Reliance MF Plans to launch CPSE ETF – Second Tranche

Reliance Plans to launch CPSE ETF - Second TrancheReliance Mutual Fund Plans to launch CPSE ETF – Second Tranche

Goldman Sachs Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSE) Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) was launched in Mar-2014. There was good response from investors during that time. In Oct-2015, it was acquired by Reliance Mutual Fund. Reliance has filed offer document with SEBI to launche Second Tranche of CPSE ETF.  This CPSE ETF has become famous in Mar-2014 where it earned highest returns in less than 1 year. Does it create another sensation with Second Tranche of CPSE ETF?

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What is this CPSE ETF is all about?

CPSE is like a mutual fund scheme. It invests in stocks that are part of CPSE Index.

CPSE ETF mirrors the returns of CPSE Index on National Stock Exchange (NSE). It would hold the same stocks on the NSE CPSE Index in similar proportion in this index. Means you are indirectly investing in such Public Sector Enterprises through Goldman Sachs ETF.

CPSE Index includes stocks like ONGC, Coal India, IOC, GAIL, PFC, Bharat Electronics, REC, Engineers India and Container Corporation of India

Retail investors can invest minimum of Rs 5,000 and in multiples of Rs 1 thereof

CPSE ETF would get listed on stock exchanges. Investors can trade like any other stock on Stock exchange.

The Earlier CPSE ETF was launched in Mar-2014 by Goldmansachs and it was acquired by Reliance Mutual fund in Oct-2015. The Earlier CPSE ETF was launched for Rs 3,000 Crores.

Reliance now filed papers with SEBI to garner Rs 3,000 Crores through CPSE Second Trache.

Govt. of India planned to divest upto Rs 56,500 Crores with such schemes in this financial year.

Positive factors to invest in CPSE ETF

Public Sector Enterprise stocks come with attractive valuations. These are inexpensive now.

PSE stocks have been consistently performing well in term of revenues and profits and providing good dividends.

ETF comes with low fund management fees.

How Trache-I of CPSE ETF performed in last 2.5 Years?

In  Mar-2014, CPSE ETF tranche-I was launched. It got very good response from investors. Here is how the performance of this ETF in last 2.5 years.

It gave 38% returns in just 3 months after CPSE ETF Tranche-I got launched.

It gave 17% returns in last 1 year compared to benchmark index returns of 12%

It gave 6.5% returns in last 3 months compared to benchmark index of 5.4%

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Conclusion: It has proven that CPSE ETF Tranche-I got good response from investors and such ETF has been performing well. One can wait for Tranche-II to subscribe. However, one has to consider limitation factors in investing in such public sector units ETF.

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Reliance Plans to launch CPSE ETF – Second Tranche

Suresh KP


  1. Hi Suresh,

    Seems like CPSE ETF FFO tranche -2 is about to start from 15th March for retail investors.

    Can you suggest is it a good buy for medium risk investors?

    Any inputs regarding this help us understanding better to invest in this ETF. So please throw some light on this.




  2. Hi,

    My name is Usman Arif Beg and i am working with an private orgnization. my age is 30 year and i want to invest 5000/- per month in best SIP funds also i am investing first time in mutual funds so please advise me to invest in Best fund to get the better return in Future.

  3. In general Public limited companies customer satisfaction is very poor also work force efficiency is poor so why want to take risk? In long term all market share slowly go to private limited companies

    1. Hi Saur, Like any other mutual fund you need to login and go to new fund offer and apply. These can be purchased during the NFO period. Pls wait as they are in the process of getting approvals.

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