arogya Supreme – Features and Review

Few days back SBI General Insurance has launched Arogya Supreme Health Insurance Plan. This is comprehensive policy with 20 basic covers and 8 optional covers. One can consider this plan for 1 year to 3 years policy period. It comes with several features where an individual can consider this for self or for his entire family. What are the features of SBI General Arogya Supreme Health Insurance Plan? What are major exclusions in SBI Arogya Supreme? In this article we would do SBI General Insurance Arogya Supreme review.

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Key Features of SBI General Insurance Arogya Supreme

Here are the key features in this health insurance plan.

1) This policy would cover all hospitalization expenses for the insured.

2) This is comprehensive policy with 20 basic covers and 8 optional covers.

3) This health insurance policy comes with 3 plans i.e., PRO, PLUS and PREMIUM.

4) The sum insured would depend on the plan taken.

4) This policy can be taken for 1 year, 2 years and 3 years period.

5) This health policy offers exclusive coverage on domestic air ambulance cover, compassionate benefit, recovery benefit, e-opinion cover etc.

6) This policy offers NCB protector optional cover which would protect cumulative bonus and enhanced cumulative bonus.

7) Preventive health check-up cover is available as renewal benefit.

8) It offers various discounts like family discount, loyalty discount, term policy discount.

Eligibility to take SBI Arogya Supreme Health Policy

Any individual who has minimum age of 18 years and max age of 65 years can take this plan.

Individuals can cover their child in the age group of 91 days to maximum of 25 years in the family floater plan.

Individuals can take the plan on their individual name or family covering self, spouse, dependent children, parents and parent-in-laws.

What are various plans in SBI General Insurance Arogya Supreme?

This health policy comes with 3 different plans.

1) Arogya Supreme PRO – Sum insured under this plan is Rs 3 Lakhs to Rs 5 Lakhs. There are some limits in terms of expense coverage.

2) Arogya Supreme PLUS – Sum insured under this plan is Rs 6 Lakhs to Rs 20 Lakhs. Again, here too, it comes with some limits in terms of expense coverage.

3) Arogya Supreme PREMIUM – Sum insured under this plan is Rs 25 Lakhs and above. This plan majorly covers actual expenses up to sum insured, but few terms and conditions are there.

SBI General Insurance Arogya Supreme - Plan with major coverages

What expenses are covered in SBI Arogya Supreme?

Here are the basic coverages in this plan.

1) Prehospitalization expenses coverage for 30 days or 60 days depending on the plan.

2) Post hospitalization expenses for 60 days to 180 days depending on the plan.

3) Medical expenses for hospitalization due to mental illness or genetic disorders.

4) Hospitalization expenses due to HIV / AIDS, genetic disorder, bariatric surgery, advanced medical procedures, cataract treatment etc.

5) Expenses for day care treatment

6) Expenses related to road ambulance.

7) Below are major coverages. Complete coverages can be read in policy document.

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What are renewal benefits?

It offers two renewal benefits:

1) Preventive health check-up every year starting from 1st renewal year.

2) If there is no claim, cumulative bonus up to 15% of basic sum insured is paid during renewals.

What is optional Add-On Covers?

It offers few optional add-ons covers which would be provided with additional premium.

1) Hospital Cash Benefit

2) Major Illness Benefit

3) Additional Sum Insured for Accidental Hospitalization

4) Enhanced Cumulative Bonus

5) No Claim Bonus Protector

6) Co-Payment

7) Any Room Upgrade

8) Deductible

What is waiting period in this health insurance plan?

This health policy comes with waiting period.

1) General Policy waiting period – 30 days

2) Certain specific illness – 2 years

3) Pre-existing diseases – 4 years

4) Hypertension, Diabetic, Cardiac Condition – 90 days (unless it is pre-existing disease)

5) Major illness benefit – 90 days

6) Covid-19 – 15 days.

What is not covered in this policy?

Here are the major exclusions / things that are not covered in this policy.

1) Admission primarily for investigation & evaluation

2) Rest Cure, rehabilitation and respite care

3) Surgical treatment of obesity that does not fulfill certain conditions

4) Change-of-Gender treatments

5) Cosmetic or plastic surgery

6) Any treatment necessitated due to participation in hazardous or adventure sports

7) Breach of Law

8) Treatment for alcoholism, drug or substance abuse or any addictive condition and consequences thereof

9) OTC Dietary Supplements and substances

10) Refractive Error

11) Unproven Treatments

12) Sterility and Infertility

13) Maternity

14) War and war-like situations

15) Injury or disease caused by or contributed to by nuclear weapons/materials

16) Treatment taken outside India

What are the premiums payable in this plan?

Below illustration would help you to know the sample health premiums for individuals as well as for family floater basis.

SBI Arogya Supreme - Health insurance plan - Sample Premiums for individual and Family floater

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Should you opt for SBI General Insurance Arogya Supreme?

SBI Arogya Supreme is a comprehensive health insurance plan where one can take for self or for entire family. This health insurance plan comes with several unique features. Health insurance premium looks high compared to other health insurance plans available in the market. One should check whether all the features provided in this policy are useful and whether they are needed for them. If not, one can compare the other health insurance plans available in the market with their features, coverage and can finally go one of the best health insurance plans.

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  3. Dear Sureshji,
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    Star Health denied straightaway. Max Bupa took the premium and denied after telemedical. Care took the premium and is ready to issue one with permenant exclusion of Rheumatoid Arthritis. If they are not ready to issue a policy for this PED, why don’t say it in the brochure or deny like Star Health when we discuss with them. It’s very sad that the IRDA has no control over them.
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    1. Hello Kasiraj, Majority of the pre-existing diseases exclusions are indicated in brochure. However insurance companies can always deny on case to case basis. You can give a try for this SBI health insurance.

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